2008 was Emmerdale's 37th year. Production was overseen by Kathleen Beedles until Episode 4927 (3rd March 2008) when she handed her duties to Anita Turner.

262 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included Daniel Thomas’s cot death and Laurel and Ashley Thomas discovering that he wasn’t their child and had been swapped at birth, Viv Hope being framed and imprisoned for fraud, Jo Sugden’s domestic abuse, Nicola De Souza repeatedly attempting to kill her husband Donald, Genesis Walker arriving to meet her family, the Dingles and Jasmine Thomas killing Shane Doyle and being helped by Debbie Dingle to cover it up.


# No. Date Part Writer Director Viewing
Tuesday 1st JanuaryChris ThompsonTracey Rooney7,030,00017
24876Wednesday 2nd JanuaryTim DynevorJohn Anderson8,850,0009
34877Thursday 3rd JanuaryJulie ParsonsJohn Anderson8,440,00013
44878Friday 4th JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxJohn Anderson8,770,00010
54879Monday 7th JanuaryMargaret SimpsonJohn Anderson8,460,00010
Tuesday 8th JanuaryKarin YoungJudith Dine8,070,00014
74882Wednesday 9th JanuaryPhilip MeeksJudith Dine8,440,00011
84883Thursday 10th JanuaryCaroline MitchellJudith Dine8,150,00013
94884Friday 11th JanuarySteve HughesTim Dowd8,300,00012
104885Monday 14th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsTim Dowd8,650,0009
Tuesday 15th JanuaryPaul RoundellTim Dowd7,680,00017
124888Wednesday 16th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillTom Poole8,360,00012
134889Thursday 17th JanuaryBill LyonsTom Poole8,090,00015
144890Friday 18th JanuaryMark IllisTom Poole8,580,00010
154891Monday 21st JanuaryMark IllisTom Poole8,290,00010
Tuesday 22nd JanuaryPeter KerryJason Beresford7,520,00017
174894Wednesday 23rd JanuarySarah BagshawJason Beresford7,990,00014
184895Thursday 24th JanuaryAndrew KirkJason Beresford8,120,00012
194896Friday 25th JanuaryMargaret SimpsonDuncan Foster8,110,00013
204897Monday 28th JanuaryAndrew KirkDuncan Foster8,320,00014
Tuesday 29th JanuarySarah BagshawDuncan Foster7,390,00019
224900Wednesday 30th JanuaryPeter KerryMickey Jones8,380,00013
234901Thursday 31st JanuaryMark IllisMickey Jones8,220,00015
244902Friday 1st FebruaryPaul RoundellMickey Jones8,390,00012
254903Monday 4th FebruaryPaul RoundellMickey Jones8,520,00010
Tuesday 5th FebruaryBill TaylorTony Prescott7,680,00018
274906Wednesday 6th FebruaryChris ThompsonMickey Jones8,040,00015
284907Thursday 7th FebruaryBill LyonsMickey Jones7,740,00016
294908Friday 8th FebruarySteve HughesJudith Dine8,120,00013
304909Monday 11th FebruaryLindsay WilliamsJudith Dine8,220,00011
Tuesday 12th FebruaryMark IllisJudith Dine7,500,00018
324912Wednesday 13th FebruaryTim DynevorJohn Anderson7,350,00019
334913Thursday 14th FebruaryTim DynevorJohn Anderson8,080,00013
344914Friday 15th FebruaryBryan JohnsonJohn Anderson7,780,00016
354915Monday 18th FebruaryPhilip MeeksJohn Anderson8,650,00010
364916Tuesday 19th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxLee Salisbury7,950,00013
374917Wednesday 20th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillLee Salisbury7,760,00016
Thursday 21st FebruaryKarin YoungLee Salisbury7,510,00017
394920Friday 22nd FebruaryKarin YoungTim Dowd
404921Monday 25th FebruaryMark IllisTim Dowd8,320,00012
Tuesday 26th FebruaryPhilip MeeksTim Dowd
424924Wednesday 27th FebruarySteve HughesAlan Wareing8,160,00013
434925Thursday 28th FebruaryChris ThompsonAlan Wareing7,720,00015
444926Friday 29th FebruaryChris ThompsonAlan Wareing8,130,00014
454927Monday 3rd MarchSarah BagshawAlan Wareing8,280,00012
464928Tuesday 4th MarchLesley Clare O'NeillHenry Foster7,690,00015
474929Wednesday 5th MarchLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster7,700,00014
