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1990 was Emmerdale's 19th year. 102 episodes were broadcast and production was overseen by Stuart Doughty. Storylines included David Hughes' attempts to split up Kate and Joe Sugden, Elsa Feldmann falling pregnant by boyfriend Nick Bates, Pete Whiteley's hit and run death, the beginnings of Chris Tate and Kathy Merrick's relationship and Amos Brearly's stroke.


Emmerdale cast 1990

Cast group photo taken in mid-1990.

The first official fan club for a soap launched on 15th January as founder Jenny Godfrey launched The Emmerdale Club after a year and a half of preparations. The launch event was held at London Zoo and Ronald Magill, Arthur Pentelow, Stan Richards, Cy Chadwick, Glenda McKay and producer Stuart Doughty were all there to take part in the occasion. The launch was responsible for press hearing that Ronald Magill had handed in his notice, deciding to retire from the character of Amos Brearly and return to the theatre. On screen business partner, Arthur Pentelow, would note his sadness to see Ronald leave but assured viewers he had no plans to give up the role of Henry Wilks. Amos' exit was filmed in November but not transmitted until January 1991.

Fionnuala Ellwood had decided to leave the programme to pursue other projects and writers were forced to come up with a way to write Lynn Whiteley out of the village. Deciding the most realistic option would be to have Lynn leave with Pete, Jim Millea was informed that he too would be written out of the programme. Both left in January, following the reveal of Pete's affair with Rachel Hughes, but would pop up again separately before the year was out in the dramatic hit and run storyline which killed off Pete.

Sally Knyvette suffered a miscarriage early on in the year and later had to relive the ordeal as Kate Sugden lost her baby onscreen. As a result of the drunk driving hit and run story, Sally also bowed out of the programme with numerous press reports announcing that the actress had quit following a disagreement with the producer or referring to her recent miscarriage as the reason for her departure. Sally had however been considering leaving the previous Christmas but had decided to stick around for an extra year, always intending to leave before becoming typecast.

In other departures for the year, Drew Dawson would appear in his last episode as Jock MacDonald after nine years and Teddy Turner would make his final appearance as Bill Whiteley before being killed off off-screen the following year.

On 29th June, Emmerdale celebrated its first full year of production at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley with a party. 250 guests, consisting of cast members both past and present, attended the evening. Series creator Kevin Laffan was also in attendance. Not content with just one big party, an event took place at the Cafe Royal in London on 11th October to celebrate the show finally coming of age and turning 18. Cast members in attendance included Sheila Mercier, Arthur Pentelow, Clive Hornby, Jean Rogers, Diana Davies, Malandra Burrows, Chris Chittell, Madeleine Howard, Glenda McKay, Craig McKay, Peter Amory and Stephen Rashbrook. Crew members Keith Richardson, Stuart Doughty and Tim Fee were also in attendance.

Tony Pitts returned to the serial in June as Archie Brooks returned to the village following a small break. Diana Davies also reprised her role as Caroline Bates and would appear as a recurring character for a number of years. New additions to the cast included the arrival of the Feldmann family who were meant to have resided in the village already for 26 years and new curate Tony Charlton portrayed by Stephen Rashbrook. David Fleeshman would also return to the programme as new character Charlie Aindow.

Kathy Merrick village concert 1990

Kathy Merrick performs 'Just This Side of Love' at the village concert.

