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1994 was Emmerdale's 23rd year. A total of 105 episodes were broadcast during the year.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11830Tuesday 4th JanuaryAndy LynchKen Horn18,140,0007
21831Wednesday 5th JanuaryBill LyonsKen Horn18,670,0006
31832Thursday 6th JanuaryBill LyonsKen Horn16,840,0009
41833Tuesday 11th JanuaryKathleen PotterGraham Wetherell16,900,0006
51834Thursday 13th JanuaryKathleen PotterGraham Wetherell13,730,00021
61835Tuesday 18th JanuaryAllan SwiftGraham Wetherell15,780,0009
71836Thursday 20th JanuaryAllan SwiftGraham Wetherell12,990,00022
81837Tuesday 25th JanuaryBill LyonsJohn Heaton14,430,00013
91838Thursday 27th JanuaryBill LyonsJohn Heaton12,490,00025
101839Tuesday 1st FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton14,620,00012
111840Thursday 3rd FebruaryDavid Joss BuckleyJohn Heaton12,140,000n/k
121841Tuesday 8th FebruaryAllan SwiftColin Cant13,780,00013
131842Thursday 10th FebruaryAllan SwiftColin Cant12,550,00025
141843Tuesday 15th FebruaryAndy LynchColin Cant15,300,00010
151844Thursday 17th FebruaryAndy LynchColin Cant12,520,00024
161845Tuesday 22nd FebruaryAndy LynchGraham Wetherell14,680,00014
171846Thursday 24th FebruaryAndy LynchGraham Wetherell12,030,00025
181847Tuesday 1st MarchBill LyonsGraham Wetherell13,900,00012
191848Thursday 3rd MarchBill LyonsGraham Wetherell11,340,00025
201849Tuesday 8th MarchAllan SwiftGarth Tucker12,640,00016
211850Thursday 10th MarchAllan SwiftGarth Tucker11,690,00024
221851Tuesday 15th MarchDavid Joss BuckleyGarth Tucker13,240,00013
231852Thursday 17th MarchDavid Joss BuckleyGarth Tucker10,820,00031
241853Tuesday 22nd MarchAndy LynchColin Cant13,150,00011
251854Thursday 24th MarchAndy LynchColin Cant10,800,00028
261855Tuesday 29th MarchBill LyonsColin Cant12,560,00014
271856Thursday 31st MarchBill LyonsColin Cant11,300,00026
281857Tuesday 5th AprilKathleen PotterGraham Wetherell13,160,00016
291858Thursday 7th AprilKathleen PotterGraham Wetherell11,600,00027
301859Tuesday 12th AprilDavid Joss BuckleyGraham Wetherell12,650,00015
311860Thursday 14th AprilDavid Joss BuckleyGraham Wetherell10,250,00034
321861Tuesday 19th AprilBill LyonsGarth Tucker11,850,00018
331862Thursday 21st AprilBill LyonsGarth Tucker10,030,00030
341863Tuesday 26th AprilKathleen PotterGarth Tucker11,710,00017
351864Thursday 28th AprilKathleen PotterGarth Tucker8,860,00033
361865Tuesday 3rd MayAllan SwiftColin Cant12,630,00011
371866Thursday 5th MayAllan SwiftColin Cant9,590,00031
381867Tuesday 10th MayDavid Joss BuckleyColin Cant12,210,00015
391868Thursday 12th MayDavid Joss BuckleyColin Cant8,930,00042
401869Tuesday 17th MayAndy LynchGraham Wetherell12,290,00017
411870Thursday 19th MayAndy LynchGraham Wetherell10,650,00031
421871Tuesday 24th MayBill LyonsGraham Wetherell13,130,00012
431872Thursday 26th MayBill LyonsGraham Wetherell11,200,00019
441873Tuesday 31st MayDavid Joss BuckleyGarth Tucker12,340,00011
451874Thursday 2nd JuneDavid Joss BuckleyGarth Tucker10,250,00024
461875Tuesday 7th JuneKathleen PotterGarth Tuckern/kn/k
471876Thursday 9th JuneKathleen PotterGarth Tuckern/kn/k
481877Tuesday 14th JuneAllan SwiftColin Cantn/kn/k
491878Thursday 16th JuneAllan SwiftColin Cantn/kn/k
501879Tuesday 21st JuneAndy LynchColin Cantn/kn/k
511880Thursday 23rd JuneAndy LynchColin Cantn/kn/k
