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2011 was Emmerdale's 40th year. Production was overseen by Executive Producer Steve November and Series Producer Stuart Blackburn.

307 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included Aaron Livesy assisting Jackson Walsh’s suicide, Lisa Dingle being raped by her colleague Derek Benrose, the whodunnit-style assault on Cain Dingle, Sarah Sugden Jr. being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease Fanconi Anemia, Viv Hope and Terry Woods being killed in an explosion and Jimmy King suffering from amnesia.


# No. Date Part Writer Director
15807Monday 3rd JanuaryBill LyonsTim O'Mara
25808Tuesday 4th JanuaryAndrew KirkMichael Lacey
35809Wednesday 5th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillMichael Lacey
45810Thursday 6th January1Sarah BagshawMichael Lacey
55811Thursday 6th January2Sarah BagshawMichael Lacey
65812Friday 7th JanuarySue MooneyAdrian Bean
75813Monday 10th JanuaryKirsty HaltonAdrian Bean
85814Tuesday 11th JanuaryPaul RoundellAdrian Bean
95815Wednesday 12th JanuaryPaul RoundellAdrian Bean
105816Thursday 13th January1Stephen BennettPeter Rose
115817Thursday 13th January2Stephen BennettPeter Rose
125818Friday 14th JanuaryTim DynevorPeter Rose
135819Monday 17th JanuaryTim DynevorPeter Rose
145820Tuesday 18th JanuaryJulie ParsonsMike Adams
155821Wednesday 19th JanuaryDaniel MaierMike Adams
165822Thursday 20th January1Mark IllisMike Adams
175823Thursday 20th January2Mark IllisMike Adams
185824Friday 21st JanuaryPaul RoundellIan White
195825Monday 24th JanuaryBilly LyonsIan White
205826Tuesday 25th JanuaryKirsty HaltonIan White
215827Wednesday 26th JanuarySarah BagshawIan White
225828Thursday 27th January1Mark IllisPip Short
235829Thursday 27th January2Cecily HobbsPip Short
245830Friday 28th JanuaryLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
255831Monday 31st JanuaryJulie ParsonsPip Short
265832Tuesday 1st FebruarySue MooneyLee Salisbury
275833Wednesday 2nd FebruaryLindsay WilliamsLee Salisbury
285834Thursday 3rd February1Dawn HarrisonLee Salisbury
295835Thursday 3rd February2Andrew KirkLee Salisbury
305836Friday 4th FebruaryJane PearsonNeil Alderton
315837Monday 7th FebruaryJane PearsonNeil Alderton
Tuesday 8th FebruaryLinton Chiswick & Caroline MitchellNeil Alderton
335840Thursday 10th February1Peter KerryMichael Lacey
345841Thursday 10th February2Peter KerryMichael Lacey
355842Friday 11th FebruaryBill TaylorMichael Lacey
365843Monday 14th FebruaryTim DynevorMichael Lacey
375844Tuesday 15th FebruaryDavid McDermottTim O'Mara
385845Wednesday 16th FebruaryStephen BennettTim O'Mara
395846Thursday 17th February1Cameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
405847Thursday 17th February2Cameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
415848Friday 18th FebruaryJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean
425849Monday 21st FebruaryJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean
435850Tuesday 22nd FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxAdrian Bean
445851Wednesday 23rd FebruaryLinton ChiswickAdrian Bean
455852Thursday 24th February1Kirsty HaltonPeter Rose
465853Thursday 24th February2Sarah BagshawPeter Rose
475854Friday 25th FebruaryMark IllisPeter Rose
485855Monday 28th FebruaryStephen BennettPeter Rose
495856Tuesday 1st MarchSue MooneyMike Adams
505857Wednesday 2nd MarchDawn HarrisonMike Adams
515858Thursday 3rd March1Peter KerryMike Adams
