2001 was Emmerdale's 30th year.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
12820Monday 1st JanuaryLynne SharpChris Johnston
22821Tuesday 2nd JanuaryJanys ChambersChris Johnston
32822Wednesday 3rd JanuaryKen BlakesonChris Johnston
42823Thursday 4th JanuaryStephen BennettChris Johnston
52824Friday 5th JanuaryStephen BennettChris Johnston
62825Monday 8th JanuaryAlison PennellsAlan Wareing
72826Tuesday 9th JanuaryBill TaylorAlan Wareing
82827Wednesday 10th JanuaryMatthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
92828Thursday 11th JanuaryMartin JamesonAlan Wareing
102829Friday 12th JanuaryBill LyonsAlan Wareing
112830Monday 15th JanuaryBill LyonsPip Short
122831Tuesday 16th JanuaryTim DynevorPip Short
132832Wednesday 17th JanuaryChris ThompsonPip Short
142833Thursday 18th JanuaryTim DynevorPip Short
152834Friday 19th JanuaryMark IllisPip Short
162835Monday 22nd JanuaryBill TaylorJudith Dine
172836Tuesday 23rd JanuaryStephen BennettJudith Dine
182837Wednesday 24th JanuaryStephen BennettJudith Dine
192838Thursday 25th JanuaryJanys ChambersJudith Dine
202839Friday 26th JanuaryTim DynevorJudith Dine
212840Monday 29th JanuaryLynne SharpTim Dowd
222841Tuesday 30th JanuaryChris ThompsonTim Dowd
232842Wednesday 31st JanuaryAlison PennellsTim Dowd
242843Thursday 1st FebruaryMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
252844Friday 2nd FebruaryMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
262845Monday 5th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillIan Bevitt
272846Tuesday 6th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillIan Bevitt
282847Wednesday 7th FebruaryKen BlakesonIan Bevitt
292848Thursday 8th FebruaryMartin JamesonIan Bevitt
302849Friday 9th FebruaryBill LyonsIan Bevitt
312850Monday 12th FebruaryMargaret SimpsonAnne Ross Muir
322851Tuesday 13th FebruaryTim DynevorAnne Ross Muir
332852Wednesday 14th FebruaryStephen BennettAnne Ross Muir
342853Thursday 15th FebruaryKen BlakestonAnne Ross Muir
352854Friday 16th FebruaryBill LyonsAnne Ross Muir
362855Monday 19th FebruaryJanys ChambersHaldane Duncan
372856Tuesday 20th FebruaryJanys ChambersHaldane Duncan
382857Wednesday 21st FebruaryMatthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
392858Thursday 22nd FebruaryBill TaylorHaldane Duncan
402859Friday 23rd FebruaryChris ThompsonHaldane Duncan
412860Monday 26th FebruaryJohn ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
422861Tuesday 27th FebruaryMark IllisOliver Horsbrugh
432862Wednesday 28th FebruaryLynne SharpOliver Horsbrugh
442863Thursday 1st March1Martin JamesonOliver Horsbrugh
452864Thursday 1st March2Lesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
462865Friday 2nd MarchAlison PennellsTim Dowd
472866Monday 5th MarchLynne SharpTim Dowd
482867Tuesday 6th MarchStephen BennettTim Dowd
492868Wednesday 7th MarchMargaret SimpsonTim Dowd
502869Thursday 8th MarchMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
512870Friday 9th MarchBill LyonsTim O'Mara
522871Monday 12th MarchTim DynevorTim O'Mara
532872Tuesday 13th MarchMark IllisTim O'Mara
542873Wednesday 14th MarchLesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
552874Friday 16th MarchJohn ChambersTim O'Mara
562875Monday 19th MarchKen BlakesonPip Short
572876Tuesday 20th MarchChris ThompsonPip Short
582877Wednesday 21st MarchMartin JamesonPip Short
592878Thursday 22nd MarchMartin JamesonPip Short
602879Friday 23rd MarchJanys ChambersPip Short
612880Monday 26th MarchJanys ChambersColin Cant
622881Tuesday 27th MarchJohn ChambersColin Cant
632882Wednesday 28th MarchBill TaylorColin Cant
642883Thursday 29th MarchJohn ChambersColin Cant
652884Friday 30th MarchPeter KerryColin Cant
662885Monday 2nd AprilLesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan
672886Tuesday 3rd AprilStephen BennettHaldane Duncan
682887Wednesday 4th AprilTim DynevorHaldane Duncan