Thursday 6th MarchPaul RoundellHenry Foster7,040,00020
494932Friday 7th MarchJanys ChambersDuncan Foster
504933Monday 10th MarchBill LyonsDuncan Foster
Tuesday 11th MarchAndrew KirkDuncan Foster
524936Wednesday 12th MarchTim DynevorTony Prescott
534937Thursday 13th MarchTim DynevorTony Prescott7,590,00013
544938Friday 14th MarchPeter KerryTony Prescott7,050,00015
554939Monday 17th MarchMargaret SimpsonTony Prescott8,070,0009
Tuesday 18th MarchSue MooneyMickey Jones7,400,00012
574942Wednesday 19th MarchSamantha Doland De VauxMickey Jones
584943Thursday 20th MarchSamantha Doland De VauxMickey Jones
594944Friday 21st MarchSamantha Doland De VauxLee Salisbury7,600,00011
604945Monday 24th MarchSamantha Doland De VauxLee Salisbury8,020,0009
Tuesday 25th MarchBill LyonsLee Salisbury7,380,00013
624948Wednesday 26th MarchSarah BagshawJohn Anderson
634949Thursday 27th MarchSarah BagshawJohn Anderson
644950Friday 28th MarchPeter KerryJohn Anderson
654951Monday 31st MarchSteve HughesJohn Anderson7,450,00012
664952Tuesday 1st AprilTim DynevorMark McKillop
674953Wednesday 2nd AprilTim DynevorMark McKillop
684954Thursday 3rd AprilLesley Clare O'NeillMark McKillop6,880,00016
694955Friday 4th AprilChris ThompsonMark McKillop7,300,00014
704956Monday 7th AprilMark IllisTim Dowd
714957Tuesday 8th AprilMargaret SimpsonTim Dowd
724958Wednesday 9th AprilBill TaylorTim Dowd7,350,00013
734959Thursday 10th AprilBill TaylorTim Dowd7,040,00017
744960Friday 11th AprilChris ThompsonAlan Wareing7,340,00014
754961Monday 14th AprilChris ThompsonAlan Wareing7,630,00011
Tuesday 15th AprilPaul RoundellAlan Wareing6,920,00019
774964Wednesday 16th AprilJulie ParsonsHenry Foster7,260,00015
784965Thursday 17th AprilJulie ParsonsHenry Foster7,230,00016
794966Friday 18th AprilLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster
804967Monday 21st AprilPhilip MeeksHenry Foster7,490,00014
814968Tuesday 22nd AprilAndrew KirkDuncan Foster6,770,00018
824969Wednesday 23rd AprilLindsay WilliamsDuncan Foster6,720,00019
834970Thursday 24th AprilChris ThompsonDuncan Foster7,150,00016
844971Friday 25th AprilChris ThompsonDuncan Foster7,200,00015
854972Monday 28th AprilSamantha Doland De VauxDominic Macdonald7,190,00015
864973Tuesday 29th AprilBill LyonsDominic Macdonald7,190,00015
874974Wednesday 30th AprilPaul RoundellDominic Macdonald7,200,00014
884975Thursday 1st MayPaul RoundellDominic Macdonald6,320,00020
894976Friday 2nd MayBill TaylorTony Prescott6,520,00018
904977Monday 5th MayLesley Clare O'NeillTony Prescott6,880,00012
Tuesday 6th MayKarin YoungTony Prescott6,140,00023
924980Wednesday 7th MayMark IllisSarah Punshon6,250,00019
934981Thursday 8th MayTim DynevorSarah Punshon
944982Friday 9th MayBryan JohnsonSarah Punshon6,530,00014
954983Monday 12th MaySteve HughesSarah Punshon6,360,00020
Tuesday 13th MayPeter KerryLee Salisbury5,870,00026
974986Thursday 15th May1Paul RoundellLee Salisbury6,510,00016
984987Thursday 15th May2Julie ParsonsLee Salisbury4,780,00039
994988Friday 16th MaySarah BagshawGraham Moore6,970,00012
1004989Monday 19th MayMargaret SimpsonGraham Moore7,170,00010
Tuesday 20th MaySue MooneyGraham Moore
1024992Thursday 22nd May1Bryan JohnsonNeil Alderton6,100,00018
1034993Thursday 22nd May2Lesley Clare O'NeillNeil Alderton4,570,00031
1044994Friday 23rd MayChris ThompsonNeil Alderton6,210,00017
1054995Monday 26th MaySue MooneyNeil Alderton7,310,00016
Tuesday 27th MayPaul RoundellAlan Wareing6,340,00024
1074998Wednesday 28th MayTim DynevorAlan Wareing6,990,00019
1084999Thursday 29th MaySteve HughesAlan Wareing6,370,00023
1095000Friday 30th MayPeter KerryHenry Foster
1105001Monday 2nd JuneKarin YoungHenry Foster6,710,00012
