2010 was Emmerdale's 39th year. Production was overseen by Series Producer Gavin Blyth.

298 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included Mark Wylde being shot dead by his wife Natasha, Aaron Livesy coming to terms with his homosexuality, Chas Dingle taking revenge against Carl King for cheating on her with Eve Jenson, Diane Sugden being conned out of thousands of pounds and Jackson Walsh becoming permanently paralysed.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
15495Friday 1st JanuaryTim DynevorMickey Jones
25496Monday 4th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillAdrian Bean
35497Tuesday 5th JanuaryKirsty HaltonAdrian Bean
45498Wednesday 6th JanuaryCaroline MitchellAdrian Bean
55499Thursday 7th January1Chris ThompsonTim Dowd
65500Thursday 7th January2Chris ThompsonTim Dowd
75501Friday 8th JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxTim Dowd
85502Monday 11th JanuaryCameron McAllisterTim Dowd
95503Tuesday 12th JanuarySue MooneyDuncan Foster
105504Wednesday 13th JanuarySarah BagshawDuncan Foster
115505Thursday 14th January1Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
125506Thursday 14th January2Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
135507Friday 15th JanuaryKarin YoungTracey Rooney
145508Monday 18th JanuaryMark IllisTracey Rooney
155509Tuesday 19th JanuaryTim DynevorTracey Rooney
165510Wednesday 20th JanuaryBill TaylorTracey Rooney
175511Thursday 21st January1Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
185512Thursday 21st January2Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
195513Friday 22nd JanuaryPeter KerryAlan Wareing
205514Monday 25th JanuaryAndrew KirkAlan Wareing
215515Tuesday 26th JanuaryBill LyonsChris Johnston
225516Wednesday 27th JanuaryLindsay WilliamsChris Johnston
235517Thursday 28th January1Julie ParsonsChris Johnston
245518Thursday 28th January2Julie ParsonsChris Johnston
255519Friday 29th JanuaryJane PearsonChris Johnston
265520Monday 1st FebruaryCaroline MitchellPip Short
275521Tuesday 2nd FebruaryLindsay WilliamsPip Short
285522Wednesday 3rd FebruaryJulie ParsonsPip Short
295523Thursday 4th February1Mark IllisPip Short
305524Thursday 4th February2Mark IllisPip Short
315525Friday 5th FebruarySue MooneyMickey Jones
325526Monday 8th FebruaryChris ThompsonMickey Jones
335527Tuesday 9th FebruaryKirsty HaltonMickey Jones
345528Wednesday 10th FebruaryDavid McDermottMickey Jones
355529Thursday 11th February1Karin YoungPeter Rose
365530Thursday 11th February2Karin YoungPeter Rose
375531Friday 12th FebruaryTim DynevorPeter Rose
385532Monday 15th FebruaryCameron McAllisterPeter Rose
395533Tuesday 16th FebruaryBill LyonsTim Dowd
405534Wednesday 17th FebruaryJane PearsonTim Dowd
415535Thursday 18th February1Stephen BennettTim Dowd
425536Thursday 18th February2Stephen BennettTim Dowd
435537Friday 19th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxAdrian Bean
445538Monday 22nd FebruarySarah BagshawAdrian Bean
455539Tuesday 23rd FebruaryBill TaylorAdrian Bean
465540Wednesday 24th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillAdrian Bean
475541Thursday 25th February1Paul RoundellDuncan Foster
485542Thursday 25th February2Paul RoundellDuncan Foster
495543Friday 26th FebruaryPeter KerryDuncan Foster
505544Monday 1st MarchPeter KerryDuncan Foster
515545Tuesday 2nd MarchAndrew KirkHenry Foster
525546Wednesday 3rd MarchLindsay WilliamsHenry Foster
535547Thursday 4th March1Bill TaylorHenry Foster
545548Thursday 4th March2Bill TaylorHenry Foster
555549Friday 5th MarchLesley Clare O'NeillNickie Lister
565550Monday 8th MarchChris ThompsonNickie Lister
575551Tuesday 9th MarchCaroline MitchellNickie Lister
585552Wednesday 10th MarchKarin YoungNickie Lister
595553Thursday 11th March1Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
