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Emmerdale Family Album is a series broadcast on ITV1 focusing on the core families in Emmerdale's history. Each episode featured a particular family, with clips from the programme and interviews with the cast. The episodes that aired in 2005 were narrated by Philip Schofield, whilst the 2007 episodes were narrated by Matthew Kelly.

Episode GuideEdit

From Dingle entrances and exits, petty crimes and scams to incestuous relationships and the tears of Zak's testicular cancer and Tricia's death, cast members look at Emmerdale's most troublesome family. Featuring interviews with Lucy Pargeter, Dominic Brunt, Sheree Murphy, Mark Charnock, Emma Atkins, Steve Halliwell, Paul Loughran, James Hooton, Jeff Hordley, Lisa Riley, Andy Devine, Ben Freeman, Kate McGregor and Charley Webb

From feuding brothers to affairs, changing faces to Annie's tea, the 'Dales original farming clan have been the focus of storylines since 1972. Featuring interviews with Kelvin Fletcher, Karl Davies, Sammy Winward, Clive Hornby, Elizabeth Estensen, Sheila Mercier, Alyson Spiro and Hannah Midgley.

Primarily focused upon the newer and younger members of the Dingle clan, with a look back upon the rows, tragedies and complicated love lives to befall them, as well as a peak at the audition process to become one. With interviews with Emma Atkins, Lucy Pargeter, Andy Devine, Eden Taylor-Draper, James Hooton, Hayley Tamaddon, Charley WebbMark Charnock, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Joseph Gilgun and Ursula Holden-Gill.

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