Emmerdale Farm: Volume One is a four-disc DVD boxset featuring the first 26 episodes of Emmerdale Farm originally broadcast over 1972 and 1973. It was the first of four boxsets released by Network DVD featuring the early years of the show.

The boxset was released on 15th October 2007, almost exactly 35 years to the day that the first episode originally aired. Three more volumes Volume Two, Volume Three and Volume Four have followed.


From the back of the DVD:

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of England's first rural-based soap opera and one of the nation's most popular programmes, Network is proud to present the story of how it all began with the first 26 episodes of Emmerdale Farm in one set. What originally began as a mid-week, afternoon television show became so popular that it was rescheduled for the peak-time, mid-evening slot that it has enjoyed ever since.

It's a sad morning in Beckindale, as the Sugden and Skilbeck families gather to attend the funeral of Jacob Sugden, owner of Emmerdale Farm. Jack Sugden, who returns home after eight years, watches the funeral cortege pass from the window of The Woolpack. It's not long before the prodigal son starts to make waves in the parish of Beckindale...


The boxset contains four individual discs, each containing six to seven episodes. There are no special features or subtitles.

# No. Date Disc
1116th October 19721
2217th October 19721
3323rd October 19721
4424th October 19721
5530th October 19721
6631st October 19721
776th November 19722
887th November 19722
9913th November 19722
101014th November 19722
111120th November 19722
121221st November 19722
131327th November 19722
141428th November 19723
15154th December 19723
16165th December 19723
171711th December 19723
181812th December 19723
191918th December 19723
202019th December 19724
21211st January 19734
22222nd January 19734
23238th January 19734
24249th January 19734
252515th January 19734
262616th January 19734

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