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Emmerdale 7 is a two-disc DVD boxset released in Finland featuring 20 episodes of Emmerdale. Released by MMT Laukkanen on 14th December 2016, the boxset features episodes from 1991. Seven other volumes, EmmerdaleEmmerdale 2, Emmerdale 3, Emmerdale 4, Emmerdale 5, Emmerdale 6 and Emmerdale 8 have also been released.


The boxset contains two individual discs and a total of twenty episodes.

# No. Date
115469th April 1991
2154711th April 1991
3154816th April 1991
4154918th April 1991
5155023rd April 1991
6155125th April 1991
7155230th April 1991
815532nd May 1991
915547th May 1991
1015559th May 1991
11155614th May 1991
12155716th May 1991
13155821st May 1991
14155923rd May 1991
15156028th May 1991
16156130th May 1991
1715624th June 1991
1815636th June 1991
19156411th June 1991
20156513th June 1991
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