692888Thursday 5th AprilAlison PennellsHaldane Duncan
702889Friday 6th AprilKen BlakesonHaldane Duncan
712890Monday 9th AprilMargaret SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
722891Tuesday 10th AprilMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
732892Wednesday 11th AprilBill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
742893Thursday 12th AprilChris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
752894Friday 13th AprilChris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
762895Monday 16th AprilMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
772896Tuesday 17th AprilMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd
782897Wednesday 18th AprilJanys ChambersTim Dowd
792898Thursday 19th AprilJanys ChambersTim Dowd
802899Friday 20th AprilJulie WilkinsonTim Dowd
812900Monday 23rd AprilChris ThompsonTim O'Mara
822901Tuesday 24th AprilStephen BennettTim O'Mara
832902Wednesday 25th AprilBill LyonsTim O'Mara
842903Thursday 26th AprilAlison PennellsTim O'Mara
852904Friday 27th AprilKen BlakesonTim O'Mara
862905Monday 30th AprilMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
872906Tuesday 1st MayKarin YoungJohn Darnell
882907Wednesday 2nd MayMark IllisJohn Darnell
892908Thursday 3rd MayPeter KerryJohn Darnell
902909Friday 4th MayTim DynevorJohn Darnell
912910Monday 7th MayTim DynevorPip Short
922911Tuesday 8th MayChris ThompsonPip Short
Thursday 10th MayMark IllisPip Short
942914Friday 11th MayBill TaylorPip Short
952915Monday 14th MayKen BlakesonColin Cant
962916Tuesday 15th MayStephen BennettColin Cant
972917Wednesday 16th MayPeter KerryColin Cant
982918Thursday 17th MayBill LyonsColin Cant
992919Friday 18th MayMargaret SimpsonColin Cant
1002920Tuesday 22nd May1Lynne SharpHaldane Duncan
1012921Tuesday 22nd May2Karin YoungHaldane Duncan
1022922Wednesday 23rd MayKarin YoungHaldane Duncan
1032923Thursday 24th MayJohn ChambersHaldane Duncan
1042924Friday 25th MayMatthew WestwoodHaldane Duncan
1052925Tuesday 29th May1Matthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1062926Tuesday 29th May2Matthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1072927Wednesday 30th MayStephen BennettOliver Horsbrugh
1082928Thursday 31st MayKen BlakesonOliver Horsbrugh
1092929Friday 1st JunePeter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
1102930Monday 4th JuneLynne SharpJohn Darnell
1112931Tuesday 5th JuneJulie WilkinsonJohn Darnell
1122932Wednesday 6th JuneBill LyonsJohn Darnell
1132933Thursday 7th JuneMargaret SimpsonJohn Darnell
1142934Friday 8th JuneJohn ChambersJohn Darnell
1152935Monday 11th JuneMark IllisAlan Wareing
1162936Tuesday 12th JuneAlison PennellsAlan Wareing
1172937Wednesday 13th JuneKarin YoungAlan Wareing
1182938Thursday 14th JuneBill TaylorAlan Wareing
1192939Friday 15th JuneStephen BennettAlan Wareing
1202940Monday 18th JuneLynne SharpPip Short
1212941Tuesday 19th JuneMargaret SimpsonPip Short
1222942Wednesday 20th JuneChris ThompsonPip Short
1232943Thursday 21st JuneBill LyonsPip Short
1242944Friday 22nd JuneJulie WilkinsonPip Short
1252945Monday 25th JuneStephen BennettJohn Anderson
1262946Tuesday 26th JuneTim DynevorJohn Anderson
1272947Wednesday 27th JuneJanys ChambersJohn Anderson
1282948Thursday 28th JuneBill TaylorJohn Anderson
1292949Friday 29th JuneJohn ChambersJohn Anderson
1302950Monday 2nd JulyMatthew WestwoodPhilip Wood
1312951Tuesday 3rd JulyKarin YoungPhilip Wood
1322952Wednesday 4th JulyKarin YoungPhilip Wood
1332953Thursday 5th JulyMark IllisPhilip Wood
1342954Friday 6th JulyPeter KerryPhilip Wood
1352955Monday 9th JulyAlison PennellsOliver Horsbrugh
1362956Tuesday 10th JulyJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
1372957Wednesday 11th JulyJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
1382958Thursday 12th JulyTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
