Ellen White is Lawrence White's late wife and mother of Chrissie and Rebecca White.

Ellen and Lawrence had an open marriage, in which Lawrence gave Ellen permission to sleep with other men. She had always been discreet with her affairs, until in 1980 when she became infatuated with one of Lawrence's colleagues, John Richards. Lawrence feared that he would lose Ellen forever. John soon got bored of her and went to America, leaving her heartbroken.

Ellen soon discovered she was pregnant and the couple both knew that the father was John. It didn't matter to them though as they would act as if the baby was Lawrence's child. A year after daughter Chrissie's birth, Lawrence came home to find John in his living room, holding his child.

Lawrence discovered that Ellen wanted a divorce, but never left him. Money starting disappearing out the company account. John was just using her for the money, so Lawrence confronted him and threatened him with the police. But when he too made a threat against his family and lifestyle, Lawrence had to back down.

After reporting John for fraud and sending Chrissie and Ellen up to Scotland to visit their grandmother, Lawrence too had to go into hiding before John's trial. After being released from prison, John killed himself, leaving Ellen once again heartbroken.

Following John's suicide, Ellen once again got pregnant, and this time, the baby, a girl named Rebecca, was Lawrence's biological daughter. Ellen and Lawrence remained married until Ellen's death in 2011.

In 2016, Chrissie learned the truth about her parents' open marriage, and that she was not Lawrence's daughter. It took another year for Ellen's dalliance with John Richards to be revealed. The revelation nearly tore the Whites apart.

In 2016, a photo of Ellen was shown. It is unknown who portrayed Ellen in the photograph.

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