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2005 was Emmerdale's 34th year.

304 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included Charity Tate’s exit after exposing Sadie King for ruining her wedding to Tom King, Sadie’s affair with her brother-in-law Matthew King, Debbie Dingle giving birth to her and Andy Sugden’s daughter Sarah at the age of 15, Paddy Kirk cheating on his wife Emily with Viv Windsor and Zoe Tate leaving the village after blowing up Home Farm.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
13937Sunday 2nd JanuaryStephen BennettTim Dowd7,987,00020
23938Monday 3rd JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillHaldane Duncan9,914,00011
Tuesday 4th JanuaryStephen BennettHaldane Duncan9,889,00012
43941Wednesday 5th JanuaryMark IllisHaldane Duncan10,062,00010
53942Thursday 6th JanuaryChris ThompsonHaldane Duncan10,203,0009
63943Friday 7th JanuaryChris ThompsonHaldane Duncan9,838,00013
73944Sunday 9th JanuaryJanys ChambersMike Adams8,679,00016
83945Monday 10th JanuaryPaul QuineyMike Adams10,070,00011
93946Tuesday 11th JanuaryAndrew KirkMike Adams10,200,00010
103947Wednesday 12th JanuaryMatthew WestwoodMike Adams9,600,00012
113948Thursday 13th JanuaryPeter KerryMike Adams10,070,00011
123949Friday 14th JanuaryPeter KerryMike Adams9,310,00010
133950Sunday 16th JanuaryBill LyonsAlan Wareing8,510,00016
143951Monday 17th JanuaryMarc PeirsonAlan Wareing10,203,00012
153952Tuesday 18th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsAlan Wareing9,787,00014
163953Wednesday 19th JanuaryCaroline MitchellAlan Wareing9,880,00013
173954Thursday 20th JanuaryTim DynevorAlan Wareing10,402,00011
183955Friday 21st JanuaryTim DynevorAlan Wareing9,446,00015
193956Sunday 23rd JanuaryAndrew KirkDiana Patrick8,270,00019
203957Monday 24th JanuaryPeter KerryDiana Patrick10,120,00010
213958Tuesday 25th JanuarySarah BagshawDiana Patrick9,940,00011
223959Wednesday 26th JanuaryPaul QuineyDiana Patrick9,090,00015
233960Thursday 27th JanuaryBill TaylorDiana Patrick9,540,00013
243961Friday 28th JanuaryBill TaylorDiana Patrick9,210,00014
253962Sunday 30th JanuaryChris ThompsonTim Dowd8,750,00017
263963Monday 31st JanuaryLisa HoldsworthTim Dowd10,060,0009
273964Tuesday 1st FebruaryKarin YoungTim Dowd9,840,00010
283965Wednesday 2nd FebruaryCaroline MitchellTim Dowd9,650,00011
293966Thursday 3rd FebruaryCaroline MitchellTim Dowd10,170,0008
303967Friday 4th FebruaryMatthew WestwoodTim Dowd9,190,00012
313968Sunday 6th FebruaryMark IllisTim O'Mara8,510,00014
323969Monday 7th FebruaryJohn ChambersTim O'Mara9,920,0009
333970Tuesday 8th FebruaryMargaret SimpsonTim O'Mara9,555,00011
343971Wednesday 9th FebruaryBill LyonsTim O'Mara9,230,00012
353972Thursday 10th FebruaryStephen BennettTim O'Mara9,825,00010
363973Friday 11th FebruaryStephen BennettTim O'Mara9,074,00013
373974Sunday 13th FebruaryJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
383975Monday 14th FebruaryJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh9,846,00010
393976Tuesday 15th FebruaryMatthew WestwoodOliver Horsbrugh
403977Wednesday 16th FebruaryBill LyonsOliver Horsbrugh
413978Thursday 17th FebruaryLisa HoldsworthOliver Horsbrugh
423979Friday 18th FebruaryCaroline MitchellOliver Horsbrugh
433980Sunday 20th FebruaryMarc PeirsonMike Adams
443981Monday 21st FebruaryKarin YoungMike Adams
453982Tuesday 22nd FebruarySarah BagshawMike Adams9,570,00014
463983Wednesday 23rd FebruarySarah BagshawMike Adams10,150,00012
473984Thursday 24th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillMike Adams10,500,00011
