Emmerdale Farm: Volume Two is a four-disc DVD boxset featuring 26 consecutive episodes of Emmerdale Farm originally broadcast over 1973. It was the second of four boxsets released by Network DVD featuring the early years of the show.

The boxset was released on 14th September 2009. Three more volumes Volume One, Volume Three and Volume Four have also been released.

In a rare error for Network, images of Lynn Dalby (Ruth Merrick) and Gail Harrison (Marian Wilks) are used on the cover art despite neither of them appearing in any episodes on the DVD.


From the back of the DVD:

England's first rurally based soap opera, Emmerdale Farm quickly became one of the nation's best-loved programmes. Moving from its original mid-week afternoon slot to the heart of peak-time scheduling and becoming one of the longest-running dramas on British television, the series continues to scoop multiple awards and nominations. Revisit Beckindale's early days with this set of classic episodes orginally screened in 1973.

Ten days have passed since Emmerdale Farm Limited was formed. The Jameson farm now belongs to the Sugden and Wilks partnership, and preperations are underway for the sheepdog trials. But admid the bustle and excitement, events are about to take a dramatic and ultimately tragic turn for one local family...


The boxset contains four individual discs, each containing six to seven episodes. There are no special features or subtitles.

# No. Date Disc
12722nd January 19731
22823rd January 19731
32929th January 19731
43030th January 19731
5315th February 19731
6326th February 19731
73312th February 19732
83413th February 19732
19th February 19732
103726th February 19732
113827th February 19732
12395th March 19732
13406th Match 19733
144112th March 19733
154213th March 19733
164319th March 19733
174420th March 19733
184526th March 19733
194627th March 19734
20472nd April 19734
21483rd April 19734
22499th April 19734
235010th April 19734
245116th April 19734
255217th April 19734
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