1392959Friday 13th JulyMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1402960Monday 16th JulyPeter KerryAlan Wareing
1412961Tuesday 17th JulyKarin YoungAlan Wareing
1422962Wednesday 18th JulyStephen BennettAlan Wareing
1432963Thursday 19th JulyMargaret SimpsonAlan Wareing
1442964Friday 20th JulyBill LyonsAlan Wareing
1452965Monday 23rd JulyJulie WilkinsonTim Dowd
1462966Tuesday 24th JulyBill TaylorTim Dowd
1472967Thursday 26th JulyChris ThompsonTim Dowd
Friday 27th JulyChris Thompson
Mark Illis
Tim Dowd
1492970Monday 30th JulyMark IllisJohn Anderson
1502971Tuesday 31st JulyJulie WilkinsonJohn Anderson
1512972Wednesday 1st AugustPeter KerryJohn Anderson
1522973Thursday 2nd AugustBill LyonsJohn Anderson
1532974Friday 3rd AugustTim DynevorJohn Anderson
1542975Monday 6th AugustAlison PennellsJudith Dine
1552976Tuesday 7th AugustStephen BennettJudith Dine
1562977Wednesday 8th AugustKen BlakesonJudith Dine
1572978Thursday 9th AugustBill TaylorJudith Dine
Friday 10th AugustJanys ChambersJudith Dine
1592981Monday 13th AugustChris ThompsonPhilip Wood
1602982Tuesday 14th AugustMatthew WestwoodPhilip Wood
1612983Wednesday 15th AugustKarin YoungPhilip Wood
1622984Thursday 16th AugustMargaret SimpsonPhilip Wood
1632985Friday 17th AugustMargaret SimpsonCraig Lines
1642986Monday 20th AugustBill LyonsCraig Lines
1652987Tuesday 21st AugustBill LyonsCraig Lines
1662988Wednesday 22nd AugustMatthew WestwoodCraig Lines
1672989Thursday 23rd AugustMatthew WestwoodCraig Lines
1682990Friday 24th AugustAlison PennellsTim Dowd
1692991Tuesday 28th AugustJulie WilkinsonTim Dowd
1702992Wednesday 29th AugustChris ThompsonTim Dowd
1712993Thursday 30th AugustMark IllisTim Dowd
1722994Friday 31st AugustStephen BennettTim Dowd
1732995Monday 3rd SeptemberPeter KerryHenry Foster
1742996Tuesday 4th SeptemberDave SimpsonHenry Foster
1752997Wednesday 5th SeptemberKen BlakesonHenry Foster
1762998Thursday 6th SeptemberTim DynevorHenry Foster
1772999Friday 7th SeptemberTim DynevorHenry Foster
1783000Monday 10th SeptemberKarin YoungJudith Dine
1793001Tuesday 11th SeptemberKarin YoungJudith Dine
1803002Wednesday 12th SeptemberJanys ChambersJudith Dine
1813003Thursday 13th SeptemberJanys ChambersJudith Dine
1823004Friday 14th SeptemberBill TaylorJudith Dine
1833005Monday 17th SeptemberJanys ChambersPip Short
1843006Tuesday 18th SeptemberTim DynevorPip Short
1853007Wednesday 19th SeptemberTim DynevorPip Short
1863008Thursday 20th SeptemberMargaret SimpsonPip Short
1873009Friday 21st SeptemberMargaret SimpsonPip Short
1883010Monday 24th SeptemberBill LyonsPhilip Wood
1893011Tuesday 25th SeptemberJulie WilkinsonPhilip Wood
1903012Wednesday 26th SeptemberKen BlakesonPhilip Wood
1913013Thursday 27th SeptemberKen BlakesonPhilip Wood
1923014Friday 28th SeptemberDave SimpsonPhilip Wood
1933015Monday 1st OctoberAlison PennellsOliver Horsbrugh
1943016Tuesday 2nd OctoberChris ThompsonOliver Horsbrugh
1953017Wednesday 3rd OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
1963018Thursday 4th OctoberMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1973019Friday 5th OctoberMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
1983020Monday 8th OctoberMatthew WestwoodHenry Foster
1993021Tuesday 9th OctoberTim DynevorHenry Foster
2003022Wednesday 10th OctoberMark IllisHenry Foster
2013023Thursday 11th OctoberChris ThompsonHenry Foster
2023024Friday 12th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillHenry Foster
2033025Monday 15th OctoberBill TaylorTim Dowd
2043026Tuesday 16th OctoberBill LyonsTim Dowd
2053027Wednesday 17th OctoberCarol CullingtonTim Dowd
2063028Thursday 18th OctoberJanys ChambersTim Dowd
2073029Friday 19th OctoberJulie WilkinsonTim Dowd
2083030Monday 22nd OctoberAlison PennellsAnne Ross Muir
2093031Tuesday 23rd OctoberDave SimpsonAnne Ross Muir