483985Friday 25th FebruaryPeter KerryMike Adams
493986Monday 28th FebruaryLindsay WilliamsAlan Wareing10,660,00010
503987Tuesday 1st MarchJohn ChambersAlan Wareing10,080,00012
513988Wednesday 2nd MarchJohn ChambersAlan Wareing10,720,0009
523989Thursday 3rd MarchStephen BennettAlan Wareing10,640,00011
533990Friday 4th MarchChris ThompsonAlan Wareing
543991Sunday 6th MarchMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
553992Monday 7th MarchMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
563993Tuesday 8th MarchMatthew WestwoodPiotr Szkopiak
573994Wednesday 9th MarchKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
583995Thursday 10th MarchLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak
593996Friday 11th MarchMargaret SimpsonPiotr Szkopiak
603997Monday 14th MarchStephen BennettPip Short
613998Tuesday 15th MarchBill LyonsPip Short
623999Wednesday 16th MarchBill LyonsPip Short
634000Thursday 17th MarchCaroline MitchellPip Short9,395,00013
644001Friday 18th MarchJanys ChambersPip Short
654002Sunday 20th MarchPeter KerryPhilip Wood
664003Monday 21st MarchPeter KerryPhilip Wood
674004Tuesday 22nd MarchPaul QuineyPhilip Wood
684005Wednesday 23rd MarchChris ThompsonPhilip Wood
694006Thursday 24th MarchJohn ChambersPhilip Wood
704007Friday 25th MarchLisa HoldsworthPhilip Wood9,755,00012
714008Sunday 27th MarchTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh7,321,00020
724009Monday 28th MarchTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh
734010Tuesday 29th MarchBill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
744011Wednesday 30th MarchBill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
754012Thursday 31st MarchLindsay WilliamsOliver Horsbrugh
764013Friday 1st AprilAndrew KirkOliver Horsbrugh
774014Sunday 3rd AprilAndrew KirkHenry Foster
784015Monday 4th AprilJohn ChambersHenry Foster
794016Tuesday 5th AprilJohn ChambersHenry Foster
804017Wednesday 6th AprilMarc PeirsonHenry Foster
814018Thursday 7th AprilPeter KerryHenry Foster
824019Friday 8th AprilPeter KerryHenry Foster
834020Sunday 10th AprilSarah BagshawAlan Wareing
844021Monday 11th AprilBill LyonsAlan Wareing
854022Tuesday 12th AprilMargaret SimpsonAlan Wareing
864023Wednesday 13th AprilBill TaylorAlan Wareing
874024Thursday 14th AprilMatthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
884025Friday 15th AprilMatthew WestwoodAlan Wareing
894026Sunday 17th AprilChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
904027Monday 18th AprilChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
914028Tuesday 19th AprilTim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak8,823,00014
924029Wednesday 20th AprilLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak8,933,00013
934030Thursday 21st AprilStephen BennettPiotr Szkopiak8,791,00015
944031Friday 22nd AprilStephen BennettPiotr Szkopiak
954032Sunday 24th AprilMatthew WestwoodPip Short8,015,00019
964033Monday 25th AprilChris ThompsonPip Short9,062,00010
974034Tuesday 26th AprilTim DynevorPip Short9,215,0009
984035Wednesday 27th AprilTim DynevorPip Short8,733,00013
994036Thursday 28th AprilLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short8,820,00012
1004037Friday 29th AprilBill TaylorPip Short8,006,00016
1014038Sunday 1st MayAndrew KirkPhilip Wood6,650,00020
1024039Monday 2nd MayLindsay WilliamsPhilip Wood8,396,00015
1034040Tuesday 3rd MayPeter KerryPhilip Wood8,929,0009
1044041Wednesday 4th MayJohn ChambersPhilip Wood8,487,00014