Malandra Burrows also released a single at Stuart Doughty's request - 'Just This Side of Love' - which had been performed by Kathy Merrick at the Village Hall talent competition in Episode 1507. The single was released on 7" vinyl and cassette on 26th November and peaked at #11 in the Official UK Chart on 22nd December. The achievement gave Malandra the chance to accomplish the dream of performing on Top of the Pops with the track.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11416Tuesday 2nd JanuaryDavid Joss BuckleyTim Dowd11,430,000n/k
21417Thursday 4th JanuaryBarry WoodwardTim Dowd10,760,000n/k
31418Tuesday 9th JanuaryAndrew HoldenTim Dowd11,800,000n/k
41419Thursday 11th JanuaryEric WendellDavid Richards9,870,000n/k
51420Tuesday 16th JanuaryEric WendellDavid Richards11,250,00030
61421Thursday 18th JanuaryBarrie ShoreDavid Richards10,980,00032
71422Tuesday 23rd JanuaryBarrie ShoreDavid Richards10,620,000n/k
81423Thursday 25th JanuaryEric WendellStephen Butcher10,930,000n/k
91424Tuesday 30th JanuaryEric WendellStephen Butcher11,190,00033
101425Thursday 1st FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyStephen Butcher11,420,00031
111426Tuesday 6th FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyStephen Butcher10,640,00032
121427Thursday 8th FebruaryJames RobsonSue Butterworth9,820,00042
131428Tuesday 13th FebruaryJames RobsonSue Butterworth9,940,00038
141429Thursday 15th FebruaryJimmie ChinnSue Butterworth10,430,00036
151430Tuesday 20th FebruaryJimmie ChinnSue Butterworth10,540,00038
161431Thursday 22nd FebruaryPeter DillonKen Horn10,180,00040
171432Tuesday 27th FebruaryPeter DillonKen Horn10,580,00040
181433Thursday 1st MarchDavid LaneKen Horn9,980,00045
191434Tuesday 6th MarchDavid LaneRomey Allison9,800,00039
201435Thursday 8th MarchBarrie ShoreKen Horn10,210,00035
211436Tuesday 13th MarchBarrie ShoreRomey Allison10,400,00032
221437Thursday 15th MarchAl HunterRomey Allison10,110,00035
231438Tuesday 20th MarchAl HunterRomey Allison10,260,00028
241439Thursday 22nd MarchDebbie CookMichael E Briant9,720,00036
251440Tuesday 27th MarchDebbie CookMichael E Briant10,850,00024
261441Thursday 29th MarchBarry WoodwardMichael E Briant10,010,00030
271442Tuesday 3rd AprilBarry WoodwardMichael E Briant11,070,00025
281443Thursday 5th AprilJimmie ChinnKen Horn9,620,00036
291444Tuesday 10th AprilJimmie ChinnKen Horn10,520,000n/k
301445Thursday 12th AprilJohn OakdenKen Horn9,750,00033
311446Tuesday 17th AprilJohn OakdenKen Horn10,940,00023
321447Thursday 19th AprilDavid BuckleyRomey Allison10,300,00025
331448Tuesday 24th AprilDavid BuckleyRomey Allison10,410,000n/k
341449Wednesday 25th AprilDavid LaneRomey Allison9,400,000n/k
351450Tuesday 1st MayDavid LaneRomey Allison9,450,00018
361451Thursday 3rd MayDavid LaneMichael E Briant8,030,00036
371452Tuesday 8th MayDavid LaneMichael E Briant10,730,00024
381453Thursday 10th MayBarry WoodwardMichael E Briant9,570,000n/k
391454Tuesday 15th MayBarry WoodwardMichael E Briant10,950,00018
401455Thursday 17th MayJames RobsonTerry Iland7,700,000n/k
411456Tuesday 22nd MayJames RobsonTerry Iland9,300,00022
421457Thursday 24th MayPeter DillonTerry Iland9,140,000n/k
431458Tuesday 29th MayPeter DillonTerry Iland10,720,00016
441459Thursday 31st MayDavid Joss BuckleyTerence Daw8,180,00042
451460Tuesday 5th JuneDavid Joss BuckleyTerence Daw10,540,00022
461461Thursday 7th JuneBarrie ShoreTerence Daw9,350,00030
471462Tuesday 12th JuneBarrie ShoreTerence Daw10,370,00017
481463Thursday 14th JuneDebbie CookKen Horn9,190,00025
491464Tuesday 19th JuneDebbie CookKen Horn8,770,00034
501465Thursday 21st JuneRob GittinsKen Horn9,180,00028
511466Tuesday 26th JuneRob GittinsKen Horn8,170,00037
521467Thursday 28th JuneJimmie ChinnCatherine Morshead9,120,00026
531468Thursday 5th JulyBarry WoodwardCatherine Morshead9,100,00026
541469Tuesday 10th JulyBarry WoodwardCatherine Morshead9,310,00020
551470Thursday 12th JulyDavid LaneTerry Iland7,990,00027
561471Tuesday 17th JulyDavid LaneTerry Iland8,910,00021
571472Thursday 19th JulyRob GittinsTerry Iland8,390,00026
581473Tuesday 24th JulyRob GittinsTerry Iland8,390,00027
591474Thursday 26th JulyDavid Joss BuckleyTerence Daw9,030,00018
601475Tuesday 31st JulyDavid Joss BuckleyTerence Daw8,710,00024
611476Thursday 2nd AugustPeter DillonTerence Daw7,830,00029
621477Tuesday 7th AugustPeter DillonTerence Daw9,140,00023
631478Thursday 9th AugustDavid LaneTerence Daw8,860,00027
641479Tuesday 14th AugustDavid LaneKen Horn9,350,000n/k