Tuesday 3rd JuneAndrew KirkHenry Foster6,610,00013
1125004Wednesday 4th JuneCaroline MitchellDuncan Foster6,060,00017
1135005Thursday 5th JuneSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster
1145006Friday 6th JuneSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster6,590,00014
1155007Monday 9th JuneBill LyonsDuncan Foster
1165008Tuesday 10th JuneMark IllisDuncan Foster
1175009Wednesday 11th JuneJulie ParsonsMark McKillop
1185010Thursday 12th JuneJulie ParsonsMark McKillop6,640,00011
1195011Friday 13th JuneLindsay WilliamsMark McKillop6,670,00010
1205012Monday 16th JuneMargaret SimpsonMark McKillop6,720,00010
Tuesday 17th JuneSarah BagshawDominic Macdonald6,320,00012
1225015Wednesday 18th JuneBill TaylorDominic Macdonald
1235016Thursday 19th JuneBryan JohnsonDominic Macdonald6,170,00014
1245017Friday 20th JuneKarin YoungLee Salisbury6,160,00015
1255018Monday 23rd JuneKarin YoungLee Salisbury6,370,00014
Tuesday 24th JunePaul RoundellLee Salisbury5,320,00020
1275021Wednesday 25th JuneMargaret SimpsonGraham Moore5,980,00019
1285022Thursday 26th JuneBill TaylorGraham Moore
1295023Friday 27th JuneBill TaylorGraham Moore
1305024Monday 30th JuneJulie ParsonsGraham Moore5,880,00017
Tuesday 1st JulySamantha Doland De VauxSarah Punshon
1325027Wednesday 2nd JulyPeter KerrySarah Punshon
1335028Thursday 3rd JulySteve HughesSarah Punshon
1345029Friday 4th JulySue MooneyTracey Rooney
1355030Monday 7th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillTracey Rooney
Tuesday 8th JulyTim DynevorTracey Rooney5,740,00018
1375033Wednesday 9th JulyCaroline MitchellAlan Wareing
1385034Thursday 10th JulyChris ThompsonAlan Wareing6,250,00016
1395035Friday 11th JulyChris ThompsonAlan Wareing6,500,00014
1405036Monday 14th JulyLindsay WilliamsAlan Wareing6,700,00011
Tuesday 15th JulySarah BagshawNeil Alderton5,970,00017
1425039Wednesday 16th JulyBill LyonsNeil Alderton6,130,00015
1435040Thursday 17th JulyMark IllisNeil Alderton
1445041Friday 18th JulyJulie ParsonsClive Arnold6,660,00012
1455042Monday 21st JulyLindsay WilliamsClive Arnold6,710,00011
Tuesday 22nd JulyJohn ChambersClive Arnold
1475045Wednesday 23rd JulyMargaret SimpsonMark McKillop
1485046Thursday 24th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillMark McKillop5,910,00016
1495047Friday 25th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillMark McKillop
1505048Monday 28th JulySteve HughesMark McKillop
Tuesday 29th JulyMark IllisAdrian Bean
1525051Wednesday 30th JulyPaul RoundellAdrian Bean
1535052Thursday 31st JulyPaul RoundellAdrian Bean6,610,00010
1545053Friday 1st AugustSue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak
1555054Monday 4th AugustSue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak
Tuesday 5th AugustBill LyonsPiotr Szkopiak6,460,00011
1575057Wednesday 6th AugustChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
1585058Thursday 7th AugustBryan JohnsonPiotr Szkopiak
1595059Friday 8th AugustBill TaylorTim O'Mara
1605060Monday 11th AugustBill TaylorTim O'Mara
Tuesday 12th AugustTim DynevorTim O'Mara
1625063Wednesday 13th AugustPeter KerryTim O'Mara
1635064Thursday 14th AugustPeter KerryTim O'Mara5,680,00022
1645065Friday 15th AugustAndrew KirkHenry Foster
1655066Monday 18th AugustAndrew KirkHenry Foster6,650,00015
Tuesday 19th AugustSarah BagshawHenry Foster6,880,00013
1675069Wednesday 20th AugustKarin YoungHenry Foster6,550,00016
1685070Thursday 21st AugustSamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
1695071Friday 22nd AugustSamantha Doland De VauxJason Beresford
1705072Monday 25th AugustBill TaylorJason Beresford
Tuesday 26th AugustJulie ParsonsJason Beresford
