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1998 was Emmerdale's 27th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
12305Thursday 1st JanuaryBill LyonsPaul Walker
22306Tuesday 6th JanuaryMarvin CloseTim Dowd
32307Wednesday 7th JanuaryTim DynevorTim Dowd
42308Thursday 8th JanuaryKatharine HayTim Dowd
52309Tuesday 13th JanuaryBill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
62310Wednesday 14th JanuaryJohn ChambersPaul Wroblewski
72311Thursday 15th JanuaryGreg SnowPaul Wroblewski
82312Tuesday 20th JanuaryTom ElliottJohn Michael Phillips
92313Wednesday 21st JanuaryKarin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
102314Thursday 22nd JanuaryKarin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
112315Tuesday 27th JanuaryMarvin CloseGraham Wetherell
122316Wednesday 28th JanuaryTim DynevorGraham Wetherell
132317Thursday 29th JanuaryTim DynevorGraham Wetherell
142318Tuesday 3rd FebruaryMarvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
152319Wednesday 4th FebruaryJohn ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
162320Thursday 5th FebruaryTom ElliottOliver Horsbrugh
172321Tuesday 10th FebruaryGreg SnowPaul Walker
182322Wednesday 11th FebruaryBill LyonsPaul Walker
192323Thursday 12th FebruaryKarin YoungPaul Walker
202324Tuesday 17th FebruaryKatharine HayTim Dowd
212325Wednesday 18th FebruaryDave SimpsonTim Dowd
222326Thursday 19th FebruaryDave SimpsonTim Dowd
232327Tuesday 24th FebruaryTom ElliottPaul Wroblewski
242328Wednesday 25th FebruaryBill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
252329Thursday 26th FebruaryBill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
262330Tuesday 3rd MarchGreg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
272331Wednesday 4th MarchJohn ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
282332Thursday 5th MarchJohn ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
292333Tuesday 10th MarchMarvin CloseGraham Wetherell
302334Wednesday 11th MarchKarin YoungGraham Wetherell
312335Thursday 12th MarchTim DynevorGraham Wetherell
322336Tuesday 17th MarchDave SimpsonPaul Walker
332337Thursday 19th MarchKarin YoungPaul Walker
342338Tuesday 24th MarchTom ElliottPaul Walker
352339Wednesday 25th MarchTom ElliottAdrian Bean
362340Thursday 26th MarchMarvin CloseAdrian Bean
372341Tuesday 31st MarchMarvin CloseAdrian Bean
382342Wednesday 1st AprilGreg SnowTim Dowd
392343Thursday 2nd AprilJohn ChambersTim Dowd
402344Tuesday 7th AprilJohn ChambersTim Dowd
412345Wednesday 8th AprilBill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
422346Thursday 9th AprilBill LyonsPaul Wroblewski
432347Tuesday 14th AprilDave SimpsonPaul Wroblewski
442348Thursday 16th AprilKarin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
452349Tuesday 21st AprilJohn ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
462350Wednesday 22nd AprilGreg SnowJohn Michael Phillips
472351Thursday 23rd AprilMarvin CloseGraham Wetherell
482352Tuesday 28th AprilBill LyonsGraham Wetherell
492353Wednesday 29th AprilTom ElliottGraham Wetherell
502354Thursday 30th AprilTim DynevorKay Patrick
512355Tuesday 5th MayTim DynevorKay Patrick
522356Wednesday 6th MayPippa McCarthyKay Patrick
532357Thursday 7th MayJohn ChambersDiana Patrick
542358Friday 8th MayJohn ChambersAdrian Bean
552359Tuesday 12th MayTom ElliottAdrian Bean
562360Wednesday 13th MayMarvin ClosePaul Walker
572361Thursday 14th MayDave SimpsonPaul Walker
582362Friday 15th MayBill LyonsPaul Walker
592363Tuesday 19th MayKarin YoungTerry Dyddgen-Jones
602364Thursday 21st MayPaul CoatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones
612365Friday 22nd MayGreg SnowTerry Dyddgen-Jones
622366Tuesday 26th MayTim DynevorJohn Michael Phillips
632367Wednesday 27th MayTom ElliottJohn Michael Phillips
642368Thursday 28th MayMarvin CloseJohn Michael Phillips
652369Friday 29th MayDave SimpsonStephen Butcher
662370Tuesday 2nd JuneBill LyonsStephen Butcher
672371Wednesday 3rd JuneJohn ChambersStephen Butcher
682372Thursday 4th JunePippa McCarthyKay Patrick
692373Tuesday 9th JuneJohn ChambersKay Patrick
702374Wednesday 10th JuneJohn ChambersKay Patrick
712375Thursday 11th JuneGreg SnowAdrian Bean
722376Tuesday 16th JuneTim DynevorJohn Michael Phillips
732377Wednesday 17th JuneKarin YoungAdrian Bean
742378Thursday 18th JuneMarvin ClosePaul Walker
752379Tuesday 23rd JuneTim DynevorPaul Walker
762380Wednesday 24th JuneDave SimpsonPaul Walker
772381Thursday 25th JuneDave SimpsonTerry Dyddgen-Jones
782382Tuesday 30th JuneKarin YoungTerry Dyddgen-Jones
792383Wednesday 1st JulyPippa McCarthyTerry Dyddgen-Jones
802384Thursday 2nd JulyMarvin CloseJohn Anderson
812385Tuesday 7th JulyMarvin CloseJohn Anderson
822386Wednesday 8th JulyPaul CoatesJohn Anderson
832387Thursday 9th JulyBill LyonsStephen Butcher