651480Thursday 16th AugustRob GittinsKen Horn9,140,000n/k
661481Tuesday 21st AugustRob GittinsKen Horn9,450,00021
671482Thursday 23rd AugustEric WendellTerry Iland9,070,00025
681483Tuesday 28th AugustEric WendellTerry Iland8,880,00031
691484Thursday 30th AugustBarry WoodwardTerry Iland8,430,00035
701485Tuesday 4th SeptemberBarry WoodwardTerry Iland8,460,00037
711486Thursday 6th SeptemberBarbara MachinPatrick Titley9,090,00029
721487Tuesday 11th SeptemberBarbara MachinPatrick Titley8,700,00036
731488Thursday 13th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyPatrick Titley8,030,00042
741489Tuesday 18th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyPatrick Titley9,450,00036
751490Thursday 20th SeptemberBarrie ShoreDerek Bennett10,090,00028
761491Tuesday 25th SeptemberBarrie ShoreDerek Bennett9,310,00036
771492Thursday 27th SeptemberBarrie ShoreDerek Bennett9,110,00037
781493Tuesday 2nd OctoberBarrie ShoreDerek Bennett9,540,00037
791494Thursday 4th OctoberRob GittinsCatherine Morshead9,580,00036
801495Tuesday 9th OctoberRob GittinsCatherine Morshead9,690,00035
811496Thursday 11th OctoberDavid LaneCatherine Morshead9,610,00038
821497Tuesday 16th OctoberDavid LaneCatherine Morshead10,050,00033
831498Thursday 18th OctoberJimmie ChinnCavan Greenwood9,470,00041
841499Tuesday 23rd OctoberJimmie ChinnCavan Greenwood10,250,00032
851500Thursday 25th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyCavan Greenwood9,720,00034
861501Tuesday 30th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyCavan Greenwood10,580,00033
871502Thursday 1st NovemberJimmie ChinnDerek Bennett9,900,00037
881503Tuesday 6th NovemberJimmie ChinnDerek Bennett10,390,00029
891504Thursday 8th NovemberEric WendellDerek Bennett9,220,00040
901505Tuesday 13th NovemberEric WendellDerek Bennett10,800,00029
911506Thursday 15th NovemberEric WendellRomey Allison9,840,00036
921507Tuesday 20th NovemberEric WendellRomey Allison7,940,000n/k
931508Thursday 22nd NovemberSally WainwrightRomey Allison9,400,00046
941509Tuesday 27th NovemberSally WainwrightRomey Allison8,510,00052
951510Thursday 29th NovemberPeter DillonSteve Goldie9,730,00039
961511Tuesday 4th DecemberRob GittinsSteve Goldie10,340,00036
971512Thursday 6th DecemberRob GittinsSteve Goldie9,370,00047
981513Tuesday 11th DecemberShirley CooklinMervyn Cumming10,460,00032
991514Thursday 13th DecemberShirley CooklinMervyn Cumming8,910,00044
1001515Tuesday 18th DecemberBarrie ShoreMervyn Cumming10,750,00028
1011516Thursday 20th DecemberBarrie ShoreMervyn Cumming8,670,00046
1021517Thursday 27th DecemberDavid LaneJohn Darnell10,400,000n/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Henry WilksArthur PentelowFull year9714436
2Amos BrearlyRonald MagillFull year9614581
3Jack SugdenClive HornbyFull year9193125
4Joe SugdenFrazer HinesFull year8712263
5Alan TurnerRichard ThorpFull year867545
5Kathy MerrickMalandra BurrowsFull year8646110
7Seth ArmstrongStan RichardsFull year858908
8Annie SugdenSheila MercierFull year8414121
8Nick BatesCy ChadwickFull year8434316
10Rachel HughesGlenda McKayFull year8119211
11Dolly SkilbeckJean RogersFull year80106212
11Frank TateNorman BowlerFull year809030
13Christopher TatePeter AmoryFull year798631
14Kim TateClaire KingFull year757933
15Kate SugdenSally KnyvetteUntil October732103
16Sarah ConnollyMadeleine HowardFull year709527
17Mark HughesCraig McKayFull year6915914
18Elsa FeldmannNaomi LewisFrom February6262 -
19Zoe TateLeah BracknellFull year606433
20Archie BrooksTony PittsFrom June3636714
21Michael FeldmannMatthew VaughanFebruary to September and from November3535 -
22Elizabeth FeldmannKate DoveMarch and from May3434 -
23Jock MacDonaldDrew DawsonFebruary and April to September3126226
24Eric PollardChristopher ChittellJanuary to May and from July3019720
25Bill MiddletonJohnny CaesarJanuary to February, April to May, August to November2620823
25Robert SugdenChristopher SmithJanuary to April, July and from September2614831
27Tony CharltonStephen RashbrookFrom August2323 -
28Bill WhiteleyTeddy TurnerJanuary to February and April to September226719
28David HughesMartyn WhitbyJanuary to April and November225124
30Charlie AindowDavid FleeshmanAugust to November1717 -
31Samuel SkilbeckBenjamin WhiteheadJanuary to February, June to November1732729
32Caroline BatesDiana DaviesAugust to September1154110
33Pete WhiteleyJim MilleaJanuary and August107713
34Lynn WhiteleyFionnuala EllwoodJanuary to February and October87217
35Peter WhiteleySam WalkerOctober only33 -