1725075Wednesday 27th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillChris Johnston
1735076Thursday 28th AugustSue MooneyChris Johnston
1745077Friday 29th AugustLindsay WilliamsChris Johnston
1755078Monday 1st SeptemberMark IllisChris Johnston
Tuesday 2nd SeptemberJohn ChambersTracey Rooney6,590,00011
1775081Wednesday 3rd SeptemberDavid McDermottTracey Rooney
1785082Thursday 4th SeptemberKarin YoungTracey Rooney6,250,00014
1795083Friday 5th SeptemberBryan JohnsonClive Arnold
1805084Monday 8th SeptemberPeter KerryClive Arnold6,730,00010
Tuesday 9th SeptemberSarah BagshawClive Arnold6,090,00017
1825087Wednesday 10th SeptemberAndrew KirkClive Arnold6,020,00018
1835088Thursday 11th SeptemberAndrew KirkMickey Jones6,170,00015
1845089Friday 12th SeptemberChris ThompsonMickey Jones6,380,00012
1855090Monday 15th SeptemberCaroline MitchellMickey Jones6,630,00015
1865091Tuesday 16th SeptemberPaul RoundellHaldane Duncan
1875092Wednesday 17th SeptemberPaul RoundellHaldane Duncan
Thursday 18th SeptemberBill LyonsHaldane Duncan5,730,00020
1895095Friday 19th SeptemberBryan JohnsonPiotr Szkopiak5,640,00022
1905096Monday 22nd SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillPiotr Szkopiak
Tuesday 23rd SeptemberChris ThompsonPiotr Szkopiak
1925099Wednesday 24th SeptemberTim DynevorHenry Foster
1935100Thursday 25th SeptemberDavid McDermottHenry Foster
1945101Friday 26th SeptemberBill TaylorHenry Foster6,460,00016
1955102Monday 29th SeptemberLindsay WilliamsMichael Lacey
1965103Tuesday 30th SeptemberSue MooneyTim O'Mara
1975104Wednesday 1st OctoberJulie ParsonsTim O'Mara6,660,00016
Thursday 2nd OctoberJohn ChambersTim O'Mara6,080,00021
1995107Friday 3rd OctoberMark IllisTim O'Mara6,470,00018
2005108Monday 6th OctoberBill LyonsDominic Leclerc7,300,00014
Tuesday 7th OctoberKarin YoungDominic Leclerc6,740,00019
2025111Wednesday 8th OctoberSarah BagshawJason Beresford6,950,00017
2035112Thursday 9th OctoberSarah BagshawJason Beresford
2045113Friday 10th OctoberSteve HughesJason Beresford7,120,00016
2055114Monday 13th OctoberSteve HughesJason Beresford
Tuesday 14th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxChris Johnston6,880,00019
2075117Wednesday 15th OctoberPeter KerryChris Johnston7,170,00016
2085118Thursday 16th OctoberPeter KerryChris Johnston
2095119Friday 17th OctoberPeter KerryCarol Wiseman7,030,00017
2105120Monday 20th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillCarol Wiseman7,590,00015
2115121Tuesday 21st OctoberBill LyonsCarol Wiseman7,120,00016
2125122Wednesday 22nd OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxCarol Wiseman7,090,00017
Thursday 23rd OctoberPaul RoundellMickey Jones6,190,00024
2145125Friday 24th OctoberAndrew KirkMickey Jones6,960,00018
2155126Monday 27th OctoberSue MooneyMickey Jones7,560,00016
Tuesday 28th OctoberSarah BagshawAdrian Bean6,160,00027
2175129Wednesday 29th OctoberDavid McDermottAdrian Bean7,230,00017
2185130Thursday 30th OctoberBryan JohnsonAdrian Bean6,720,00020
2195131Friday 31st OctoberTim DynevorMike Adams
2205132Monday 3rd NovemberCaroline MitchellMike Adams7,640,00014
2215133Tuesday 4th NovemberJohn ChambersMike Adams
2225134Wednesday 5th NovemberMark IllisMike Adams6,670,00021
Thursday 6th NovemberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2245137Friday 7th NovemberSteve HughesNeil Alderton
2255138Monday 10th NovemberLindsay WilliamsNeil Alderton6,920,00017
Tuesday 11th NovemberJulie ParsonsHenry Foster6,210,00024
2275141Wednesday 12th NovemberKarin YoungHenry Foster6,720,00018
2285142Thursday 13th NovemberChris ThompsonHenry Foster
2295143Friday 14th NovemberSteve HughesJudith Dine6,090,00025
2305144Monday 17th NovemberBryan JohnsonJudith Dine7,130,00024
