1999 was Emmerdale's 28th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
12467Tuesday 5th JanuaryPaul CoatesJohn Anderson
22468Wednesday 6th JanuaryChris ThompsonPaul Walker
32469Thursday 7th JanuaryDave SimpsonPaul Walker
42470Tuesday 12th JanuaryChris ThompsonPaul Walker
52471Wednesday 13th JanuaryBill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
62472Thursday 14th JanuaryMartin JamesonOliver Horsbrugh
72473Tuesday 19th JanuaryPippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
82474Wednesday 20th JanuaryTim DynevorNoreen Kershaw
92475Thursday 21st JanuaryBill LyonsNoreen Kershaw
102476Tuesday 26th JanuaryDave SimpsonNoreen Kershaw
112477Wednesday 27th JanuaryMarvin CloseJeremy Ancock
122478Thursday 28th JanuaryKarin YoungJeremy Ancock
132479Tuesday 2nd FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillJeremy Ancock
142480Wednesday 3rd FebruaryMark IllisJulian Holmes
152481Thursday 4th FebruaryMatthew WestwoodJulian Holmes
162482Tuesday 9th FebruaryPaul CoatesJulian Holmes
172483Wednesday 10th FebruaryMark IllisAdrian Bean
182484Thursday 11th FebruaryAnnie BruceAdrian Bean
192485Tuesday 16th FebruaryPippa McCarthyAdrian Bean
202486Wednesday 17th FebruaryTim DynevorPaul Walker
212487Thursday 18th FebruaryMartin JamesonPaul Walker
222488Tuesday 23rd FebruaryMarvin ClosePaul Walker
232489Wednesday 24th FebruaryDave SimpsonNoreen Kershaw
242490Thursday 25th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillNoreen Kershaw
252491Tuesday 2nd MarchMatthew WestwoodNoreen
262492Wednesday 3rd MarchKarin YoungNeil Adams
272493Thursday 4th MarchLesley Clare O'NeillNeil Adams
282494Tuesday 9th MarchMark IllisNeil Adams
292495Wednesday 10th MarchPippa McCarthyJohn Anderson
302496Thursday 11th MarchBill LyonsJohn Anderson
312497Tuesday 16th MarchMartin JamesonJohn Anderson
322498Thursday 18th MarchAnnie BruceJulian Holmes
332499Friday 19th MarchMarvin CloseJulian Holmes
342500Tuesday 23rd MarchChris ThompsonJulian Holmes
352501Wednesday 24th MarchChris ThompsonAdrian Bean
362502Thursday 25th MarchMatthew WestwoodAdrian Bean
372503Tuesday 30th MarchPippa McCarthyAdrian Bean
382504Wednesday 31st MarchKarin YoungGarth Tucker
392505Thursday 1st AprilBill LyonsGarth Tucker
402506Tuesday 6th AprilAnnie BruceGarth Tucker
412507Thursday 8th AprilDave SimpsonGarth Tucker
422508Friday 9th AprilMartin JamesonNoreen Kershaw
432509Tuesday 13th AprilMark IllisNoreen Kershaw
442510Wednesday 14th AprilDave SimpsonNoreen Kershaw
452511Thursday 15th AprilMatthew WestwoodNoreen Kershaw
462512Tuesday 20th AprilTim DynevorPaul Walker
472513Thursday 22nd AprilBill LyonsPaul Walker
482514Friday 23rd AprilMark IllisPaul Walker
492515Tuesday 27th AprilPippa McCarthyNeil Adams
502516Wednesday 28th AprilKarin YoungNeil Adams
512517Thursday 29th AprilMarvin CloseNeil Adams
522518Tuesday 4th MayLesley Clare O'NeillJohn Michael Phillips
532519Wednesday 5th MayKarin YoungJohn Michael Phillips
542520Thursday 6th MayAnnie BruceJohn Michael Phillips
552521Tuesday 11th MayDave SimpsonJohn Anderson
562522Wednesday 12th MayMark IllisJohn Anderson
572523Thursday 13th MayTim DynevorJohn Anderson
582524Tuesday 18th MayMarvin CloseGarth Tucker
592525Wednesday 19th MayChris ThompsonGarth Tucker
602526Thursday 20th MayLesley Clare O'NeillGarth Tucker
612527Tuesday 25th MayMatthew WestwoodGarth Tucker
622528Thursday 27th MayBill LyonsDiana Patrick
632529Friday 28th MayKarin YoungDiana Patrick
642530Tuesday 1st JuneBill LyonsDiana Patrick
652531Wednesday 2nd JuneGareth RobersDiana Patrick
662532Thursday 3rd JunePippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
672533Tuesday 8th JuneChris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
682534Wednesday 9th JuneMarvin CloseOliver Horsbrugh
692535Thursday 10th JuneAnnie BruceHaldane Duncan
702536Tuesday 15th JuneJohn ChambersHaldane Duncan
712537Wednesday 16th JuneTim DynevorHaldane Duncan
722538Thursday 17th JunePippa McCarthyHaldane Duncan
732539Tuesday 22nd JuneAnnie BruceJohn Anderson
742540Wednesday 23rd JuneMatthew WestwoodJohn Anderson
752541Thursday 24th JuneTim DynevorJohn Anderson
762542Tuesday 29th JuneMark IllisIan Bevitt
772543Wednesday 30th JuneJohn ChambersJohn Michael Phillips
782544Thursday 1st JulyBill LyonsIan Bevitt