525859Thursday 3rd March2Bill TaylorMike Adams
535860Friday 4th MarchChris ThompsonPip Short
545861Monday 7th MarchMartin JamesonPip Short
555862Tuesday 8th MarchLindsay WilliamsPip Short
565863Wednesday 9th MarchDavid McDermottPip Short
575864Thursday 10th March1Andrew KirkIan White
585865Thursday 10th March2Karin YoungIan White
595866Friday 11th MarchJane PearsonIan White
605867Monday 14th MarchBill LyonsIan White
615868Tuesday 15th MarchCameron McAllisterLee Salisbury
625869Wednesday 16th MarchTim DynevorLee Salisbury
635870Thursday 17th March1Paul RoundellLee Salisbury
645871Thursday 17th March2Paul RoundellLee Salisbury
655872Friday 18th MarchPaul RoundellAlan Wareing
665873Monday 21st MarchPaul RoundellAlan Wareing
675874Tuesday 22nd MarchPeter KerryAlan Wareing
685875Wednesday 23rd MarchLinton ChiswickAlan Wareing
695876Thursday 24th March1Kirsty HaltonNeil Alderton
705877Thursday 24th March2Kirsty HaltonNeil Alderton
715878Friday 25th MarchJane PearsonNeil Alderton
725879Monday 28th MarchChris ThompsonNeil Alderton
735880Tuesday 29th MarchKarin YoungNeil Alderton
745881Wednesday 30th MarchMartin JamesonMichael Lacey
755882Thursday 31st March1Dawn HarrisonMichael Lacey
765883Thursday 31st March2David McDermottMichael Lacey
775884Friday 1st AprilAndrew KirkMichael Lacey
785885Monday 4th AprilSamantha Doland De VauxMichael Lacey
795886Tuesday 5th AprilBill LyonsPeter Rose
805887Wednesday 6th AprilSarah BagshawPeter Rose
815888Thursday 7th April1Cameron McAllisterPeter Rose
825889Thursday 7th April2Cameron McAllisterPeter Rose
835890Friday 8th AprilSue MooneyTim Dowd
845891Monday 11th AprilStephen BennettTim Dowd
855892Tuesday 12th AprilBill TaylorTim Dowd
865893Wednesday 13th AprilLindsay WilliamsTim Dowd
875894Thursday 14th April1Tim DynevorAdrian Bean
885895Thursday 14th April2Mark IllisAdrian Bean
895896Friday 15th AprilJulie ParsonsAdrian Bean
905897Monday 18th AprilCaroline MitchellAdrian Bean
915898Tuesday 19th AprilStephen BennettIan White
925899Wednesday 20th AprilTim DynevorIan White
935900Thursday 21st April1Martin JamesonIan White
945901Thursday 21st April2Peter KerryIan White
955902Friday 22nd AprilBill LyonsLee Salisbury
965903Monday 25th AprilSarah BagshawLee Salisbury
975904Tuesday 26th AprilJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury
985905Wednesday 27th AprilChris ThompsonLee Salisbury
995906Thursday 28th April1Mark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
1005907Thursday 28th April2Linton ChiswickPiotr Szkopiak
1015908Friday 29th AprilCaroline MitchellPiotr Szkopiak
1025909Monday 2nd MayKirsty HaltonPiotr Szkopiak
1035910Tuesday 3rd MaySamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing
1045911Wednesday 4th MayDawn HarrisonAlan Wareing
1055912Thursday 5th May1Bill TaylorAlan Wareing
1065913Thursday 5th May2Cameron McAllisterJudith Dine & Michael Lacey
1075914Friday 6th MayJane PearsonJudith Dine & Michael Lacey
1085915Monday 9th MayPaul RoundellJudith Dine & Michael Lacey
1095916Tuesday 10th MayDawn HarrisonTim Dowd
1105917Wednesday 11th MayJulie ParsonsTim Dowd
1115918Thursday 12th May1Martin JamesonTim Dowd
1125919Thursday 12th May2Kirsty HaltonTim Dowd
1135920Friday 13th MayTim DynevorTony Prescott
1145921Monday 16th MayJane PearsonTony Prescott
1155922Tuesday 17th MayUnknownUnknown
1165923Wednesday 18th MayBill LyonsTony Prescott
1175924Thursday 19th May1David McDermottAdrian Bean
1185925Thursday 19th May2Sue MooneyAdrian Bean