605554Thursday 11th March2Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
615555Friday 12th MarchTim DynevorAlan Wareing
625556Monday 15th MarchKirsty HaltonAlan Wareing
635557Tuesday 16th MarchBill LyonsPip Short
645558Wednesday 17th MarchPeter KerryPip Short
655559Thursday 18th March1Stephen BennettPip Short
665560Thursday 18th March2Stephen BennettPip Short
675561Friday 19th MarchCameron McAllisterPeter Rose
685562Monday 22nd MarchJulie ParsonsPeter Rose
695563Tuesday 23rd MarchSarah BagshawPeter Rose
705564Wednesday 24th MarchSue MooneyPeter Rose
715565Thursday 25th March1Jane PearsonTony Prescott
725566Thursday 25th March2Jane PearsonTony Prescott
735567Friday 26th MarchLinton ChiswickTony Prescott
745568Monday 29th MarchDavid McDermottTony Prescott
755569Tuesday 30th MarchLinton ChiswickNeil Alderton
765570Wednesday 31st MarchChris ThompsonNeil Alderton
775571Thursday 1st April1Stephen BennettNeil Alderton
785572Thursday 1st April2Stephen BennettNeil Alderton
795573Friday 2nd AprilSarah BagshawTim Dowd
805574Monday 5th AprilAndrew KirkTim Dowd
815575Tuesday 6th AprilBill LyonsTim Dowd
825576Wednesday 7th AprilBill LyonsTim Dowd
835577Thursday 8th April1David McDermottLee Salisbury
845578Thursday 8th April2David McDermottLee Salisbury
855579Friday 9th AprilSue MooneyLee Salisbury
865580Monday 12th AprilLesley Clare O'NeillLee Salisbury
875581Tuesday 13th AprilJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing
885582Wednesday 14th AprilJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing
Thursday 15th AprilPaul RoundellAlan Wareing
905585Friday 16th AprilBill TaylorHenry Foster
915586Monday 19th AprilSamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
925587Tuesday 20th AprilPeter KerryHenry Foster
935588Wednesday 21st AprilKirsty HaltonHenry Foster
945589Thursday 22nd April1Cameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
955590Thursday 22nd April2Cameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
965591Friday 23rd AprilJane PearsonTim O'Mara
975592Monday 26th AprilMark IllisTim O'Mara
985593Tuesday 27th AprilMark IllisTony Prescott
995594Wednesday 28th AprilCameron McAllisterTony Prescott
1005595Thursday 29th April1Paul RoundellTony Prescott
1015596Thursday 29th April2Paul RoundellTony Prescott
1025597Friday 30th AprilPeter KerryMike Adams
1035598Monday 3rd MayAndrew KirkMike Adams
1045599Tuesday 4th MayLinton ChiswickMike Adams
1055600Wednesday 5th MayKirsty HaltonMike Adams
1065601Thursday 6th May1Bill TaylorPip Short
1075602Thursday 6th May2Bill TaylorPip Short
1085603Friday 7th MayLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
1095604Monday 10th MaySue MooneyPip Short
1105605Tuesday 11th MayDavid McDermottLee Salisbury
1115606Wednesday 12th MayJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury
1125607Thursday 13th May1Jane PearsonLee Salisbury
1135608Thursday 13th May2Jane PearsonLee Salisbury
1145609Friday 14th MayChris ThompsonJohn Anderson
1155610Monday 17th MaySarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1165611Tuesday 18th MaySarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1175612Wednesday 19th MayBill LyonsJohn Anderson
1185613Thursday 20th May1Stephen BennettNeil Alderton
1195614Thursday 20th May2Stephen BennettNeil Alderton
1205615Friday 21st MayLindsay WilliamsNeil Alderton
Tuesday 25th MaySamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
1225618Wednesday 26th MayPeter KerryHenry Foster
1235619Thursday 27th May1Chris ThompsonHenry Foster
1245620Thursday 27th May2Chris ThompsonHenry Foster
1255621Friday 28th MayLindsay WilliamsTim O'Mara
1265622Tuesday 1st JuneAndrew KirkTim O'Mara
1275623Wednesday 2nd JuneDavid McDermottTim O'Mara
1285624Thursday 3rd JuneLesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
1295625Friday 4th JuneCameron McAllisterMichael Lacey