521881Tuesday 28th JuneBill LyonsStephen Butchern/kn/k
531882Thursday 30th JuneBill LyonsStephen Butchern/kn/k
541883Tuesday 5th JulyKathleen PotterStephen Butchern/kn/k
551884Thursday 7th JulyKathleen PotterStephen Butchern/kn/k
561885Tuesday 12th JulyAllan SwiftAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
571886Thursday 14th JulyAllan SwiftAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
581887Tuesday 19th JulyDavid Joss BuckleyAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
591888Thursday 21st JulyDavid Joss BuckleyAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
601889Tuesday 26th JulyAndy LynchGarth Tuckern/kn/k
611890Thursday 28th JulyAndy LynchGarth Tuckern/kn/k
621891Tuesday 2nd AugustAndy LynchGarth Tuckern/kn/k
631892Thursday 4th AugustAndy LynchGarth Tuckern/kn/k
641893Tuesday 9th AugustDavid Joss BuckleyColin Cantn/kn/k
651894Thursday 11th AugustDavid Joss BuckleyColin Cantn/kn/k
661895Tuesday 16th AugustKathleen PotterAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
671896Thursday 18th AugustKathleen PotterAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
681897Tuesday 23rd AugustAndy LynchAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
691898Thursday 25th AugustAndy LynchAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
701899Tuesday 30th AugustDavid Joss BuckleyJeff Naylorn/kn/k
711900Thursday 1st SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyJeff Naylorn/kn/k
721901Tuesday 6th SeptemberAllan SwiftJeff Naylorn/kn/k
731902Thursday 8th SeptemberAllan SwiftJeff Naylorn/kn/k
741903Tuesday 13th SeptemberBill LyonsAlister Hallumn/kn/k
751904Thursday 15th SeptemberBill LyonsAlister Hallumn/kn/k
761905Tuesday 20th SeptemberBill LyonsDarrol Blaken/kn/k
771906Thursday 22nd SeptemberBill LyonsDarrol Blaken/kn/k
781907Tuesday 27th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyDarrol Blaken/kn/k
791908Thursday 29th SeptemberDavid Joss BuckleyDarrol Blaken/kn/k
801909Tuesday 4th OctoberKathleen PotterAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
811910Thursday 6th OctoberKathleen PotterAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
821911Tuesday 11th OctoberAllan SwiftAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
831912Thursday 13th OctoberAllan SwiftAlistair Clarkn/kn/k
841913Tuesday 18th OctoberBill LyonsJeff Naylorn/kn/k
851914Thursday 20th OctoberBill LyonsJeff Naylorn/kn/k
861915Tuesday 25th OctoberAndy LynchJeff Naylorn/kn/k
871916Thursday 27th OctoberAndy LynchJeff Naylorn/kn/k
881917Tuesday 1st NovemberDavid Joss BuckleyDarrol Blaken/kn/k
891918Thursday 3rd NovemberDavid Joss BuckleyDarrol Blaken/kn/k
901919Tuesday 8th NovemberBill LyonsDarrol Blaken/kn/k
911920Thursday 10th NovemberBill LyonsDarrol Blaken/kn/k
921921Tuesday 15th NovemberKathleen PotterJohn Darnelln/kn/k
931922Thursday 17th NovemberKathleen PotterJohn Darnelln/kn/k
941923Tuesday 22nd NovemberAllan SwiftJohn Darnelln/kn/k
951924Thursday 24th NovemberAllan SwiftJohn Darnelln/kn/k
961925Tuesday 29th NovemberAndy LynchRichard Brammalln/kn/k
971926Thursday 1st DecemberAndy LynchRichard Brammalln/kn/k
981927Tuesday 6th DecemberAndy LynchRichard Brammalln/kn/k
991928Thursday 8th DecemberAndy LynchRichard Brammalln/kn/k
1001929Tuesday 13th DecemberKathleen PotterJeff Naylorn/kn/k