792545Tuesday 6th JulyMartin JamesonJohn Michael Phillips
802546Wednesday 7th JulyChris ThompsonSteve Goldie
812547Thursday 8th JulyDave SimpsonSteve Goldie
822548Tuesday 13th JulyGareth RobertsSteve Goldie
832549Wednesday 14th JulyDave SimpsonDiana Patrick
842550Thursday 15th JulyPippa McCarthyDiana Patrick
852551Tuesday 20th JulyChris ThompsonDiana Patrick
862552Wednesday 21st JulyMartin JamesonGraham Wetherell
872553Thursday 22nd JulyMatthew WestwoodGraham Wetherell
882554Tuesday 27th JulyJohn ChambersGraham Wetherell
892555Wednesday 28th JulyMarvin CloseGraham Wetherell
902556Thursday 29th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillNoreen Kershaw
912557Tuesday 3rd AugustAnnie BruceNoreen Kershaw
922558Wednesday 4th AugustChris ThompsonNoreen Kershaw
932559Thursday 5th AugustDave SimpsonNoreen Kershaw
942560Tuesday 10th AugustMark IllisIan Bevitt
Wednesday 11th AugustMarvin Close
Lesley Clare O'Neill
Ian Bevitt
962563Thursday 12th AugustTim DynevorJohn Darnell
972564Tuesday 17th AugustBill LyonsJohn Darnell
982565Wednesday 18th AugustJohn ChambersJohn Darnell
992566Thursday 19th AugustMatthew WestwoodJohn Darnell
1002567Tuesday 24th AugustMartin JamesonSteve Goldie
1012568Thursday 26th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillSteve Goldie
1022569Tuesday 31st AugustDave SimpsonSteve Goldie
1032570Wednesday 1st SeptemberMarvin CloseSteve Goldie
1042571Thursday 2nd SeptemberAnnie BruceOliver Horsbrugh
1052572Tuesday 7th SeptemberPippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
1062573Wednesday 8th SeptemberBill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
1072574Thursday 9th SeptemberGareth RobertsGraham Wetherell
1082575Monday 13th SeptemberMatthew WestwoodGraham Wetherell
1092576Tuesday 14th SeptemberMark IllisGraham Wetherell
1102577Wednesday 15th SeptemberBill LyonsNoreen Kershaw
1112578Thursday 16th SeptemberKarin YoungNoreen Kershaw
1122579Friday 17th SeptemberChris ThompsonNoreen Kershaw
1132580Tuesday 21st SeptemberAnnie BruceDaniela Neumann
1142581Wednesday 22nd SeptemberJohn ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
1152582Thursday 23rd SeptemberPippa McCarthyOliver Horsbrugh
1162583Tuesday 28th SeptemberMartin JamesonKay Patrick
1172584Wednesday 29th SeptemberGareth RobertsKay Patrick
1182585Thursday 30th SeptemberMark IllisKay Patrick
1192586Tuesday 5th OctoberMarvin CloseKay Patrick
1202587Wednesday 6th OctoberChris ThompsonIan Bevitt
1212588Thursday 7th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillIan Bevitt
1222589Monday 11th OctoberAnnie BruceIan Bevitt
1232590Tuesday 12th OctoberMartin JamesonTim Dowd
1242591Wednesday 13th OctoberKarin YoungTim Dowd
1252592Thursday 14th OctoberJohn ChambersTim Dowd
1262593Friday 15th OctoberBill LyonsTim Dowd
1272594Tuesday 19th OctoberDave SimpsonJohn Anderson
1282595Wednesday 20th OctoberMatthew WestwoodJohn Anderson
1292596Thursday 21st OctoberGareth RobertsJohn Anderson
1302597Tuesday 26th OctoberMatthew WestwoodJohn Anderson
1312598Wednesday 27th OctoberMartin JamesonNoreen Kershaw
1322599Thursday 28th OctoberJohn ChambersNoreen Kershaw
1332600Tuesday 2nd NovemberChris ThompsonNoreen Kershaw
1342601Wednesday 3rd NovemberDave SimpsonNoreen Kershaw
1352602Thursday 4th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillDaniela Neumann
1362603Monday 8th NovemberBill LyonsDaniela Neumann
1372604Tuesday 9th NovemberMark IllisDaniela Neumann
1382605Wednesday 10th NovemberTim DynevorHaldane Duncan
1392606Thursday 11th NovemberMarvin CloseHaldane Duncan
1402607Friday 12th NovemberMark IllisHaldane Duncan
1412608Tuesday 16th NovemberGareth RobertsHaldane Duncan
1422609Thursday 18th NovemberPippa McCarthyIan Bevitt
1432610Friday 19th NovemberChris ThompsonIan Bevitt
1442611Tuesday 23rd NovemberBill LyonsIan Bevitt
1452612Wednesday 24th NovemberKarin YoungIan Bevitt
1462613Thursday 25th NovemberDave SimpsonTim Dowd
1472614Tuesday 30th NovemberMarvin CloseTim Dowd
1482615Wednesday 1st DecemberMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
1492616Thursday 2nd DecemberTim DynevorTim Dowd
1502617Tuesday 7th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillPhilip Wood
1512618Wednesday 8th DecemberJohn ChambersPhilip Wood
1522619Thursday 9th DecemberTim DynevorPhilip Wood
1532620Tuesday 14th DecemberAlan WilkinsonJohn Anderson