1305626Monday 7th JuneCameron McAllisterMichael Lacey
Tuesday 8th JuneSue Mooney
Linton Chiswick
Michael Lacey
1325629Wednesday 9th JuneSarah BagshawTony Prescott
Thursday 10th JuneSarah Bagshaw
Paul Roundell
Tony Prescott
Peter Rose
1345632Friday 11th JunePaul RoundellTony Prescott
Peter Rose
1355633Monday 14th JuneJulie ParsonsTracey Rooney
Peter Rose
1365634Wednesday 16th JuneMark IllisTracey Rooney
Peter Rose
1375635Thursday 17th June1Jane PearsonTracey Rooney
1385636Thursday 17th June2Jane PearsonTracey Rooney
Tuesday 22nd JuneStephen BennettMike Adams
1405639Thursday 24th June1Bill LyonsMike Adams
1415640Thursday 24th June2Bill TaylorMike Adams
Tuesday 29th JuneChris ThompsonLee Salisbury
1435643Wednesday 30th JuneLinton ChiswickLee Salisbury
1445644Thursday 1st July1Mark IllisLee Salisbury
1455645Thursday 1st July2Mark IllisLee Salisbury
1465646Sunday 4th JulyBill LyonsNeil Alderton
1475647Monday 5th JulyLindsay WilliamsNeil Alderton
1485648Wednesday 7th JulySamantha Doland De VauxNeil Alderton
1495649Thursday 8th July1Lesley Clare O'NeillNeil Alderton
1505650Thursday 8th July2Sarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1515651Friday 9th JulySarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1525652Monday 12th JulyJulie ParsonsJohn Anderson
Tuesday 13th JulyCameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
1545655Wednesday 14th JulyAndrew KirkTim O'Mara
1555656Thursday 15th July1Stephen BennettTim O'Mara
1565657Thursday 15th July2Stephen BennettTim O'Mara
1575658Friday 16th JulyKirsty HaltonMichael Lacey
1585659Monday 19th JulyKarin YoungMichael Lacey
1595660Tuesday 20th JulySue MooneyMichael Lacey
1605661Wednesday 21st JulyBill TaylorMichael Lacey
1615662Thursday 22nd July1Paul RoundellJudith Dine
1625663Thursday 22nd July2Paul RoundellJudith Dine
1635664Friday 23rd JulyPeter KerryJudith Dine
1645665Monday 26th JulyPeter KerryJudith Dine
1655666Tuesday 27th JulyStephen BennettTracey Rooney
1665667Wednesday 28th JulyStephen BennettTracey Rooney
1675668Thursday 29th July1Cameron McAllisterTracey Rooney
1685669Thursday 29th July2Cameron McAllisterTracey Rooney
1695670Friday 30th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillIan White
1705671Monday 2nd AugustMark IllisIan White
1715672Tuesday 3rd AugustJulie ParsonsIan White
1725673Wednesday 4th AugustLindsay WilliamsIan White
1735674Thursday 5th August1Bill TaylorMike Adams
1745675Thursday 5th August2Bill TaylorMike Adams
1755676Friday 6th AugustKirsty HaltonMike Adams
1765677Monday 9th AugustDavid McDermottMike Adams
1775678Tuesday 10th AugustCaroline MitchellHenry Foster
1785679Wednesday 11th AugustSamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
1795680Thursday 12th August1Paul RoundellHenry Foster
1805681Thursday 12th August2Paul RoundellHenry Foster
1815682Friday 13th AugustTim DynevorHenry Foster
1825683Monday 16th AugustBill LyonsHenry Foster
1835684Tuesday 17th AugustJane PearsonJohn Anderson
1845685Wednesday 18th August1Jane PearsonJohn Anderson
1855686Wednesday 18th August2Sarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1865687Thursday 19th AugustSarah BagshawJohn Anderson
1875688Friday 20th AugustKarin YoungJohn Anderson
1885689Monday 23rd AugustKarin YoungJohn Anderson
1895690Tuesday 24th AugustLinton ChiswickPeter Rose
1905691Wednesday 25th AugustAndrew KirkPeter Rose
1915692Thursday 26th August1Peter KerryPeter Rose
1925693Thursday 26th August2Peter KerryPeter Rose
1935694Friday 27th AugustChris ThompsonPeter Rose
1945695Monday 30th AugustSue MooneyPeter Rose
1955696Tuesday 31st AugustLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing
1965697Wednesday 1st SeptemberStephen BennettAlan Wareing
1975698Thursday 2nd September1Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