1054042Thursday 5th MayJohn ChambersPhilip Wood8,653,00013
1064043Friday 6th MayLisa HoldsworthPhilip Wood7,903,00018
1074044Sunday 8th MayPaul QuineyTracey Rooney7,123,00019
1084045Monday 9th MaySarah BagshawTracey Rooney8,811,00011
1094046Tuesday 10th MaySarah BagshawTracey Rooney8,975,00010
1104047Wednesday 11th MayCaroline MitchellTracey Rooney8,481,00013
1114048Thursday 12th MayMargaret SimpsonTracey Rooney8,429,00014
1124049Friday 13th MayJanys ChambersTracey Rooney8,197,00015
1134050Sunday 15th MayJanys ChambersHenry Foster
1144051Monday 16th MayAndrew KirkHenry Foster
1154052Tuesday 17th MayBill LyonsHenry Foster8,657,00013
1164053Wednesday 18th MayBill LyonsHenry Foster8,667,00012
1174054Thursday 19th MayPeter KerryHenry Foster8,854,00010
1184055Friday 20th MayLisa HoldsworthHenry Foster8,312,00015
1194056Sunday 22nd MayLisa HoldsworthHaldane Duncan7,847,00017
1204057Monday 23rd MayCaroline MitchellHaldane Duncan
1214058Tuesday 24th MayMargaret SimpsonHaldane Duncan8,891,00010
1224059Thursday 26th MayTim DynevorHaldane Duncan
1234060Friday 27th MayJohn ChambersHaldane Duncan
1244061Sunday 29th MayJohn ChambersHaldane Duncan
1254062Monday 30th MayLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing
1264063Tuesday 31st MaySarah BagshawAlan Wareing7,824,00016
1274064Wednesday 1st JuneMatthew WestwoodAlan Wareing8,923,0008
1284065Thursday 2nd JuneMark IllisAlan Wareing8,568,00011
1294066Friday 3rd JuneKarin YoungAlan Wareing7,894,00014
1304067Sunday 5th JuneKarin YoungAlan Wareing7,207,00019
1314068Monday 6th JuneKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak9,720,0005
1324069Tuesday 7th JuneKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak8,429,00011
1334070Wednesday 8th JuneJohn ChambersPiotr Szkopiak7,548,00014
1344071Thursday 9th JuneJohn ChambersPiotr Szkopiak8,407,00012
1354072Friday 10th JuneBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak7,793,00013
1364073Monday 13th JuneMatthew WestwoodPiotr Szkopiak8,836,0008
1374074Tuesday 14th JuneChris ThompsonPip Short8,035,00013
1384075Wednesday 15th JuneChris ThompsonPip Short8,107,00012
1394076Thursday 16th JuneLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short8,123,00011
1404077Friday 17th JuneJanys ChambersPip Short7,091,00015
1414078Monday 20th JuneSarah BagshawPip Short7,271,00013
1424079Tuesday 21st JuneSarah BagshawPip Short7,564,00011
1434080Wednesday 22nd JuneBill LyonsTracey Rooney7,176,00015
1444081Thursday 23rd JuneBill LyonsTracey Rooney7,239,00014
1454082Friday 24th JuneBill TaylorTracey Rooney8,133,0009
1464083Sunday 26th JuneBill TaylorTracey Rooney6,228,00019
1474084Monday 27th JuneMark IllisTracey Rooney7,463,00014
1484085Tuesday 28th JuneMark IllisTracey Rooney7,738,00012
1494086Wednesday 29th JuneCaroline MitchellHenry Foster7,978,00010
1504087Thursday 30th JuneCaroline MitchellHenry Foster7,557,00013
1514088Friday 1st JulyStephen BennettHenry Foster7,312,00015
1524089Sunday 3rd JulyStephen BennettHenry Foster6,722,00019
1534090Monday 4th JulyMargaret SimpsonHenry Foster8,603,0009
1544091Tuesday 5th JulyLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster8,801,0008
1554092Wednesday 6th JulyTim DynevorMark McKillop8,132,00012
1564093Thursday 7th JulyTim DynevorMark McKillop7,836,00013
1574094Friday 8th JulyPeter KerryMark McKillop7,346,00014
1584095Sunday 10th JulyJohn ChambersMark McKillop5,661,00025
1594096Monday 11th JulyJohn ChambersMark McKillop7,719,0009
1604097Tuesday 12th JulyBill LyonsMark McKillop7,450,00011