Episode 1417

Joe Sugden spots David Hughes and Kate Sugden kissing.

  • Joe Sugden continued to be wound up by David Hughes and Kate Sugden spending so much time together. David enjoyed winding Joe up and took every opportunity he could to cause friction between the pair. At a New Year's Eve party, David maliciously let all Joe's sheep out, forcing Joe to be late for the party. When he arrived at the stroke of midnight, he was angered to find Kate and David kissing. The couple argued the following day and when Kate learned that David had let the sheep out, causing Joe to be late, she agreed to cut contact with him. Joe and Kate decided to prove their strength by becoming partners in Emmerdale Farm as Matt Skilbeck's share was signed over to Kate. Kate later retaliated by announcing to Joe that she was pregnant and the pair went away for a second honeymoon.
  • Sarah Connolly continued to refuse to move in with Jack Sugden at the Emmerdale cottage. She soon changed her mind however when Jack drew up a contract outlining terms and conditions to ensure they would not end up under each other's thumb and could continue to live their own lives. One of Sarah's conditions meant nailing up the adjoining door to the farmhouse, preventing Annie Sugden from walking through whenever she chose.
  • Kim Tate asked Dolly Skilbeck to start as housekeeper at Home Farm and also wanted her to live-in with Sam. Dolly refused, insisting she was quite happy at The Mill. Annie frequently found herself having Sam dropped on her while Dolly was at work and began to wonder whether Dolly's new job was causing havoc for Sam.
  • Preparations continued for the village new year production of Amos Brearly's Dracula. When the show made the stage, Amos was furious when, after a few disasters on stage, the Hotten Courier dubbed the play as a hilarious "pantomime" despite him having penned the production as a tragedy.
  • Zoe Tate began interviewing local farmers on chlamydia psittaci for research on a project she was studying at university whilst studying to be a vet. She was less than pleased by the enthusiasm of the local farmers however but was grateful when Kathy Merrick agreed to speak to her about her experience. When Seth Armstrong fell ill, Zoe carried tests out on the water at the Fish & Game Farm and suspects Cryptosporidium.
  • Lynn Whiteley learned that Pete Whiteley had lied about who he was with on the night Jackie Merrick died and realised that Pete must have been having an affair. She soon worked out it was with Rachel Hughes.
  • Nick Bates attended an interview for a gardening position at Home Farm and was thrilled when Frank Tate offered him the job, despite bluffing his way through the entire interview. After an accident with weed killer, Nick discovers he has killed all of Frank's koi carp.
  • Chris Tate convinced Kathy Merrick to drink with him and was delighted when she agreed to go on a proper date with him but she later stands him up.
  • Frank Tate refused to renew Kathy Merrick's lease on her farming venture.

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Emmerdale in the 1990s
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