Tuesday 18th NovemberSarah BagshawJudith Dine6,510,00028
2325147Wednesday 19th NovemberJulie ParsonsJudith Dine
2335148Thursday 20th NovemberJulie ParsonsJudith Dine7,190,00021
2345149Friday 21st NovemberBill LyonsChris Johnston7,140,00023
2355150Monday 24th NovemberBill LyonsChris Johnston7,550,00020
2365151Tuesday 25th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillChris Johnston
2375152Wednesday 26th NovemberPaul RoundellChris Johnston
Thursday 27th NovemberPaul RoundellChris Johnston6,180,00029
2395155Friday 28th NovemberPaul RoundellDominic Leclerc7,060,00022
2405156Monday 1st DecemberJohn ChambersDominic Leclerc7,460,00017
Tuesday 2nd DecemberJohn ChambersDominic Leclerc7,070,00022
2425159Wednesday 3rd DecemberCaroline MitchellDominic Leclerc7,370,00018
2435160Thursday 4th DecemberLindsay WilliamsDominic Leclerc7,330,00019
2445161Friday 5th DecemberLindsay WilliamsRob Rohrer7,010,00023
2455162Monday 8th DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxRob Rohrer7,360,00015
2465163Tuesday 9th DecemberTim DynevorRob Rohrer7,060,00019
2475164Wednesday 10th DecemberPeter KerryRob Rohrer7,170,00017
Thursday 11th DecemberAndrew KirkTom Poole6,250,00023
2495167Friday 12th DecemberBill TaylorTom Poole7,090,00018
2505168Monday 15th DecemberDavid McDermottTom Poole
Tuesday 16th DecemberDavid McDermottMark McKillop6,970,00017
2525171Wednesday 17th DecemberChris ThompsonMark McKillop7,320,00013
2535172Thursday 18th DecemberMark IllisMark McKillop7,160,00015
2545173Friday 19th DecemberPeter KerryMike Adams6,350,00021
2555174Monday 22nd DecemberJulie ParsonsMike Adams7,070,00023
Tuesday 23rd DecemberTim DynevorMike Adams6,210,00032
2575177Wednesday 24th DecemberBryan JohnsonLee Salisbury5,700,00036
Thursday 25th DecemberKarin YoungLee Salisbury5,060,00047
2595180Friday 26th DecemberBill LyonsNeil Alderton5,310,00044
2605181Monday 29th DecemberMartin RileyNeil Alderton7,620,00012
Tuesday 30th DecemberPaul RoundellNeil Alderton6,950,00018
2625184Wednesday 31st DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxDominic Leclerc6,860,00020

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year 160 1422 6
2 Val Lambert/Pollard Charlie Hardwick Full year 150 719 1
3 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 130 1091 12
4 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 127 1454 14
5 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year 123 554 28
6 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Full year 122 943 25
7 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 121 1614 10
8 Jo Stiles/Sugden Roxanne Pallett Until December 120 358 35
8 Nicola De Souza Nicola Wheeler Full year 120 808 61
10 Carl King Tom Lister Full year 119 613 21
11 Jasmine Thomas Jenna-Louise Coleman Full year 118 390 18
12 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 116 665 12
13 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Full year 113 780 9
13 Donna Windsor-Dingle Verity Rushworth Full year 113 1219 7
13 Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy Full year 113 662 43
16 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Full year 111 1440 30
17 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 109 245 17
18 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 106 667 5
19 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 104 1231 26
19 Matthew King Matt Healy Until December 104 646 2
21 Douglas Potts Duncan Preston Full year 103 152 53
21 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 103 1849 20
21 Paul Lambert Mathew Bose Full year 103 538 8
24 Darren Eden Luke Tittensor Full year, except May 101 497 23
24 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year, except November 101 1498 14