1614098Wednesday 13th JulyAndrew KirkHaldane Duncan7,219,00019
1624099Thursday 14th JulyBill TaylorHaldane Duncan7,465,00010
1634100Friday 15th JulyBill TaylorHaldane Duncan7,356,00012
1644101Sunday 17th JulyChris ThompsonHaldane Duncan6,042,00021
1654102Monday 18th JulyChris ThompsonHaldane Duncan8,290,00010
1664103Tuesday 19th JulyJohn KerrHaldane Duncan8,340,0008
1674104Wednesday 20th JulyMark IllisPip Short7,670,00012
1684105Thursday 21st JulyLisa HoldsworthPip Short7,870,00011
1694106Friday 22nd JulyLisa HoldsworthPip Short7,180,00015
1704107Sunday 24th JulySarah BagshawPip Short6,590,00017
1714108Monday 25th JulyLindsay WilliamsPip Short8,510,0009
1724109Tuesday 26th JulyLindsay WilliamsPip Short7,680,00014
1734110Wednesday 27th JulyMargaret SimpsonDiana Patrick7,860,00013
1744111Thursday 28th JulyStephen BennettDiana Patrick8,530,0008
1754112Friday 29th JulyStephen BennettDiana Patrick8,070,00012
1764113Sunday 31st JulyCaroline MitchellDiana Patrick7,030,00017
1774114Monday 1st AugustLesley Clare O'NeillDiana Patrick
1784115Tuesday 2nd AugustMatthew WestwoodDiana Patrick8,070,00011
1794116Wednesday 3rd AugustMark IllisTracey Rooney7,840,00013
1804117Thursday 4th AugustBill LyonsTracey Rooney8,240,0008
1814118Friday 5th AugustBill LyonsTracey Rooney
1824119Sunday 7th AugustBill TaylorTracey Rooney
1834120Monday 8th AugustChris ThompsonTracey Rooney
1844121Tuesday 9th AugustChris ThompsonTracey Rooney
1854122Wednesday 10th AugustStephen BennettAdrian Bean
1864123Thursday 11th AugustLisa HoldsworthAdrian Bean7,790,00012
1874124Friday 12th AugustAndrew KirkAdrian Bean7,890,00011
1884125Sunday 14th AugustAndrew KirkAdrian Bean6,880,00018
1894126Monday 15th AugustSarah BagshawAdrian Bean8,220,0009
1904127Tuesday 16th AugustSarah BagshawAdrian Bean
1914128Wednesday 17th AugustPeter KerryTony Prescott
1924129Thursday 18th AugustPeter KerryTony Prescott
1934130Friday 19th AugustJohn ChambersTony Prescott
1944131Sunday 21st AugustTim DynevorTony Prescott
1954132Monday 22nd AugustCaroline MitchellTony Prescott8,500,00010
1964133Tuesday 23rd AugustCaroline MitchellTony Prescott8,670,0008
1974134Wednesday 24th AugustLisa HoldsworthPiotr Szkopiak
1984135Thursday 25th AugustLisa HoldsworthPiotr Szkopiak
1994136Friday 26th AugustAndrew KirkPiotr Szkopiak7,790,00013
2004137Sunday 28th AugustTim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak6,480,00020
2014138Monday 29th AugustBill LyonsPiotr Szkopiak7,480,00014
2024139Tuesday 30th AugustSarah BagshawPiotr Szkopiak8,280,00010
2034140Wednesday 31st AugustJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh8,080,00011
2044141Thursday 1st SeptemberJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh8,390,0009
2054142Friday 2nd SeptemberJanys ChambersOliver Horsbrugh7,200,00014
2064143Sunday 4th SeptemberJohn KerrOliver Horsbrugh6,230,00019
2074144Monday 5th SeptemberJohn ChambersOliver Horsbrugh8,170,00011
2084145Tuesday 6th SeptemberJohn ChambersOliver Horsbrugh
2094146Wednesday 7th SeptemberMark IllisHenry Foster
2104147Thursday 8th SeptemberStephen BennettHenry Foster
2114148Friday 9th SeptemberStephen BennettHenry Foster
2124149Monday 12th SeptemberPeter KerryHenry Foster
2134150Tuesday 13th SeptemberBill TaylorHenry Foster
2144151Wednesday 14th SeptemberLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster
2154152Thursday 15th SeptemberJanys ChambersDiana Patrick
2164153Friday 16th SeptemberMargaret SimpsonDiana Patrick
2174154Sunday 18th SeptemberTim DynevorDiana Patrick
2184155Monday 19th SeptemberTim DynevorDiana Patrick