842388Tuesday 14th JulyBill LyonsStephen Butcher
852389Wednesday 15th JulyTim DynevorStephen Butcher
862390Thursday 16th JulyKarin YoungKay Patrick
872391Tuesday 21st JulyPaul CoatesKay Patrick
882392Wednesday 22nd JulyTim DynevorKay Patrick
892393Thursday 23rd JulyBill LyonsGraham Wetherell
902394Tuesday 28th JulyDave SimpsonGraham Wetherell
912395Wednesday 29th JulyPippa McCarthyGraham Wetherell
922396Thursday 30th JulyMarvin ClosePaul Walker
932397Tuesday 4th AugustMarvin ClosePaul Walker
942398Wednesday 5th AugustGreg SnowPaul Walker
952399Thursday 6th AugustTim DynevorPaul Walker
962400Tuesday 11th AugustMarvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
972401Wednesday 12th AugustMark IllisOliver Horsbrugh
982402Thursday 13th AugustKarin YoungOliver Horsbrugh
992403Tuesday 18th AugustPaul CoatesOliver Horsbrugh
1002404Wednesday 19th AugustMatthew WestwoodJohn Anderson
1012405Thursday 20th AugustGreg SnowJohn Anderson
1022406Tuesday 25th AugustPippa McCarthyJohn Anderson
1032407Wednesday 26th AugustDave SimpsonStephen Butcher
1042408Thursday 27th AugustGreg SnowStephen Butcher
1052409Tuesday 1st SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillStephen Butcher
1062410Wednesday 2nd SeptemberMatthew WestwoodJohn Michael Phillips
1072411Thursday 3rd SeptemberPaul CoatesJohn Michael Phillips
1082412Tuesday 8th SeptemberMark IllisJohn Michael Phillips
1092413Wednesday 9th SeptemberPippa McCarthyJohn Michael Phillips
1102414Thursday 10th SeptemberChris ThompsonGraham Wetherell
1112415Monday 14th SeptemberBill LyonsGraham Wetherell
1122416Tuesday 15th SeptemberTim DynevorGraham Wetherell
1132417Wednesday 16th SeptemberDave SimpsonGraham Wetherell
1142418Thursday 17th SeptemberBill LyonsSteve Goldie
1152419Friday 18th SeptemberPaul CoatesSteve Goldie
1162420Tuesday 22nd SeptemberMark IllisSteve Goldie
1172421Wednesday 23rd SeptemberTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
1182422Thursday 24th SeptemberMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1192423Tuesday 29th SeptemberPippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
1202424Wednesday 30th SeptemberGreg SnowJohn Darnell
1212425Thursday 1st OctoberAnnie BruceJohn Darnell
1222426Tuesday 6th OctoberMarvin CloseJohn Darnell
1232427Wednesday 7th OctoberDave SimpsonJohn Darnell
1242428Thursday 8th OctoberMarvin CloseLaurence Moody
1252429Tuesday 13th OctoberKarin YoungLaurence Moody
1262430Wednesday 14th OctoberGreg SnowLaurence Moody
1272431Thursday 15th OctoberLesley O'NeillLaurence Moody
1282432Tuesday 20th OctoberPippa McCarthyJohn Anderson
1292433Wednesday 21st OctoberChris ThompsonJohn Anderson
1302434Thursday 22nd OctoberBill LyonsJohn Anderson
1312435Tuesday 27th OctoberMartin JamesonJohn Anderson
1322436Wednesday 28th OctoberPaul CoatesJohn Michael Phillips
1332437Thursday 29th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillJohn Michael Phillips
1342438Tuesday 3rd NovemberDave SimpsonJohn Michael Phillips
1352439Wednesday 4th NovemberAnnie BruceJohn Michael Phillips
1362440Thursday 5th NovemberMartin JamesonSteve Goldie
1372441Tuesday 10th NovemberTim DynevorSteve Goldie
1382442Wednesday 11th NovemberTim DynevorSteve Goldie
1392443Thursday 12th NovemberMatthew WestwoodDiana Patrick
1402444Tuesday 17th NovemberKarin YoungDiana Patrick
1412445Wednesday 18th NovemberKarin YoungDiana Patrick
1422446Thursday 19th NovemberPaul CoatesPaul Walker
1432447Tuesday 24th NovemberAnnie BrucePaul Walker
1442448Wednesday 25th NovemberTim DynevorPaul Walker
1452449Thursday 26th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillPaul Walker
1462450Tuesday 1st DecemberMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1472451Wednesday 2nd DecemberGreg SnowOliver Horsbrugh
1482452Thursday 3rd DecemberPippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
1492453Tuesday 8th DecemberBill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1502454Wednesday 9th DecemberMartin JamesonNoreen Kershaw
1512455Thursday 10th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillNoreen Kershaw
1522456Tuesday 15th DecemberMatthew WestwoodNoreen Kershaw
1532457Wednesday 16th DecemberMarvin CloseNoreen Kershaw
1542458Thursday 17th DecemberAnnie BruceGraham Wetherell
1552459Monday 21st DecemberChris ThompsonGraham Wetherell
1562460Tuesday 22nd DecemberKarin YoungGraham Wetherell
1572461Wednesday 23rd DecemberPippa McCarthyGraham Wetherell
1582462Thursday 24th DecemberMark IllisDiana Patrick
1592463Friday 25th DecemberTim DynevorDiana Patrick
1602464Tuesday 29th DecemberKarin YoungDiana Patrick
1612465Wednesday 30th DecemberMarvin CloseJohn Anderson
1622466Thursday 31st DecemberAnnie BruceJohn Anderson

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Emmerdale in the 1990s
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