Emmerdale 1918 is a six-part documentary series that will mark 100 years since the end of the First World War.

It sees six of Emmerdale's stars (Mark Charnock, Charlotte Bellamy, Natalie J Robb, Zoe Henry, John Middleton and Bhasker Patel) go back in time to explore the lives of the real Yorkshire heroes from the village of Esholt - where the show was filmed for 22 years.

'From Woolpack chef to the real wartime cook, village vicar to the battlefield priest, telly farmer to the real country land girl and Emmerdale vet to the real frontline vet. Inspired by amazing stories of gallantry, sacrifice and heartbreak from villages in rural Yorkshire, including the actual village that Emmerdale was based on, they’ll honour these hidden heroes when the cast come together to host their very own Emmerdale Armistice celebration.'

Episode Guide Edit

# Actor War hero Broadcast date
1.Mark CharnockFrederick Brocklehurst20th September 2018
2.Charlotte BellamyJoshua Booth27th September 2018
3. Zoe Henry Joseph Abson 4th October 2018
4. Natalie J Robb 11th October 2018
5. Bhasker Patel 18th October 2018
6. John Middleton 25th October 2018

Mark Charnock, who plays much loved Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle, looks back on the story of a real First World War chef who lived in the original Emmerdale village.

Charlotte Bellamy, better known for playing much-loved Laurel Thomas, heads to Esholt – the village that inspired Emmerdale – to uncover a story of love and loss that played out at the real Woolpack pub during the Great War.

Zoe Henry, better known as village vet Rhona Goskirk, heads off on the trail of a real Yorkshire hero from the veterinary corps.

Natalie J Robb, better known as Emmerdale farmer Moira Dingle, hits the road on the trail of an extraordinary Yorkshire land girl who paved the way for women's rights.

Additional crew Edit

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