Tuesday 20th SeptemberKarin YoungDiana Patrick
2204158Wednesday 21st SeptemberBill LyonsTony Prescott8,610,00013
Thursday 22nd SeptemberJohn ChambersTony Prescott8,580,00014
2224161Friday 23rd SeptemberChris ThompsonTony Prescott8,710,00012
2234162Monday 26th SeptemberPeter KerryTony Prescott
2244163Tuesday 27th SeptemberMark IllisTony Prescott
2254164Wednesday 28th SeptemberLisa HoldsworthAdrian Bean
2264165Thursday 29th SeptemberCaroline MitchellAdrian Bean
2274166Friday 30th SeptemberLindsay WilliamsAdrian Bean
2284167Sunday 2nd OctoberStephen BennettAdrian Bean8,780,00015
2294168Monday 3rd OctoberStephen BennettAdrian Bean10,140,0008
2304169Tuesday 4th OctoberSarah BagshawAdrian Bean9,280,00013
2314170Wednesday 5th OctoberPeter KerryDuncan Foster
2324171Thursday 6th OctoberPeter KerryDuncan Foster
2334172Friday 7th OctoberPhilip MeeksDuncan Foster
2344173Sunday 9th OctoberKarin YoungDuncan Foster
2354174Monday 10th OctoberSarah BagshawDuncan Foster
2364175Tuesday 11th OctoberSarah BagshawDuncan Foster
2374176Wednesday 12th OctoberBill LyonsNickie Lister9,640,00010
2384177Thursday 13th OctoberBill LyonsNickie Lister9,240,00013
2394178Friday 14th OctoberCaroline MitchellNickie Lister
2404179Sunday 16th OctoberJohn ChambersNickie Lister
2414180Monday 17th OctoberJohn ChambersNickie Lister
2424181Tuesday 18th OctoberJohn KerrNickie Lister
2434182Wednesday 19th OctoberLisa HoldsworthMickey Jones
2444183Thursday 20th OctoberJanys ChambersMickey Jones
2454184Friday 21st OctoberChris ThompsonMickey Jones
2464185Sunday 23rd OctoberChris ThompsonMickey Jones
2474186Monday 24th OctoberAndrew KirkMickey Jones9,290,00011
2484187Tuesday 25th OctoberMark IllisMickey Jones8,410,00016
2494188Wednesday 26th OctoberMargaret SimpsonHaldane Duncan
2504189Thursday 27th OctoberMark IllisHaldane Duncan
2514190Friday 28th OctoberJohn ChambersHaldane Duncan8,460,00015
2524191Sunday 30th OctoberStephen BennettHaldane Duncan8,380,00017
2534192Monday 31st OctoberStephen BennettHaldane Duncan9,320,00011
2544193Tuesday 1st NovemberBil LyonsHaldane Duncan9,210,00012
2554194Wednesday 2nd NovemberTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh9,090,00013
2564195Thursday 3rd NovemberTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh9,440,00010
2574196Friday 4th NovemberSarah BagshawOliver Horsbrugh8,530,00015
2584197Sunday 6th NovemberKarin YoungOliver Horsbrugh8,210,00016
2594198Monday 7th NovemberBill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
2604199Tuesday 8th NovemberBill TaylorOliver Horsbrugh
2614200Wednesday 9th NovemberJulie ParsonsTony Prescott
2624201Thursday 10th NovemberChris ThompsonTony Prescott
2634202Friday 11th NovemberChris ThompsonTony Prescott
2644203Sunday 13th NovemberAndrew KirkTony Prescott
2654204Monday 14th NovemberBill LyonsTony Prescott
2664205Tuesday 15th NovemberBill LyonsTony Prescott
2674206Wednesday 16th NovemberMargaret SimpsonDuncan Foster9,290,00014
2684207Thursday 17th NovemberJohn ChambersDuncan Foster
2694208Friday 18th NovemberJohn ChambersDuncan Foster
2704209Sunday 20th NovemberBill LyonsDuncan Foster
2714210Monday 21st NovemberChris ThompsonDuncan Foster10,430,0009
2724211Tuesday 22nd NovemberChris ThompsonDuncan Foster9,260,00013
2734212Wednesday 23rd NovemberMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak9,250,00014
Thursday 24th NovemberBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak8,590,00021
2754215Friday 25th NovemberKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak9,040,00018
