Ellie is a hallucinated friend of Belle Dingle from when they were both in prison.

In July 2016, Belle, who was lying she was pregnant, stopped taking her medication, and began to have hallucinations while at a spa break with Charity and Lisa Dingle. She ran away from them and into a sauna when she hallucinated that Ellie was there too. The hallucinations told Belle that Ellie was pregnant and she has to take Ellie's baby if she didn't want to lose her boyfriend Jermaine Bailey.

Belle was too busy talking to hallucinated Ellie, that she didn't notice a runaway supermarket trolley. The trolley rolled down Main Street and into Belle, knocking her to the ground. Charity thought this was the perfect opportunity to fake a miscarriage, but upon Ellie's prompting Belle ran away from a sonographer at the hospital.

The following month, Belle's soon-to-be step-mother Joanie Wright overheard Belle talking to Ellie, but Belle lied that she was talking to her bump. Later that day, Ellie encouraged Belle to pour wine down Joanie's wedding dress. Two weeks later, Belle was talking to Ellie in The Woolpack toilet about her fake pregnancy, when she was overheard by Jermaine's estranged wife Angie. Angie revealed to the Dingles and Jermaine that Belle wasn't pregnant. Belle did a runner after being told to by Ellie, and she ended up in Café Main Street, where she had a mental breakdown. Belle was comforted by Brenda Walker, Vanessa Woodfield and Megan Macey until Lisa arrived. Once Lisa got Belle back home, she fell asleep and Zak took her up to bed. When Belle woke up, Ellie encouraged Belle to run away, which she did.

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