26 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 100 950 23
27 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 99 1216 30
28 Viv Hope Deena Payne Until August, and October 98 1863 3
29 Jamie Hope Alex Carter Full year 96 315 26
29 Lexi Nicholls Sally Oliver Full year 96 157 49
29 Ross Kirk Samuel Anderson Full year 96 127 62
32 Donald De Souza Michael Jayston Until November 94 105 11
33 Gennie Walker Sian Reese-Williams From April 91 91 N/A
33 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year 91 1004 37
35 Eli Dingle Joseph Gilgun Full year, except February 88 252 14
35 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward Full year 88 720 32
37 Lily Butterfield Anne Charleston Full year, except February 87 120 63
38 Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine Full year, except November 86 516 43
39 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Full year, except March 85 1481 45
40 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 84 1243 37
41 Jake Doland James Baxter Full year, except April 76 77 77
42 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop April to May, from July 75 75 N/A
43 Victoria Sugden Isabel Hodgins Until March, May to August, from October 72 603 39
44 Shane Doyle Paul McEwan January to April, August to December 65 65 N/A
45 Anna De Souza Emma Davies From July 64 64 N/A
46 Scarlett Nicholls Kelsey-Beth Crossley Full year, except July 61 142 42
47 Louise Appleton Emily Symons Until July, September to November 58 945 35
48 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Full year 52 358 41
49 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Until January, from July 50 2492 40
49 Grayson Sinclair Christopher Villiers Until September 50 268 4
50 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Full year, except August 46 195 48
51 Greg Doland Shaun Prendergast Until July 44 56 68
53 Jonny Foster Richard Grieve Until July 43 108 48
53 Melanie Doland Caroline Strong Until July 43 57 67
55 Miles De Souza Ayden Callaghan Until July 41 52 69
56 Arthur Doland/Thomas Billy Harrower Until February, April to August, from December 38 43 73
57 Leyla Harding Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi From August 31 31 N/A
57 Perdita Hyde-Sinclair Georgia Slowe Until July 31 211 18
59 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic February to August, from December 30 200 65
60 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling February, May to November 28 69 58
60 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling February, May to November 28 73 55
60 Hilary Potts Paula Wilcox Until May 28 71 56
63 Samson Dingle Ben Shooter and Charlie Pell Until March, June to July, September and from December 27 113 63
63 TJ Woods Connor Lee Until February, April to July, from September 27 272 57
65 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones Until March 17 194 47
66 Aaron Livesy Danny Miller From November 16 35 N/A
66 Jack Sugden Clive Hornby Until February 16 2733 11
68 Adele Allfrey Tanya Vital August to November 15 15 N/A
69 Mick Naylor Tony Haygarth From November 14 14 N/A
70 Carrie Nicholls Linda Lusardi Until February 11 112 34
70 Lee Naylor Lewis Linford From November 11 11 N/A
72 Duke Woods Dicken Ashworth Until January 8 49 58
73 Daniel Thomas Rachel Moonie Until February 6 27 66
74 Emily Kirk Kate McGregor March only 3 1005 32
75 Kayleigh Gibbs Lily Jane Stead November and December 2 64 71
76 Nick Henshall Michael McKell From December 1 1 N/A


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Emmerdale in the 2000s
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