2764216Sunday 27th NovemberPhilip MeeksPiotr Szkopiak8,280,00026
2774217Monday 28th NovemberLindsay WilliamsPiotr Szkopiak10,340,00010
2784218Tuesday 29th NovemberCaroline MitchellTim O'Mara9,220,00018
2794219Wednesday 30th NovemberCaroline MitchellTim O'Mara9,020,00020
Thursday 1st DecemberSarah BagshawTim O'Mara8,190,00027
2814222Friday 2nd DecemberStephen BennettTim O'Mara8,480,00024
2824223Sunday 4th DecemberStephen BennettTim O'Mara7,750,00028
2834224Monday 5th DecemberJulie ParsonsTessa Hoffe9,400,00013
2844225Tuesday 6th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillTessa Hoffe8,540,00018
2854226Wednesday 7th DecemberCaroline MitchellTessa Hoffe8,710,00016
2864227Thursday 8th DecemberCaroline MitchellTessa Hoffe8,840,00015
2874228Friday 9th DecemberStephen BennettTessa Hoffe8,710,00016
2884229Sunday 11th DecemberStephen BennettTessa Hoffe7,860,00020
2894230Monday 12th DecemberLisa HoldsworthHaldane Duncan9,460,00012
2904231Tuesday 13th DecemberSarah BagshawHaldane Duncan8,880,00014
2914232Wednesday 14th DecemberSarah BagshawHaldane Duncan8,910,00013
2924233Thursday 15th DecemberBill LyonsHaldane Duncan8,590,00017
2934234Friday 16th DecemberBill LyonsHaldane Duncan8,530,00018
2944235Monday 19th DecemberLindsay WilliamsHaldane Duncan9,400,00012
2954236Tuesday 20th DecemberKarin YoungBrian Morgan8,540,00014
2964237Wednesday 21st DecemberKarin YoungBrian Morgan8,540,00014
2974238Thursday 22nd DecemberChris ThompsonBrian Morgan8,450,00015
2984239Friday 23rd DecemberChris ThompsonBrian Morgan8,060,00017
Sunday 25th DecemberJohn ChambersNeil Alderton6,240,00027
3004242Monday 26th DecemberPeter KerryNeil Alderton6,200,00026
3014243Tuesday 27th DecemberMargaret SimpsonNeil Alderton8,550,00016
3024244Wednesday 28th DecemberJohn KerrOliver Horsbrugh8,700,00012
3034245Thursday 29th DecemberTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh9,840,0008
3044246Friday 30th DecemberTim DynevorOliver Horsbrugh8,610,00014

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Matthew King Matt Healy Full year 175 253 46
2 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 167 293 24
3 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year 158 940 10
4 Viv Hope/Windsor Deena Payne Full year 153 1442 1
5 Tom King Ken Farrington Full year 146 277 21
6 Emily Kirk Kate McGregor Full year 145 865 2
6 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 145 1230 3
8 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 141 687 7
9 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 138 912 18
9 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 138 958 39
11 Donna Windsor Verity Rushworth Full year 136 811 14
12 Paul Lambert Mathew Bose Full year 134 173 54
13 Sadie King Patsy Kensit Full year, except June 131 241 36
14 Louise Appleton Emily Symons Full year 130 671 8
14 Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick Full year 130 260 22
16 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Full year 128 1126 58
16 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Full year 128 2456 29
18 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Full year 127 415 14
19 Carl King Tom Lister Full year 126 240 32
20 Nicola Blackstock Nicola Wheeler Full year 118 623 25
20 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Full year 118 1223 34
22 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 117 1147 20
23 Laurel Potts/Thomas Charlotte Bellamy From January 116 362 42
24 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 111 888 12
