1982 was Emmerdale's 11th year. Storylines included Alan Turner being appointed new manager of NY Estates, Dolly Skilbeck's pregnancy and birth to Samuel Skilbeck and the revelation that Jack Sugden was actually Jackie Merrick's father. 68 episodes were broadcast this year.


1982 TV Times Special

The front cover of a special TV Times 10th anniversary souvenir.

The programme returned to air following the strike the previous November with Episode 703 on 12th January. The last episode to be aired before the strike was Episode 696, meaning that six episodes worth of material were never broadcast due to the strike. No explanation was provided onscreen as to what had happened in these episodes and viewers were left having to fill in the blanks for themselves. One such incident to have occurred but not broadcast was Jack Sugden's proposal to Pat Merrick.

Anne W. Gibbons continued her reign as producer for the third year running. Two additions to the cast came in the shape of Richard Thorp as Alan Turner and Rosie Kerslake as Barbara Peters. Richard would start on the programme on 2nd January - his fiftieth birthday, but his first appearance wouldn't appear onscreen until March.

The programme celebrated its 10th birthday on 16th October and this was marked by a special tribute show - A Decade Down on the Farm, broadcast on 18th October. The programme, presented by Richard Whiteley, spoke to all six remaining original cast members as well as series creator Kevin Laffan. A press event was also held in London in celebration and TV Times published a special souvenir magazine to acknowledge the milestone.

The summer break for this year came in mid-June where the programme remained off screen until September.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
1703Tuesday 12th January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
2704Thursday 14th January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
3705Tuesday 19th January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
4706Thursday 21st January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
5707Tuesday 26th January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
6708Thursday 28th January Michael RussellLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
7709Tuesday 2nd February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
8710Thursday 4th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
9711Tuesday 9th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
10712Thursday 11th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
11713Tuesday 16th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
12714Thursday 18th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
13715Tuesday 23rd February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
14716Thursday 25th February Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
15717Tuesday 2nd March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
16718Thursday 4th March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
17719Tuesday 9th March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
18720Thursday 11th March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
19721Tuesday 16th March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
20722Thursday 18th March Alan JamesDerek Martinusn/k/n/k
21723Tuesday 23rd March Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
22724Thursday 25th March Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
23725Tuesday 30th March Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
24726Thursday 1st April Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
25727Tuesday 6th April Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
26728Thursday 8th April Tim VaughanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
27729Tuesday 4th May Ken BlakesonDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
28730Thursday 6th May Ken BlakesonDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
29731Tuesday 11th May Ken BlakesonDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
30732Thursday 13th May Ken BlakesonDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
31733Tuesday 18th May Alan DownerDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
32734Thursday 20th May Alan DownerDarrol Blaken/k/n/k
33735Tuesday 25th May Alan DownerDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
34736Thursday 27th May Alan DownerDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
35737Tuesday 1st June Peter WhiteheadDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
36738Thursday 3rd June Peter WhiteheadDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
37739Tuesday 8th June Peter WhiteheadDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
38740Thursday 10th June Peter WhiteheadDiarmuid Lawrencen/k/n/k
39741Tuesday 14th September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
40742Thursday 16th September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
41743Tuesday 21st September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
42744Thursday 23rd September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
43745Tuesday 28th September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
44746Thursday 30th September Kevin LaffanLen Lurcockn/k/n/k
45747Tuesday 5th October Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
46748Thursday 7th October Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
47749Tuesday 12th October Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
48750Thursday 14th October Kevin LaffanMervyn Cummingn/k/n/k
49751Tuesday 19th October Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
50752Thursday 21st October Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
51753Tuesday 26th October Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
52754Thursday 28th October Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
53755Tuesday 2nd November Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
54756Thursday 4th November Neville SiggsPhilip Draycottn/k/n/k
55757Tuesday 9th November Anton GillRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
56758Thursday 11th November Anton GillRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
57759Tuesday 16th November Tim VaughanRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
58760Thursday 18th November Tim VaughanRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
59761Tuesday 23rd November Tim VaughanRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
60762Thursday 25th November Tim VaughanRichard Holthousen/k/n/k
61763Tuesday 30th November Ken BlakesonAnn Ayoubn/k/n/k
62764Wednesday 1st December Ken BlakesonAnn Ayoubn/k/n/k
63765Tuesday 7th December Ken BlakesonAnn Ayoubn/k/n/k
64766Thursday 9th December Ken BlakesonAnn Ayoubn/k/n/k
65767Tuesday 14th December Kevin LaffanFrank Smithn/k/n/k
66768Thursday 16th December Kevin LaffanFrank Smithn/k/n/k
67769Tuesday 21st December Kevin LaffanFrank Smithn/k/n/k
68770Thursday 23rd December Kevin LaffanFrank Smithn/k/n/k

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year687341
1Matt SkilbeckFrederick PyneFull year687321
1Jack SugdenClive HornbyFull year683141
1Pat Merrick/SugdenHelen WeirFull year681698
1Jackie MerrickIan SharrockFull year6814611
6Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year67720 1
7Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year66730 6
7Dolly SkilbeckJean RogersFull year66361 1
7Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year66196 6
10Sandie MerrickJane HutchesonFull year65144 10
11Donald HintonHugh ManningFull year62251 14
12Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year except March58712 12
13Sam PearsonToke TownleyFull year except March56670 12
14Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFrom March4848 -
15Tom MerrickEdward PeelJanuary to February1438 15
16Barbara PetersRosie KerslakeFrom December44 -


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Emmerdale Farm in the 1980s
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