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Elliot Windsor is the son of Kelly Windsor and Jimmy King and is the half-brother of Angelica King and Carl Holliday.


2011-2012: Meeting Jimmy and visits to Emmerdale

Kelly brings Elliot with her when she moves back to the village and introduces him to her ex-fiancé Jimmy King, whom she claims is Elliot's father. Kelly reveals that Elliot was born after she left the village and Jimmy had not known about him until Kelly got back in touch with him as Jimmy had believed that Kelly had an abortion. Kelly and Jimmy sit down with Elliot and try to explain to him that Jimmy is his father. Kelly later takes Elliot back to America.

In 2012 Kelly sends Elliot to live with Jimmy, his wife Nicola and their daughter Angelica. Jimmy and Nicola become attached to Elliot and they even consider going for full custody of Elliot but they allow him to return to Kelly in America.

2016-: Return and living with Jimmy and Nicola

In 2016 Jimmy agrees to take care of Elliot after Kelly drops him off with Bob while she appears on a reality show.

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