2103032Wednesday 24th OctoberDave SimpsonAnne Ross Muir
2113033Thursday 25th OctoberPeter KerryAnne Ross Muir
2123034Friday 26th OctoberMargaret SimpsonAnne Ross Muir
2133035Monday 29th OctoberMatthew CooperJudith Dine
2143036Tuesday 30th OctoberTim DynevorJudith Dine
2153037Wednesday 31st OctoberTim DynevorJudith Dine
2163038Thursday 1st NovemberCarol CullingtonJudith Dine
2173039Friday 2nd NovemberMargaret SimpsonJudith Dine
2183040Monday 5th NovemberBill TaylorPip Short
2193041Tuesday 6th NovemberIan FentonPip Short
2203042Wednesday 7th NovemberChris ThompsonPip Short
2213043Thursday 8th NovemberChris ThompsonPip Short
2223044Friday 9th NovemberBill LyonsPip Short
2233045Monday 12th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
2243046Tuesday 13th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillOliver Horsbrugh
2253047Wednesday 14th NovemberPeter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
2263048Thursday 15th NovemberPeter KerryOliver Horsbrugh
2273049Friday 16th NovemberDave SimpsonOliver Horsbrugh
2283050Monday 19th NovemberDave SimpsonHaldane Duncan
2293051Tuesday 20th NovemberDave SimpsonHaldane Duncan
2303052Wednesday 21st NovemberMatthew CooperHaldane Duncan
2313053Thursday 22nd NovemberTim DynevorHaldane Duncan
2323054Friday 23rd NovemberMargaret SimpsonHaldane Duncan
2333055Monday 26th NovemberMargaret SimpsonTim O'Mara
2343056Tuesday 27th NovemberBill LyonsTim O'Mara
2353057Wednesday 28th NovemberJulie WilkinsonTim O'Mara
2363058Thursday 29th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
2373059Friday 30th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
2383060Monday 3rd DecemberCarol CulllingtonDuncan Foster
2393061Tuesday 4th DecemberBill TaylorDuncan Foster
2403062Wednesday 5th DecemberBill TaylorDuncan Foster
2413063Thursday 6th DecemberIan FentonDuncan Foster
2423064Friday 7th DecemberKeith BlacksonDuncan Foster
2433065Monday 10th DecemberDave SimpsonAnne Ross Muir
2443066Tuesday 11th DecemberBill TaylorAnne Ross Muir
2453067Wednesday 12th DecemberPeter KerryAnne Ross Muir
2463068Thursday 13th DecemberChris ThompsonAnne Ross Muir
2473069Friday 14th DecemberChris ThompsonAnne Ross Muir
2483070Monday 17th DecemberBill LyonsAlan Wareing
2493071Tuesday 18th DecemberMatthew CooperAlan Wareing
2503072Wednesday 19th DecemberAlison PennellsAlan Wareing
2513073Thursday 20th DecemberMargaret SimpsonAlan Wareing
2523074Friday 21st DecemberMatthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
2533075Monday 24th DecemberMatthew WestwoodPip Short
2543076Tuesday 25th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
2553077Wednesday 26th DecemberJanys ChambersPip Short
Friday 28th DecemberJanys Chambers
Ian Fenton
Pip Short
2573080Monday 31st DecemberPeter KerryOliver Horsbrugh

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Bernice Thomas Samantha Giles Full year 169 427 2
2 Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen Full year 153 276 6
3 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year 148 208 33
4 Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler From January 147 147 N/A
5 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Full year 143 750 15
6 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 137 746 9
7 Emily Dingle Kate McGregor Full year 135 287 20
8 Charity Dingle/Tate Emma Atkins Full year 134 173 42
9 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 129 548 17
10 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 128 646 4
11 Christopher Tate Peter Amory Full year 127 1157 3
11 Viv Windsor/Hope Deena Payne Full year 127 818 19
13 Angie Reynolds Freya Copeland Full year 126 297 10
13 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 126 359 13
15 Carlos Diaz Gary Turner Full year 123 179 36
16 Ollie Reynolds Vicky Binns Full year 120 226 26
