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Emmie opening titles 1993-1994

Title caption until December

1993 was Emmerdale's 22nd year.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11727Tuesday 5th JanuaryChris OuldOliver Horsbrugh11,360,00041
21728Thursday 7th JanuaryChris OuldOliver Horsbrugh11,570,00040
31729Tuesday 12th JanuaryDavid Joss BuckleyJeremy Summers12,120,00033
41730Thursday 14th JanuaryDavid Joss BuckleyJeremy Summers11,460,00038
51731Tuesday 19th JanuaryMartin WorthJeremy Summers11,850,00032
61732Thursday 21st JanuaryMartin WorthJeremy Summers11,480,00036
71733Tuesday 26th JanuaryJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
John Heaton11,560,00033
81734Thursday 28th JanuaryGlen McCoyJohn Heaton11,270,00035
91735Tuesday 2nd FebruaryBarrie ShoreJohn Heatonn/kn/k
101736Thursday 4th FebruaryBarrie ShoreJohn Heatonn/kn/k
111737Tuesday 9th FebruaryJimmie ChinnOliver Horsbrugh11,060,00036
121738Thursday 11th FebruaryJimmie ChinnOliver Horsbrugh11,080,00035
131739Tuesday 16th FebruaryChris OuldOliver Horsbrugh10,520,00039
141740Thursday 18th FebruaryGlen McCoyOliver Horsbrugh11,280,00034
151741Tuesday 23rd FebruaryDavid LaneJeremy Woolf10,590,00040
161742Thursday 25th FebruaryDavid LaneJeremy Woolf11,410,00036
171743Tuesday 2nd MarchJoe BoyleJeremy Woolf11,100,00034
181744Thursday 4th MarchJoe BoyleJeremy Woolf10,850,00037
191745Tuesday 9th MarchDavid Joss BuckleyGraham Wetherell10,940,00029
201746Thursday 11th MarchDavid Joss BuckleyGraham Wetherell11,020,00027
211747Tuesday 16th MarchMargaret SimpsonGraham Wetherell11,110,00028
221748Thursday 18th MarchMargaret SimpsonGraham Wetherell10,510,00031
231749Tuesday 23rd MarchNick SaltreseRic Mellis10,780,00032
241750Thursday 25th MarchNick SaltreseRic Mellis10,420,00035
251751Tuesday 30th MarchRob GittinsRic Mellis10,300,00031
261752Thursday 1st AprilRob GittinsRic Mellis10,090,00032
271753Tuesday 6th AprilGlen McCoyJeremy Woolf10,660,00023
281754Thursday 8th AprilGlen McCoyJeremy Woolf10,570,00025
291755Tuesday 13th AprilChris OuldJeremy Woolf10,700,00027
301756Thursday 15th AprilChris OuldJeremy Woolf10,180,00033
311757Tuesday 20th AprilAndrew HoldenGraham Wetherell10,320,00026
321758Thursday 22nd AprilAndrew HoldenGraham Wetherell10,030,00029
331759Tuesday 27th AprilJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
Graham Wetherell9,800,00025
341760Thursday 29th AprilJimmie ChinnGraham Wetherell8,910,00035
351761Tuesday 4th MayDavid LaneRic Mellis10,020,00026
361762Thursday 6th MayDavid LaneRic Mellis8,870,00037
371763Tuesday 11th MayMargaret SimpsonRic Mellis9,480,00033
381764Thursday 13th MayMargaret SimpsonRic Mellis9,770,00028
391765Tuesday 18th MayNick SaltreseAlan Wareing9,640,00023
401766Thursday 20th MayNick SaltreseAlan Wareing7,520,00042
411767Tuesday 25th MayDavid Joss BuckleyAlan Wareing9,810,00026
421768Thursday 27th MayDavid Joss BuckleyAlan Wareing9,340,00028
431769Tuesday 1st JuneJoe BoyleJeremy Ancock9,080,00030
441770Thursday 3rd JuneJoe BoyleJeremy Ancock8,790,00032
451771Tuesday 8th JuneAndrew HoldenJeremy Ancock8,520,00036
461772Thursday 10th JuneAndrew HoldenJeremy Ancock9,080,00032
471773Tuesday 15th JuneGlen McCoyMervyn Cummingn/kn/k