25 Max King Charlie Kemp January to October 108 108 N/A
26 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year, except November 107 671 29
26 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Full year 107 613 17
28 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 105 1071 9
29 Robert Sugden Karl Davies Until October 97 1155 10
30 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 96 613 14
30 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 96 1531 48
30 Scott Windsor Ben Freeman February to September, from November 96 929 6
33 Dawn Woods Julia Mallam Full year 95 319 25
33 Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine Full year 95 251 42
33 Zoe Tate Leah Bracknell Until September 95 1411 23
36 Ethan Blake Liam O'Brien Until October 94 198 41
36 Steph Stokes Lorraine Chase Full year 94 369 25
38 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Full year, except May 92 2261 32
39 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year 88 233 38
40 Len Reynolds Peter Martin Full year 85 474 25
41 Darren Eden Luke Tittensor Full year 80 204 44
42 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Until June, from December 79 298 3
42 Kelly Windsor Adele Silva From June 79 603 N/A
44 Simon Meredith Dale Meeks Full year 78 171 45
45 Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell Full year 74 433 37
46 Jarvis Skelton Richard Moore Until December 72 309 19
47 Delilah Dingle Hayley Tamaddon From July 67 67 N/A
48 Sam Dingle James Hooton Until January, from July 66 704 31
49 TJ Woods Connor Lee Full year 65 131 52
50 Lesley Meredith Sherrie Hewson From April 62 71 65
51 Sarah Sugden Lily-May Bartley
Lucy Warren
From June 58 58 N/A
52 Victoria Sugden Hannah Midgley Until January, March to May, from July 53 387 48
53 Ivan Jones Daniel Brocklebank From May 51 51 N/A
54 Adam Forsythe Richard Shelton From May 50 50 N/A
55 Belle Dingle Emily Mather
Eden Taylor-Draper
Full year, except September 48 155 55
56 Alice Wilson Ursula Marsden Until January, from July 47 57 64
56 Callum Rennie Andrew Whipp Until February, April to September 47 72 59
56 Jean Tate Megan Pearson Until March, May to September 47 150 47
59 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic Full year, except April 43 105 57
60 Charity Tate Emma Atkins Until March 40 669 5
61 Jasmine Thomas Jenna-Louise Coleman June to September, from December 39 39 N/A
62 Chloe Atkinson Amy Nuttall Until March 32 443 34
62 Jo Stiles Roxanne Pallett From August 32 32 N/A
64 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward January, March to May 31 423 13
65 Shelly Williams Carolyn Pickles January to March 27 128 50
66 Martin Crowe Graeme Hawley January, July, from September 21 41 60
67 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones From November 20 20 N/A
68 Tonicha Daggert Kerry Stacey From November 19 19 N/A
69 Kayleigh Gibbs Lily Jane Stead March, from September 18 18 N/A
70 Noah Tate Alfie Mortimer Until March 11 66 53
71 Joseph Tate Oliver Young August to September 8 158 61
72 Kathy Brookman Malandra Burrows October to November 4 1544 N/A
73 Hari Prasad John Nayagam From December 3 3 N/A
74 Biff Fowler Stuart Wade November only 1 558 N/A


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Awards and Nominations

National Television Awards

  • Most Popular Serial Drama: Emmerdale (Nominee)

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Emmerdale in the 2000s
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