Emma Nightingale is an interior designer hired by Alan Turner to revamp The Woolpack. She developed a relationship with Zoe Tate. Emma's ex-girlfriend Susie Wilde arrives in the village and Zoe falls for her. On the day of her and Zoe's blessing in May 1996, Emma saw Zoe being comforted by Susie, so Emma pushed for an answer. Zoe tried to explain her actions and Emma gave Zoe an ultimatum - her or Susie. Emma and Chris try to plead with her to reconsider her relationship with Susie, but Zoe is adamant. An enraged Emma knocks Susie over with her car door on her way out of the village.

In May 2004, Emma was on holiday in the area with her new girlfriend Olivia and turned up on Zoe's doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. She was surprised to discover that the father of Zoe's daughter Jean was Scott Windsor and recognised Scott's mother Viv (although she pretended to forget who Viv was). Zoe tells Emma that she is thinking of having a relationship with a man. Emma turns up a couple of days later and invites Zoe to stay with her and Olivia down south. Awkward, Zoe suggests Scott comes too, leaving Emma shocked as she realises they are an item. Emma leaves the village for the last time.

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