Emily and her dementia suffering husband Roger attended a dementia support group at the Emmerdale Village Institute in May 2016. Emily panicked when Roger wondered off, but he was escorted back to the hall by fellow dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas. Emily explained to Ashley that her and Roger's daughter wasn't missing like he claimed, as she was a junior doctor at Hotten General Hospital. Later Emily and Roger talked to Ashley and his wife Laurel about how they are coping with Rodger's dementia. Emily explained to Ashley that today was a particularly bad day for Roger and there are many better ones, but Ashley asked her is she ever felt trapped. Emily admitted she did sometimes but the good days made it worth it.

In December 2016, Ashley's father Sandy Thomas called Emily round to talk to Laurel as Laurel was struggling with the idea of having help dealing with Ashley. Emily explains to Laurel that a care assistant could be useful for Ashley like it is for Roger. She admits she doesn't regret getting help, but she does regret not getting help sooner.

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