1542621Wednesday 15th DecemberPippa McCarthyJohn Anderson
1552622Thursday 16th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillJohn Anderson
1562623Monday 20th DecemberMarvin CloseJohn Anderson
1572624Tuesday 21st DecemberMartin JamesonJohn Michael Phillips
1582625Wednesday 22nd DecemberMark IllisJohn Michael Phillips
1592626Thursday 23rd DecemberMatthew WestwoodJohn Michael Phillips
1602627Friday 24th DecemberDave SimpsonJohn Michael Phillips
1612628Saturday 25th DecemberKarin YoungHaldane Duncan
1622629Tuesday 28th DecemberKarin YoungHaldane Duncan
1632630Wednesday 29th DecemberMatthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
1642631Thursday 30th DecemberMartin JamesonJohn Darnell

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Tricia Stokes Sheree Murphy Full year 133 175 38
2 Kathy Glover Malandra Burrows Full year 129 1324 1
3 Kelly Windsor Adele Silva Full year 127 446 16
4 Bernice Blackstock Samantha Giles Full year 126 130 51
5 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Full year 122 572 10
6 Christopher Tate Peter Amory Full year 120 908 6
7 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 119 394 6
8 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Full year 116 1659 3
9 Viv Windsor Deena Payne Full year 115 600 19
10 Roy Glover Nicky Evans Full year 113 439 18
11 Butch Dingle Paul Loughran Full year 109 508 12
11 Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell Full year 109 724 8
13 Graham Clark Kevin Pallister Full year 104 140 40
14 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Full year 100 1729 24
15 Scott Windsor Ben Freeman Full year 99 305 34
15 Sean Reynolds Stephen McGann From March 99 99 N/A
17 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 97 254 14
18 Sarah Sugden Alyson Spiro Full year 93 864 25
18 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 93 506 5
20 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 89 971 8
21 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 85 324 11
21 Mandy Dingle Lisa Riley Until July, from September 85 430 2
23 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Full year 84 508 14
24 Laura Johnstone Louise Beattie Full year 80 139 28
25 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 77 134 36
25 Gavin Ferris Robert Beck May to December 77 77 N/A
27 Biff Fowler Stuart Wade Until August 76 557 11
27 Seth Armstrong Stan Richards Full year 76 1587 31
29 Angie Reynolds Freya Copeland From March 71 71 N/A
30 Emily Wylie Kate McGregor From May 65 65 N/A
31 Pete Collins Kirk Smith From January 63 63 N/A
32 Lyn Hutchinson Sally Walsh Full year 61 162 26
33 Stella Jones Stephanie Schonfield Until August 48 53 49
34 Richie Carter Glenn Lamont From May 42 42 N/A
35 Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth Full year, except June 41 218 33
36 Rachel Hughes Glenda McKay Until May 40 837 21
37 Andy Hopwood Kelvin Fletcher January, March and from May 36 189 28
38 Alice Bates Rachel Tolboys February, April to November 35 289 44
39 Robert Sugden Christopher Smith Full year, except February 32 506 30
40 Ollie Reynolds Vicky Binns From June 29 29 N/A
41 Frankie Smith Gina Aris April to August 27 27 N/A
41 Marc Reynolds Anthony Lewis From June 27 27 N/A
43 Claudia Nash Susan Duerden From September 25 25 N/A
44 Elsa Chappell Natasha Gray September to November 19 199 N/A
45 Joseph Tate Oliver Young January, April to June, and from August 15 80 49
46 Ned Glover Johnny Leeze Until January and May 12 418 20
47 Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen From November 11 11 N/A
48 Jason Kirk James Carlton From December 10 10 N/A
48 Victoria Sugden Hannah Midgley March, June to July, September and December 10 104 47
50 Belle Dingle Emily Mather January, March, June, September to October and November 8 12 51
50 Kim Marchant Claire King Until January 7 808 4
52 Steve Marchant Paul Opacic Until January 5 267 17
53 Will Cairns Paul Fox Until Janary 4 155 23
54 Nick Bates Cy Chadwick September only 2 735 N/A
55 Caroline Bates Diana Davies August only 1 676 N/A
55 James Tate Bradley White Until January 1 82 46


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Emmerdale in the 1990s
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