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Title caption debuting with Episode 151 (8th April 1974).

1974 was Emmerdale Farm's 3rd year. Production was overseen by Robert D. Cardona.

99 episodes were broadcast this year. Storylines included the mysterious arrival and six months later, the equally mysterious disappearance of Dryden Hogben, Joe Sugden's doomed marriage to Milk Marketing Board worker Christine Sharp, Alison Gibbons finding herself being the subject of Henry Wilks and Matt Skilbeck's affections, Ethel Ainsworth's unwelcome advances on Amos Brearly and the further developments of The Woolpack Hotel following the partnership formation between Henry Wilks and Amos Brearly.


1974 cast

Cast group photo in Arncliffe.

At the beginning of the year, a small storyline involving Ruth Merrick going through a rough patch in her marriage with Tom Merrick saw Lynn Dalby return to the role for a few episodes. This was the first appearance of the character since November 1972 and the next time she would appear in 1980, Ruth went by a different name and was portrayed by a different actress.

Eric Allan and Diane Grayson left their roles as Frank Blakey and Janie Blakey respectively early in the year after their characters decided to move to Essex where Frank found himself a teaching job. Janie would return over 12 years later, then played by a different actress. 

Carolyn Moody left the programme after nearly eighteen months of playing Alison Gibbons in September. That month also saw the final appearance of Patrick Holt as George VerneyGail Harrison returned as Marian Wilks in December, last being seen almost two years previously and Diana Davies appeared in four episodes as housewife Letty Brewer. She would later return to the series ten years later as long-running character Caroline Bates.