17 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower From March 119 134 50
18 Marc Reynolds Anthony Lewis Full year 118 217 30
19 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 117 389 23
20 Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell Full year 115 948 6
21 Chloe Atkinson Amy Nuttall Full year 114 119 59
22 Jason Kirk James Carlton Full year 105 183 32
23 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Full year 104 1964 1
24 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Full year 103 767 18
25 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Full year 102 1859 15
26 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 99 1148 22
27 Robert Sugden Christopher Smith
Karl Davies
Until May, from August 97 677 24
28 Sean Reynolds Stephen McGann Full year 96 294 12
29 Kathy Glover Malandra Burrows Until June, August to December 95 1532 5
29 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 95 450 10
31 Scott Windsor Ben Freeman Full year 90 469 28
32 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 88 130 40
33 Bob Hope Antony Audenshaw Full year 87 99 53
34 Len Reynolds Peter Martin From February 83 83 N/A
35 Tricia Fisher Sheree Murphy Until April, from October 82 368 8
36 Sam Dingle James Hooton From April 79 311 38
37 Cynthia Daggert Kay Purcell From June 76 76 N/A
38 Louise Appleton Emily Symons From June 73 73 N/A
39 Andrew Fraser Mark Elstob From February 72 72 N/A
39 Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell From June 72 72 N/A
41 Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth Full year, except July 71 361 30
42 Seth Armstrong Stan Richards Full year, except August 68 1721 28
43 Carol Wareing Helen Pearson Until July 67 79 53
43 Gloria Weaver Janice McKenzie Until August 67 101 43
45 Latisha Daggert Danielle Henry From July 60 60 N/A
46 Tara Thornfield Anna Brecon Until January, from April 55 209 37
47 Richie Carter Glenn Lamont Until June 47 175 21
48 Ed Willis James Midgley February to September 44 44 N/A
49 Virginia West Bridget Fry Until August 42 54 53
50 Katie Addyman Sammy Winward From July 41 41 N/A
51 Eve Jenson Raine Davison From August 40 40 N/A
52 Victoria Sugden Hannah Midgley Until June, August to September, and from December 32 211 40
53 Bev Mansfield Sarah Malin Until May 28 43 50
54 Ray Mullan Seamus Gubbins From September 27 27 N/A
55 Belle Dingle Emily Mather February to July, from September 23 48 58
56 Maggie Calder Dee Whitehead From November 21 21 N/A
57 Craig Calder Jason Hain From November 17 17 N/A
58 Phil Weston Mark Jardine From November 16 16 N/A
59 Lucy Calder Elspeth Brodie From November 14 14 N/A
60 Jess Weston Ruth Abram From November 12 12 N/A
61 Joe Fisher Edward Baker-Duly Until January and November 11 44 44
61 Joseph Tate Oliver Young January, April to June, August and from November 11 129 52
63 Alice Bates Rachel Tolboys November to December 10 325 N/A
64 Elsa Chappell Natasha Gray November to December 8 207 N/A
65 Mandy Dingle Lisa Riley November only 7 482 38
65 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry September to October 7 7 N/A
67 Frankie Smith Madeleine Bowyer Until January 6 110 26
68 Adam Forrester Tim Vincent Until January 4 64 33
68 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic From December 4 4 N/A
70 Brian Addyman Martin Reeve From November 2 2 N/A


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Awards and Nominations

National Television Awards

British Soap Awards

  • Best Soap: Emmerdale (Nominee)
  • Best Actor: Clive Hornby (Nominee)
  • Best Dramatic Performance: Clive Hornby (Nominee)
  • Hero of the Year: Clive Hornby (Winner)
  • Spectacular Scene of the Year: Andy Sugden burning the barn (Winner)

Inside Soap Awards

British Academy Television Awards

Emmerdale in the 2000s
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