1985699Thursday 2nd September2Paul RoundellAlan Wareing
1995700Friday 3rd SeptemberKirsty HaltonPiotr Szkopiak
2005701Monday 6th SeptemberTim DynevorPiotr Szkopiak
2015702Tuesday 7th SeptemberSue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak
2025703Wednesday 8th SeptemberLinton ChiswickPiotr Szkopiak
2035704Thursday 9th September1Cameron McAllisterJudith Dine
2045705Thursday 9th September2Paul RoundellJudith Dine
2055706Friday 10th SeptemberLindsay WilliamsJudith Dine
2065707Monday 13th SeptemberBill LyonsJudith Dine
2075708Tuesday 14th SeptemberChris ThompsonIan White
2085709Wednesday 15th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxIan White
2095710Thursday 16th September1Sarah BagshawIan White
2105711Thursday 16th September2Sarah BagshawIan White
2115712Friday 17th SeptemberBill TaylorNeil Alderton
2125713Monday 20th SeptemberAndrew KirkNeil Alderton
2135714Tuesday 21st SeptemberMark IllisNeil Alderton
2145715Wednesday 22nd SeptemberPeter KerryNeil Alderton
2155716Thursday 23rd September1Jane PearsonTim O'Mara
2165717Thursday 23rd September2Jane PearsonTim O'Mara
2175718Friday 24th SeptemberKarin YoungTim O'Mara
2185719Monday 27th SeptemberDavid McDermottTim O'Mara
2195720Tuesday 28th SeptemberMark IllisHenry Foster
2205721Wednesday 29th SeptemberCaroline MitchellHenry Foster
2215722Thursday 30th September1Sarah BagshawHenry Foster
2225723Thursday 30th September2Lesley Clare O'NeillHenry Foster
2235724Friday 1st OctoberChris ThompsonPeter Rose
2245725Monday 4th OctoberLinton ChiswickPeter Rose
2255726Tuesday 5th OctoberLindsay WilliamsPeter Rose
Wednesday 6th OctoberPaul RoundellDuncan Foster
2275729Thursday 7th October1Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
2285730Thursday 7th October2Stephen BennettDuncan Foster
2295731Friday 8th OctoberCameron McAllisterPeter Rose
2305732Monday 11th OctoberSue MooneyPeter Rose
2315733Tuesday 12th OctoberTim DynevorAlan Wareing
2325734Wednesday 13th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing
2335735Thursday 14th October1Peter KerryAlan Wareing
2345736Thursday 14th October2Peter KerryAlan Wareing
2355737Friday 15th OctoberJane PearsonJudith Dine
2365738Monday 18th OctoberJane PearsonJudith Dine
2375739Tuesday 19th OctoberDavid McDermottJudith Dine
2385740Wednesday 20th OctoberBill LyonsJudith Dine
2395741Thursday 21st October1Karin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
2405742Thursday 21st October2Karin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
2415743Friday 22nd OctoberBill TaylorPiotr Szkopiak
2425744Monday 25th OctoberJulie ParsonsPiotr Szkopiak
2435745Tuesday 26th OctoberPeter KerryIan White
Wednesday 27th OctoberSarah BagshawIan White
2455748Thursday 28th October1Linton ChiswickIan White
2465749Thursday 28th October2Bill LyonsIan White
2475750Friday 29th OctoberAndrew KirkMichael Lacey
2485751Monday 1st NovemberAndrew KirkMichael Lacey
2495752Tuesday 2nd NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillMichael Lacey
2505753Wednesday 3rd NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxMichael Lacey
2515754Thursday 4th November1Julie ParsonsTim Dowd
2525755Thursday 4th November2Julie ParsonsTim Dowd
2535756Friday 5th NovemberStephen BennettTim Dowd
2545757Monday 8th NovemberStephen BennettTim Dowd
2555758Tuesday 9th NovemberDavid McDermottPeter Rose
2565759Wednesday 10th NovemberDavid McDermottPeter Rose
2575760Thursday 11th November1Caroline MitchellPeter Rose
2585761Thursday 11th November2Caroline MitchellPeter Rose
2595762Friday 12th NovemberJane PearsonHenry Foster
2605763Monday 15th NovemberTim DynevorHenry Foster
2615764Tuesday 16th NovemberKirsty HaltonHenry Foster
2625765Wednesday 17th NovemberKirsty HaltonHenry Foster
Thursday 18th NovemberBill TaylorDuncan Foster
2645768Friday 19th NovemberLindsay WilliamsDuncan Foster
