Emmerdale Farm: Volume Four is a four-disc DVD boxset featuring 32 consecutive episodes of Emmerdale Farm originally broadcast over 1973. It was the fourth boxset released by Network DVD featuring the early years of the show.

The boxset was released on 6th August 2012. Three more volumes Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three have also been released.


From the back of the DVD:

England's first rurally based soap opera, Emmerdale Farm quickly became one of the nation's best-loved programmes. Moving from its original mid-week afternoon slot to the heart of peak-time scheduling and becoming one of the longest-running dramas on British television, the series continues to scoop multiple awards and nominations.

This set revisits Beckindale's early days, with 32 consecutive episodes originally screened in 1973. Storylines include Joe and Carol's romance; the recently bereaved Matt Skilbeck's ongoing struggle to bring up the twins; the arrival of George Verney's young nephew, Mark, and subsequent conflict with Mark's father; the combined efforts of Jack, the Rev. Ruskin and Dr Scott to help recalcitrant widower Charlie Nelson; and local victory in the annual Beckindale vs. Robblesfield cricket match.


The boxset contains four individual discs, each containing six to seven episodes. There are no special features or subtitles.

# No. Date
18513th August 1973
28614th August 1973
38720th August 1973
48821st August 1973
58927th August 1973
69028th August 1973
7913rd September 1973
8924th September 1973
99310th September 1973
109411th September 1973
119517th September 1973
129618th September 1973
139724th September 1973
149825th September 1973
15991st October 1973
161002nd October 1973
171018th October 1973
181029th October 1973
1910315th October 1973
2010416th October 1973
2110522nd October 1973
2210623rd October 1973
2310729th October 1973
2410830th October 1973
251095th November 1973
261106th November 1973
2711112th November 1973
2811213th November 1973
2911319th November 1973
3011420th November 1973
3111526th November 1973
3211627th November 1973
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