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1975 was Emmerdale's 4th year. 62 episodes were broadcast. Storylines included the arrival of Rosemary Kendall at Emmerdale, following her mother having a breakdown and Joe Sugden's relationship with Kathy Gimbel.


Lesley Manville as Rosemary

Lesley Manville as Rosemary Kendall

Economy cuts in ITV programming saw its afternoon serials axed over the summer. General Hospital and Crown Court were both gifted one-hour edition evening slots for the period but Emmerdale Farm was forced off air completely. As a result, it took a summer break between May and October. Luckily for Emmerdale Farm, their break in May took place three days before the 1975 ITV strike. The programme was always due to return in the autumn but at the time of the break, it wasn't clear whether this would be in its usual afternoon slot or in a new evening slot.

Trident International made its first international sale of the programme to Sweden's TV2. Broadcast as Hem till gården (Home to the Farm), TV2 began from the first episode in June and continued at a pace of three episodes a week. After three weeks, they increased their run by thirteen episodes.

When the programme returned to UK screens in October, in its usual afternoon slot, it was given its second opening titles change in a year. These would go onto become the longest serving titles for the programme, lasting until 1989.

Cast additions and departures behind the scenes saw both Daphne Green and George Little leave before the summer break and Lesley Manville join the cast as the daughter of Annie Sugden's cousin, Rosemary Kendall.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
1223Monday 6th JanuaryGloria TorsMichael Snown/kn/k
2224Tuesday 7th JanuarySean HignettMichael Snown/kn/k
3225Monday 13th JanuaryBob StuartRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
4226Tuesday 14th JanuaryBob StuartRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
5227Monday 20th JanuaryAnthony CouchUnknownn/kn/k
6228Tuesday 21st JanuaryAnthony CouchUnknownn/kn/k
7229Monday 27th JanuaryNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
8230Tuesday 28th JanuaryNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
9231Monday 3rd FebruaryGloria TorsDavid Greenn/kn/k
10232Tuesday 4th FebruaryGloria TorsDavid Greenn/kn/k
11233Monday 10th FebruarySean HigbettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
12234Tuesday 11th FebruarySean HigbettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
13235Monday 17th FebruaryBob StuartMichael Snown/kn/k
14236Tuesday 18th FebruaryBob StuartMichael Snown/kn/k
15237Monday 24th FebruaryKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
16238Tuesday 25th FebruaryKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
17239Monday 3rd MarchKevin LaffanRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
18240Tuesday 4th MarchKevin LaffanRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
19241Monday 10th MarchAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
20242Tuesday 11th MarchAnthony CouchMichael Snown/kn/k
21243Monday 17th MarchGloria TorsUnknownn/kn/k
22244Tuesday 18th MarchGloria TorsUnknownn/kn/k
23245Monday 24th MarchNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
24246Tuesday 25th MarchNeville SiggsDavid Greenn/kn/k
25247Monday 7th AprilSean Hignett
Maggie Allen
Roger Cheveleyn/kn/k
26248Tuesday 8th AprilSean Hignett
Maggie Allen
Roger Cheveleyn/kn/k
27249Monday 14th AprilDavid CraneMichael Snown/kn/k
28250Tuesday 15th AprilDavid CraneMichael Snown/kn/k
29251Monday 21st AprilRobert StuartDavid Greenn/kn/k
30252Tuesday 22nd AprilRobert StuartDavid Greenn/kn/k
31253Monday 28th AprilUnknownRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
32254Tuesday 29th AprilUnknownRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
33255Monday 5th MayNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
34256Tuesday 6th MayNeville SiggsMichael Snown/kn/k
35257Monday 12th MayKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
36258Tuesday 13th MayKevin LaffanDavid Greenn/kn/k
37259Monday 19th MayKevin LaffanRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
38260Tuesday 20th MayKevin LaffanRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
39261Monday 13th OctoberKevin LaffanRoger D. Cardonan/kn/k
40262Tuesday 14th OctoberKevin LaffanRoger D. Cardonan/kn/k
41263Monday 20th OctoberKevin LaffanRoger D. Cardonan/kn/k
42264Tuesday 21st OctoberKevin LaffanRoger D. Cardonan/kn/k
43265Monday 27th OctoberKevin LaffanKen Hannamn/kn/k
44266Tuesday 28th OctoberKevin LaffanKen Hannamn/kn/k
45267Monday 3rd NovemberKevin LaffanKen Hannamn/kn/k
46268Tuesday 4th NovemberKevin LaffanKen Hannamn/kn/k
47269Monday 10th NovemberNeville SiggsUnknownn/kn/k
48270Tuesday 11th NovemberNeville SiggsUnknownn/kn/k
49271Monday 17th NovemberDaniel RobertsUnknownn/kn/k
50272Tuesday 18th NovemberDaniel RobertsUnknownn/kn/k
51273Monday 24th NovemberDavid HopkinsUnknownn/kn/k
52274Tuesday 25th NovemberDavid HopkinsUnknownn/kn/k
53275Monday 1st DecemberDavid HopkinsUnknownn/kn/k
54276Tuesday 2nd DecemberDavid HopkinsUnknownn/kn/k
55277Monday 8th DecemberDavid HopkinsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
56278Tuesday 9th DecemberDavid HopkinsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
57279Monday 15th DecemberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
58280Tuesday 16th DecemberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
59281Monday 22nd DecemberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
60282Tuesday 23rd DecemberRobert StuartRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
61283Monday 29th DecemberGloria TorsRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k
62284Tuesday 30th DecemberRobert StuartRobert D. Cardonan/kn/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year622725
2Matt SkilbeckFrederick PyneFull year612614
3Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year602582
4Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year572673
4Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year572611
6Sam PearsonToke TownleyFull year562446
7Rosemary KendallLesley ManvilleFrom February4747 -
8Kathy GimbelPolly HemingwayFrom March314413
9Norah NorrisBarbara AshcroftUntil February114611
10Edward RuskinGeorge LittleApril and May only89810
10Liz RuskinDaphne GreenJanuary, April and May only87912
12Marian WilksGail HarrisonJanuary only63319


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Emmerdale Farm in the 1970s
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