1977 was Emmerdale's 6th year. Storylines included Joe Sugden and Kathy Gimbel becoming Beckindale's first live-in lovers and the arrival of Dolly Skilbeck. 92 episodes were broadcast this year.


Emmerdale advert 1977

A Thames Television advert promoting the new Emmerdale Farm timeslot of 5.15pm from September.

An increase in popularity saw ITV reconsidering the programme's broadcast in a lunch-time slot with many regions opting to move the show up the schedule to mid-afternoon. By April, Yorkshire Television, Tyne Tees Television and Border Television promoted it to a 7pm slot, moving transmission days to a Tuesday and Thursday beginning with Episode 347. By August, ATV, Southern Television and Ulster Television had also followed suit. Granada and Harlech settled on broadcasting the programme at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays while most other ITV regions screened the show at 5.15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (initially Wednesday and Fridays on Thames before moving to Tuesday and Fridays). By this point, the show had regularly started to pull in around ten million viewers.

The move to Esholt the previous year had opened up the possibilities for new locations in Beckindale and, for the first time, Demdyke Row appeared as Kathy Gimbel and Joe Sugden set up home there. Esholt's Bunkers Hill would cover as Demdyke Row until 1993.

Arrivals and departures for the year saw both Katharine Barker and Hugh Manning join the cast as Dolly Acaster and Donald Hinton respectively, while Polly Hemingway left the series as Kathy Gimbel in June.

After being appointed the previous year, Michael Glynn took over production from Robert D. Cardona, with his work finally making its debut onscreen. The series refrained from a lengthy summer break this year, disappearing off air for just two weeks in August.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
until August/
1323Monday 3rd JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
2324Tuesday 4th JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
3325Monday 10th JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
4326Tuesday 11th JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
5327Monday 17th JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
6328Tuesday 18th JanuaryKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
7329Monday 24th JanuaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
8330Tuesday 25th JanuaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
9331Monday 31st JanuaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
10332Tuesday 1st FebruaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
11333Monday 7th FebruaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
12334Tuesday 8th FebruaryNeville SiggsDavid Reynoldsn/kn/k
13335Monday 14th FebruaryKevin LaffanMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
14336Tuesday 15th FebruaryKevin LaffanMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
15337Monday 21st FebruaryDavid CraneMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
16338Tuesday 22nd FebruaryDavid CraneMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
17339Monday 28th FebruaryDavid CraneMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
18340Tuesday 1st MarchDavid CraneMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
19341Monday 7th MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
20342Tuesday 8th MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
21343Monday 14th MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
22344Tuesday 15th MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
23345Monday 21st MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
24346Tuesday 22nd MarchKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
25347Tuesday 12th AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
26348Thursday 14th AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
27349Tuesday 19th AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
28350Thursday 21st AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
29351Tuesday 26th AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
30352Thursday 28th AprilWilliam CorlettRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
31353Tuesday 3rd MayKevin LaffanMartin Friendn/kn/k
32354Thursday 5th MayKevin LaffanMartin Friendn/kn/k
33355Tuesday 10th MayLarry WyceMartin Friendn/kn/k
34356Thursday 12th MayLarry WyceMartin Friendn/kn/k
35357Tuesday 17th MayPeter FergusonMartin Friendn/kn/k
36358Thursday 19th MayPeter FergusonMartin Friendn/kn/k
37359Tuesday 24th MayRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
38360Thursday 26th MayRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
39361Tuesday 31st MayRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
40362Thursday 2nd JuneRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
41363Tuesday 14th JuneRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
42364Thursday 16th JuneRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Paddy Russelln/kn/k
43365Tuesday 21st JuneKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
44366Thursday 23rd JuneKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
45367Tuesday 28th JuneKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
46368Thursday 30th JuneKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
47369Tuesday 5th JulyKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
48370Thursday 7th JulyKevin LaffanNick Grayn/kn/k
49371Tuesday 12th JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
50372Thursday 14th JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
51373Tuesday 19th JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
52374Thursday 21st JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
53375Tuesday 26th JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
54376Thursday 28th JulyNeville SiggsRoger Cheveleyn/kn/k
55377Tuesday 2nd AugustWilliam CorlettMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
56378Monday 8th AugustWilliam CorlettMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
57379Tuesday 9th AugustWilliam CorlettMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
58380Monday 15th AugustWilliam CorlettMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
59381Tuesday 16th AugustWilliam CorlettMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
60382Monday 22nd AugustChris BarlasMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
61383Tuesday 23rd AugustChris BarlasMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
62384Thursday 25th AugustChris BarlasMatthew Robinsonn/kn/k
63385Tuesday 6th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
64386Thursday 8th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
65387Tuesday 13th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
66388Thursday 15th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
67389Tuesday 20th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
68390Thursday 22nd SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
69391Tuesday 27th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
70392Thursday 29th SeptemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
71393Tuesday 4th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
72394Thursday 6th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
73395Tuesday 11th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
74396Thursday 13th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
75397Tuesday 18th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
76398Thursday 20th OctoberRoy Bottomley
Tom Brennand
Len Lurcockn/kn/k
77399Tuesday 25th OctoberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
78400Thursday 27th OctoberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
79401Tuesday 1st NovemberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
80402Thursday 3rd NovemberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
81403Tuesday 8th NovemberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
82404Thursday 10th NovemberAndy BakerDarrol Blaken/kn/k
83405Tuesday 15th NovemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
84406Thursday 17th NovemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
85407Tuesday 22nd NovemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
86408Thursday 24th NovemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
87409Tuesday 29th NovemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
88410Thursday 1st DecemberKevin LaffanPaddy Russelln/kn/k
89411Tuesday 6th DecemberWilliam CorlettDerek Martinusn/kn/k
90412Thursday 8th DecemberWilliam CorlettDerek Martinusn/kn/k
91413Tuesday 13th DecemberWilliam CorlettDerek Martinusn/kn/k
92414Thursday 15th DecemberWilliam CorlettDerek Martinusn/kn/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year924021
1Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year923961
1Matt SkilbeckFrederick PyneFull year923911
1Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year923841
1Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year923841
6Sam PearsonToke TownleyFull year863681
7Dolly AcasterKatharine BarkerFebruary to June, from August5555 -
8Kathy GimbelPolly HemingwayUntil June411018
9Donald HintonHugh ManningFrom October1616 -


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Emmerdale Farm in the 1970s
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