2655769Monday 22nd NovemberKarin YoungDuncan Foster
2665770Tuesday 23rd NovemberBill TaylorMike Adams
2675771Wednesday 24th NovemberBill TaylorMike Adams
Thursday 25th NovemberCameron McAllister
Lesley Clare O'Neill
Mike Adams
2695774Friday 26th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillMike Adams
2705775Monday 29th NovemberDavid McDermottMike Adams
2715776Tuesday 30th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing
2725777Wednesday 1st DecemberBill LyonsAlan Wareing
Thursday 2nd DecemberKirsty HaltonAlan Wareing
2745780Friday 3rd DecemberAndrew KirkAlan Wareing
2755781Monday 6th DecemberKarin YoungAlan Wareing
2765782Tuesday 7th December1Sarah BagshawDiana Patrick
2775783Tuesday 7th December2Sarah BagshawDiana Patrick
Thursday 9th DecemberCaroline MitchellDiana Patrick
2795786Friday 10th DecemberMark IllisDiana Patrick
2805787Monday 13th DecemberJulie ParsonsDiana Patrick
2815788Tuesday 14th DecemberStephen BennettNeil Alderton
2825789Wednesday 15th DecemberStephen BennettNeil Alderton
2835790Thursday 16th December1Chris ThompsonNeil Alderton
2845791Thursday 16th December2Chris ThompsonNeil Alderton
2855792Friday 17th DecemberDaniel MaierPip Short
2865793Monday 20th DecemberTim DynevorPip Short
2875794Tuesday 21st DecemberTim DynevorPip Short
2885795Wednesday 22nd DecemberLindsay WilliamsPip Short
2895796Thursday 23rd December1Sue MooneyTim Dowd
2905797Thursday 23rd December2Sue MooneyTim Dowd
2915798Friday 24th DecemberPeter KerryTim Dowd
Saturday 25th DecemberJane PearsonTim Dowd
2935801Monday 27th DecemberCameron McAllisterHenry Foster
2945802Tuesday 28th DecemberChris ThompsonHenry Foster
2955803Wednesday 29th DecemberLinton ChiswickHenry Foster
2965804Thursday 30th December1Bill TaylorTim O'Mara
2975805Thursday 30th December2Bill TaylorTim O'Mara
2985806Friday 31st DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxTim O'Mara

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year, except August 179 1755 5
2 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 178 988 10
3 Maisie Wylde Alice Coulthard Full year 168 297 18
4 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 166 1521 28
5 Nicola De Souza/King Nicola Wheeler Full year 165 1124 7
6 Carl King Tom Lister Full year 161 921 8
7 Natasha Wylde Amanda Donohoe Until November 154 301 8
8 Aaron Livesy Danny Miller Full year 153 332 11
9 Nathan Wylde Lyndon Ogbourne Until March and May to November 151 294 12
10 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 145 1363 19
11 Moira Barton Natalie J Robb Full year 143 220 41
11 Ryan Lamb James Sutton Full year 143 244 30
13 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 139 963 2
13 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 139 1908 4
15 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year 137 1006 24
16 Adam Barton Adam Thomas Full year 135 192 53
16 Leyla Harding Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi Full year 135 303 14
18 Charity Tate Emma Atkins Full year 133 860 51
19 Douglas Potts Duncan Preston Full year 125 400 22
20 John Barton James Thornton Full year 124 184 47
21 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 120 1450 26
22 Declan Macey Jason Merrells From April 117 117 N/A
23 Eve Jenson Suzanne Shaw From April 116 161 N/A
23 Viv Hope Deena Payne Full year 116 2037 51
25 Faye Lamb Kim Thomson Until November 113 214 30
25 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward Full year 113 947 27
27 Scarlett Nicholls Kelsey-Beth Crossley Full year 111 341 35
27 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 111 1732 21
29 Holly Barton Sophie Powles Full year 109 170 46
30 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson Full year, except June 108 158 57
30 Val Pollard Charlie Hardwick Full year, except March 108 980 6