481774Thursday 17th JuneGlen McCoyMervyn Cummingn/kn/k
491775Tuesday 22nd JuneBill LyonsMervyn Cumming9,090,00023
501776Thursday 24th JuneGlen McCoyMervyn Cumming7,940,00037
511777Tuesday 29th JuneNick SaltreseGeoff Husson8,690,00022
521778Thursday 1st JulyNick SaltreseGeoff Husson8,010,00030
531779Tuesday 6th JulyBarrie ShoreGeoff Husson8,770,00028
541780Thursday 8th JulyBarrie ShoreGeoff Husson8,830,00026
551781Tuesday 13th JulyDavid LaneAlan Wareing9,830,00020
561782Thursday 15th JulyDavid LaneAlan Wareing10,020,00019
571783Tuesday 20th JulyDavid Joss BuckleyAlan Wareing9,240,00022
581784Thursday 22nd JulyDavid Joss BuckleyAlan Wareing8,390,00028
591785Tuesday 27th JulyJoe BoyleJeremy Ancock9,720,00021
601786Thursday 29th JulyJoe BoyleJeremy Ancock8,010,00034
611787Tuesday 3rd AugustJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
Jeremy Ancock9,010,00026
621788Thursday 5th AugustJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
Jeremy Ancock9,190,00024
631789Tuesday 10th AugustJimmie ChinnMervyn Cumming9,710,00025
641790Thursday 12th AugustJimmie ChinnMervyn Cumming8,980,00027
651791Tuesday 17th AugustBill LyonsMervyn Cumming8,360,00027
661792Thursday 19th AugustBill LyonsMervyn Cumming8,170,00028
671793Tuesday 24th AugustMargaret SimpsonJohn Heaton9,280,00025
681794Thursday 26th AugustMargaret SimpsonJohn Heaton8,640,00028
691795Tuesday 31st AugustGlen McCoyJohn Heaton9,120,00032
701796Thursday 2nd SeptemberGlen McCoyJohn Heaton8,480,00036
711797Tuesday 7th SeptemberTom NeedhamGeoff Husson12,200,00015
721798Thursday 9th SeptemberColin McKeownGeoff Husson9,300,00033
731799Tuesday 14th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyGeoff Husson12,640,00015
741800Thursday 16th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyGeoff Husson9,460,00034
751801Tuesday 21st SeptemberDavid LaneOliver Horsbrugh11,890,00017
761802Thursday 23rd SeptemberDavid LaneOliver Horsbrugh8,290,000n/k
771803Tuesday 28th SeptemberJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
Oliver Horsbrugh12,240,00020
781804Thursday 30th SeptemberJez Simons
Jyoti Patel
Oliver Horsbrugh9,820,00034
791805Tuesday 5th OctoberSue DumbellJeremy Ancock12,700,00019
801806Thursday 7th OctoberSue DumbellJeremy Ancock9,310,00041
811807Tuesday 12th OctoberBill LyonsJeremy Ancock12,920,00017
821808Thursday 14th OctoberBill LyonsJeremy Ancock10,160,00032
831809Tuesday 19th OctoberRob GittinsGeoff Husson12,280,00017
841810Thursday 21st OctoberRob GittinsGeoff Husson10,020,000n/k
851811Tuesday 26th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyGeoff Husson13,510,00016
861812Thursday 28th OctoberDavid Joss BuckleyGeoff Husson10,910,00034
871813Tuesday 2nd NovemberJimmie ChinnOliver Horsbrugh13,310,00019
881814Thursday 4th NovemberJimmie ChinnOliver Horsbrugh10,850,00034
891815Tuesday 9th NovemberBarrie ShoreOliver Horsbrugh12,700,00023
901816Thursday 11th NovemberBarrie ShoreOliver Horsbrugh10,310,00039
911817Tuesday 16th NovemberRob GittinsSteve Goldie12,910,00024
921818Thursday 18th NovemberRob GittinsSteve Goldie9,970,00045
931819Tuesday 23rd NovemberGeoff NewtonSteve Goldie13,430,00023
941820Thursday 25th NovemberGeoff NewtonSteve Goldie10,170,00041
951821Tuesday 30th NovemberColin McKeownTom Kingdon12,600,00025