Behind the scenes, the opening titles were updated for the first time in the programme's history in April.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
1124Tuesday 1st JanuaryGloria TorsDavid Greenn/kn/k
2125Monday 7th JanuaryNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
3126Tuesday 8th JanuaryNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
4127Monday 14th JanuaryNeville SiggsBill Colen/kn/k
5128Tuesday 15th JanuaryNeville SiggsBill Colen/kn/k
6129Monday 21st JanuaryNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
7130Tuesday 22nd JanuaryNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
8131Monday 28th JanuaryKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
9132Tuesday 29th JanuaryKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
10133Monday 4th FebruaryKevin LaffanRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
11134Tuesday 5th FebruaryKevin LaffanRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
12135Monday 11th FebruaryKevin LaffanBill Colen/kn/k
13136Tuesday 12th FebruaryKevin LaffanBill Colen/kn/k
14137Monday 18th FebruaryKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
15138Tuesday 19th FebruaryKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
16139Monday 25th FebruaryDavid CraneDavid Greenn/kn/k
17140Tuesday 26th FebruaryDavid CraneDavid Greenn/kn/k
18141Monday 4th MarchAnthony CouchBill Colen/kn/k
19142Tuesday 5th MarchAnthony CouchBill Colen/kn/k
20143Monday 11th MarchAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
21144Tuesday 12th MarchAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
22145Monday 18th MarchNeville SiggsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
23146Tuesday 19th MarchNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
24147Monday 25th MarchNeville SiggsBill Colen/kn/k
25148Tuesday 26th MarchNeville SiggsBill Colen/kn/k
26149Monday 1st AprilNeville SiggsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
27150Tuesday 2nd AprilNeville SiggsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
28151Monday 8th AprilNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
29152Tuesday 9th AprilNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
30153Tuesday 16th AprilDavid CraneBill Colen/kn/k
31154Monday 22nd AprilDavid CraneBill Colen/kn/k
32155Tuesday 23rd AprilGloria TorsDavid Greenn/kn/k
33156Monday 29th AprilGloria TorsDavid Greenn/kn/k
34157Tuesday 30th AprilGloria TorsMichael Snown/kn/k
35158Monday 6th MayGloria TorsMichael Snown/kn/k
36159Tuesday 7th MayGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
37160Monday 13th MayGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
38161Tuesday 14th MayKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
39162Monday 20th MayKevin LaffanDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
40163Tuesday 21st MayKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
41164Tuesday 28th MayKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
42165Monday 3rd JuneKevin LaffanDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
43166Tuesday 4th JuneKevin LaffanDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
44167Monday 10th JuneKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
45168Tuesday 11th JuneKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
46169Monday 17th JuneDavid CraneMichael Snown/kn/k
47170Tuesday 18th JuneDavid CraneMichael Snown/kn/k
48171Monday 24th JuneAnthony CouchDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
49172Tuesday 25th JuneAnthony CouchDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
50173Monday 1st JulyAnthony CouchDavid Greenn/kn/k
51174Tuesday 2nd JulyAnthony CouchDavid Greenn/kn/k
52175Monday 8th JulyAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
53176Tuesday 9th JulyAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
54177Monday 15th JulyGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
55178Tuesday 16th JulyGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
56179Monday 22nd JulyNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
57180Tuesday 23rd JulyNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
58181Monday 29th JulyKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
59182Tuesday 30th JulyKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
60183Monday 5th AugustGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
61184Tuesday 6th AugustGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
62185Monday 12th AugustNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
63186Tuesday 13th AugustNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
64187Monday 19th AugustBob StuartMichael Snown/kn/k
65188Tuesday 20th AugustKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
66189Monday 2nd SeptemberAnthony CouchDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
67190Tuesday 3rd SeptemberAnthony CouchDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
68191Monday 9th SeptemberKevin LaffanRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
69192Tuesday 10th SeptemberKevin LaffanRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
70193Monday 16th SeptemberAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
71194Tuesday 17th SeptemberAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
72195Monday 23rd SeptemberNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
73196Tuesday 24th SeptemberNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
74197Monday 30th SeptemberBob StuartUnknownn/kn/k
75198Tuesday 1st OctoberBob StuartUnknownn/kn/k
76199Monday 7th OctoberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
77200Tuesday 8th OctoberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
78201Monday 14th OctoberKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
79202Tuesday 15th OctoberKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
80203Monday 21st OctoberAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
81204Tuesday 22nd OctoberAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
82205Monday 28th OctoberNeville SiggsBrian Parkern/kn/k
83206Tuesday 29th OctoberNeville SiggsBrian Parkern/kn/k
84207Monday 4th NovemberBob StuartHugh Davidn/kn/k
85208Tuesday 5th NovemberBob StuartHugh Davidn/kn/k
86209Monday 11th NovemberGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
87210Tuesday 12th NovemberGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
88211Monday 18th NovemberKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
89212Tuesday 19th NovemberKevin LaffanMichael Snown/kn/k
90213Monday 25th NovemberAnthony CouchDavid Greenn/kn/k
91214Tuesday 26th NovemberAnthony CouchDavid Greenn/kn/k
92215Monday 2nd DecemberGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
93216Tuesday 3rd DecemberGloria TorsDavid G. Reynoldsn/kn/k
94217Monday 9th DecemberNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
95218Tuesday 10th DecemberNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
96219Monday 16th DecemberNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
97220Tuesday 17th DecemberNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
98221Monday 30th DecemberGloria TorsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
99222Tuesday 31st DecemberGloria TorsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year982043
2Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year971986
3Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year952102
3Matt SkilbeckFrederick PyneFull year952004
5Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year932101
6Sam PearsonToke TownleyFull year861885
7Christine Sharp/SugdenAngela CheyneUntil November626816
8Alison GibbonsCarolyn MoodyUntil September571128
9Dryden HogbenRoy BoydFebruary to July4848 -
10Edward RuskinGeorge LittleJanuary, April to October389011
11Norah NorrisBarbara AshcroftFrom August3535 -
12Liz RuskinDaphne GreenJanuary, April to November317112
13Kathy DavisPolly HemingwayOctober to December1313 -
14James BonfilsTom BrowneNovember to December1212 -
15Janie BlakeyDiane GraysonUntil January7689
15Frank BlakeyEric AllanUntil January7659
17Ruth MerrickLynn DalbyJanuary only612 -
18George VerneyPatrick HoltJanuary and September33213
19Marian WilksGail HarrisonFrom December12716


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Emmerdale Farm in the 1970s
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