32 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 106 473 22
33 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry From March 104 143 N/A
34 Gennie Walker Sian Reese-Williams Full year 103 327 16
34 Nikhil Sharma Rik Makarem Full year 103 158 56
36 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 100 1690 14
37 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Full year 98 1146 29
38 Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy From February 96 891 16
39 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 91 1447 20
39 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 91 1133 33
41 Jackson Walsh Marc Silcock From March 87 87 N/A
42 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 83 2072 13
43 Hazel Rhodes Pauline Quirke From August 81 81 N/A
44 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year 80 1175 34
45 Victoria Sugden Isabel Hodgins Full year, except August 79 764 39
46 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop Full year, except June 73 269 24
46 Will Wylde Oscar Lloyd Full year 73 129 55
48 Hannah Barton Grace Cassidy Full year, except June 70 115 60
49 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year 69 682 48
49 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Full year 69 1631 40
51 Lizzie Lakely Kitty McGeever Full year 64 121 53
52 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones Full year, except May 56 316 44
53 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Until March, from November 55 996 1
54 Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine Until July 54 644 42
55 Adele Allfrey Tanya Vital January, March to October 51 95 66
56 Alicia Gallagher Natalie Anderson From August 50 50 N/A
56 Olena Petrovich Carolin Stoltz Until April 50 77 69
58 Eli Dingle Joseph Gilgun Until April 48 400 32
59 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Until April, July to August, from November 47 462 48
60 Angelica King Rebecca Bakes Until September, December 41 81 62
61 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Until February, from July 39 1564 37
62 Noah Tate Jack Downham Full year, except May 37 134 65
63 Alan Turner Richard Thorp From April 34 2568 61
64 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic Full year, except May and September 33 282 58
64 Jamie Hope Alex Carter Until May 33 432 38
66 Amy Wyatt Chelsea Halfpenny From October 31 31 N/A
66 Nick Henshall Michael McKell July to August and from October 31 45 77
68 Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant From August 28 28 N/A
69 Roz Fielding Kirsty-Leigh Porter April to August, October to December 23 23 N/A
70 Samson Dingle Sam Hall Until May, from November 22 163 70
71 Sally Spode Sian Reeves January, March to April 21 83 45
72 Ella Hart Corrinne Wicks From November 20 20 N/A
73 Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke February to July 18 83 73
73 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Until March, September and from November 18 281 43
75 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling January, May, August and from October 15 90 79
76 Mia Macey Sapphire Elia From November 15 15 N/A
77 Priya Sharma Effie Woods Until March 13 46 64
78 Mark Wylde Maxwell Caulfield Until January 12 169 2
79 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling January, May, August, from October 11 89 81
80 TJ Woods Connor Lee January, April to May, from September 9 299 76
81 Dermot Macey Frank Kelly From December 7 7 N/A
82 Michael Feldmann Matthew Vaughan From December 3 331 N/A
82 Paul Lambert Mathew Bose June only 3 554 77
83 Kayleigh Gibbs Lily Jane Stead Until February 2 71 81


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Emmerdale in the 2010s
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