961822Thursday 2nd DecemberColin McKeownTom Kingdon9,830,00041
971823Tuesday 7th DecemberBill LyonsTom Kingdonn/kn/k
981824Thursday 9th DecemberBill LyonsTom Kingdonn/kn/k
991825Tuesday 14th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton12,960,00018
1001826Thursday 16th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton9,700,00036
1011827Tuesday 21st DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton12,620,00029
1021828Thursday 23rd DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton9,730,00044
1031828ATuesday 28th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton13,420,00017
1041829Thursday 30th DecemberAndy LynchKen Horn13,310,00020

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Full year 95 1213 4
2 Seth Armstrong Stan Richards Full year 94 1165 7
3 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Full year 92 1043 1
3 Sarah Connolly Madeleine Howard Full year 92 377 3
5 Frank Tate Norman Bowler Full year 91 352 9
6 Archie Brooks Tony Pitts Until December 88 610 11
7 Lynn Whiteley Fionnuala Ellwood Full year 84 268 13
8 Carol Nelson Philomena McDonagh Until November 83 195 10
8 Elizabeth Pollard Kate Dove Until December 83 287 6
8 Kathy Tate Malandra Burrows Full year 83 696 14
11 Nick Bates Cy Chadwick Full year 82 579 17
12 Christopher Tate Peter Amory Full year 81 331 16
12 Michael Feldmann Matthew Vaughan Full year 81 291 2
14 Joe Sugden Frazer Hines Full year 78 1470 12
14 Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell Full year 78 192 31
16 Mark Hughes Craig McKay Full year 74 386 4
17 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 73 419 12
18 Lorraine Nelson Nicola Strong Until November 70 106 23
19 Rachel Hughes Glenda McKay Full year, except November 66 401 18
20 Kim Tate/Barker Claire King Full year 65 319 10
21 Robert Sugden Christopher Smith Full year 54 267 19
22 Shirley Foster Rachel Davies From May 49 49 N/A
23 Jayesh Parmar John Leary Until November 46 56 29
24 Alice Bates Kimberly Hewitt Full year 42 151 19
25 Vic Windsor Alun Lewis From August 36 36 N/A
26 Viv Windsor Deena Payne From August 35 35 N/A
27 Annie Sugden/Kempinski Sheila Mercier March to October, from December 34 1567 21
27 Scott Windsor Toby Cockerell From August 34 34 N/A
28 Sangeeta Parmar Razia McGann Until August 33 49 25
29 Kelly Windsor Adele Silva From August 31 31 N/A
30 Amos Brearly Ronald Magill May to October 20 1496 30
31 Peter Whiteley Sam Walker Until September 16 68 23
32 Donna Windsor Sophie Jeffrey August to October, from December 14 14 N/A
33 Neil Kincaid Brian Deacon Until March 13 51 22
34 Elsa Feldmann Naomi Lewis November and December only 10 160 N/A
35 Caroline Bates Diana Davies April and May only 7 615 26
36 Angharad McAllister Amanda Wenban From December 6 6 N/A
36 Bernard McAllister Brendan Price From December 6 6 N/A
36 Jessica McAllister Camilla Power From December 6 6 N/A
36 Luke McAllister Noah Huntley From December 6 6 N/A
41 Donald Hinton Hugh Manning October only 2 621 N/A
42 Bill Middleton Johnny Caesar February only 1 243 27


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Emmerdale in the 1990s
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