1011930Thursday 15th DecemberKathleen PotterJeff Naylorn/kn/k
1021931Tuesday 20th DecemberJohn ChambersJeff Naylorn/kn/k
1031932Thursday 22nd DecemberAndy LynchJeff Naylorn/kn/k
1041933Tuesday 27th DecemberMarvin CloseDarrol Blaken/kn/k
1051934Thursday 29th DecemberDavid Joss BuckleyDarrol Blaken/kn/k

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Frank Tate Norman Bowler Full year 89 441 5
2 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 80 499 17
2 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Full year 80 1293 1
2 Kim Barker/Tate Claire King Full year 80 400 20
2 Vic Windsor Alun Lewis Full year 80 116 24
6 Viv Windsor Deena Payne Full year 78 113 25
7 Bernard McAllister Brendan Price Full year 77 83 37
8 Kathy Tate Malandra Burrows Full year 76 772 7
9 Angharad McAllister Amanda Wenban Full year 74 80 37
10 Luke McAllister Noah Huntley Full year 73 79 37
11 Seth Armstrong Stan Richards Full year 72 1238 2
12 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Full year, except May 68 1111 3
13 Jessica McAllister Camilla Power Full year 65 71 37
14 Sarah Connolly/Sugden Madeleine Howard and Alyson Spiro Full year 64 441 2
15 Christopher Tate Peter Amory Full year 60 390 10
16 Biff Fowler Stuart Wade From March 56 56 N/A
17 Nick Bates Cy Chadwick Full year, except April 54 631 11
18 Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell Full year, except July 52 244 14
19 Rachel Hughes Glenda McKay Full year 51 452 19
20 Joe Sugden Frazer Hines Until August 47 1517 14
21 Scott Windsor Toby Cockerell Full year, except December 44 78 26
22 Lynn Whiteley Fionnuala Ellwood Until August 40 308 7
22 Betty Eagleton Paula TilbrookApril and from June 38 38 N/A
24 Caroline Bates Diana Davies January to March and from June 37 652 36
24 Michael Feldmann Matthew Vaughan Until June 37 328 11
26 Ned Glover Johnny Leeze From August 34 34 N/A
27 Shirley Foster/Turner Rachel Davies Until June 32 81 22
28 David Glover Ian Kelsey From August 31 31 N/A
28 Donna Windsor Sophie Jeffrey Full year, except July and August 31 45 32
28 Jan Glover Roberta Kerr From August 31 31 N/A
31 Dolores Sharp Samantha Hurst March to June and from August 30 30 N/A
32 Alice Bates Rachel Tolboys January, to March, May to September, from November 24 175 24
33 Robert Sugden Christopher Smith Full year, except January, March and July 22 291 21
33 Victoria Sugden Jessica Heywood From March 22 22 29
34 Annie Kempinski/Sugden Sheila Mercier January to February and April to July 21 1588 26
34 Kelly Windsor Adele Silva Full year, except March, July and August 21 52 29
35 Elsa Feldmann Naomi Lewis January to March and June to July 20 180 34
36 Linda Glover Tonicha Jeronimo From August 15 15 N/A
37 Amos Brearly Ronald Magill January to February, May to June and December 12 1508 30
38 Butch Dingle Paul Loughran August to October and from December 11 11 N/A
39 Roy Glover Nicky Evans From August 10 10 N/A
40 Peter Whiteley Sam Walker January and June to July 7 69 34
41 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell October only 2 2 N/A
42 Mark Hughes Craig McKay January only 1 387 16
42 Bill Middleton Johnny Caesar March only 1 244 42
42 Tina Dingle Jacqueline Pirie From December 1 1 N/A


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Emmerdale in the 1990s
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