1195926Friday 20th MayChris ThompsonAdrian Bean
1205927Monday 23rd MaySarah BagshawAdrian Bean
1215928Tuesday 24th MaySamantha Doland De VauxPip Short
1225929Wednesday 25th MayMark IllisPip Short
1235930Thursday 26th May1Peter KerryPip Short
1245931Thursday 26th May2Andrew KirkPip Short
1255932Friday 27th MayStephen BennettPiotr Szkopiak
1265933Monday 30th MayKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
1275934Tuesday 31st MayKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
1285935Wednesday 1st JuneLinton ChiswickPiotr Szkopiak
1295936Thursday 2nd JuneLindsay WilliamsTim O'Mara
1305937Friday 3rd JuneCameron McAllisterTim O'Mara
1315938Monday 6th JuneCaroline MitchellTim O'Mara
1325939Tuesday 7th JunePaul RoundellTim O'Mara
1335940Wednesday 8th JunePaul RoundellMichael Lacey
1345941Thursday 9th June1Paul RoundellMichael Lacey
1355942Thursday 9th June2Cameron McAllisterMichael Lacey
1365943Friday 10th JuneMartin JamesonMichael Lacey
1375944Monday 13th JuneMark IllisAlan Wareing
1385945Tuesday 14th JuneBill LyonsAlan Wareing
1395946Wednesday 15th JuneSamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing
1405947Thursday 16th June1Julie ParsonsAlan Wareing
1415948Thursday 16th June2Julie ParsonsAlan Wareing
1425949Friday 17th JunePeter KerryJudith Dine
1435950Monday 20th JuneLindsay WilliamsJudith Dine
1445951Tuesday 21st JuneLinton ChiswickJudith Dine
1455952Wednesday 22nd JuneBill TaylorJudith Dine
1465953Thursday 23rd June1Dawn HarrisonTony Prescott
1475954Thursday 23rd June2Kirsty HaltonTony Prescott
1485955Friday 24th JuneJane PearsonTony Prescott
1495956Monday 27th JuneKarin YoungTony Prescott
1505957Tuesday 28th JuneTim DynevorTim Dowd
1515958Wednesday 29th JuneStephen BennettTim Dowd
1525959Thursday 30th June1Sarah BagshawTim Dowd
1535960Thursday 30th June2Sarah BagshawTim Dowd
1545961Friday 1st JulySue MooneyNeil Alderton
1555962Monday 4th JulyChris ThompsonNeil Alderton
1565963Tuesday 5th JulyAndrew KirkNeil Alderton
1575964Wednesday 6th JulyDavid McDermottNeil Alderton
1585965Thursday 7th July1Bill LyonsTim O'Mara
1595966Thursday 7th July2Peter KerryTim O'Mara
1605967Friday 8th JulyDavid McDermottTim O'Mara
1615968Monday 11th JulyLinton ChiswickTim O'Mara
1625969Tuesday 12th JulyStephen BennettPip Short
1635970Wednesday 13th JulyCameron McAllisterPip Short
1645971Thursday 14th July1Julie ParsonsPip Short
1655972Thursday 14th July2Samantha Doland De VauxPip Short
1665973Friday 15th JulyDawn HarrisonPiotr Szkopiak
1675974Monday 18th JulyKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
1685975Tuesday 19th JulyKarin YoungPiotr Szkopiak
1695976Wednesday 20th JulySue MooneyPiotr Szkopiak
1705977Thursday 21st July1Bill TaylorJudith Dine
1715978Thursday 21st July2Kirsty HaltonJudith Dine
1725979Friday 22nd JulyMark IllisJudith Dine
1735980Monday 25th JulyChris ThompsonJudith Dine
1745981Tuesday 26th JulyMartin JamesonPeter Rose
1755982Wednesday 27th JulyPaul RoundellPeter Rose
1765983Thursday 28th July1Caroline MitchellPeter Rose
1775984Thursday 28th July2Caroline MitchellPeter Rose
1785985Friday 29th JulyJane PearsonTracey Rooney
1795986Monday 1st AugustTim DynevorTracey Rooney
1805987Tuesday 2nd AugustAndrew KirkTracey Rooney
1815988Wednesday 3rd AugustSarah BagshawTracey Rooney
1825989Thursday 4th August1Bill TaylorHenry Foster
1835990Thursday 4th August2Bill TaylorHenry Foster
1845991Friday 5th AugustSamantha Doland De VauxHenry Foster
1855992Monday 8th AugustMartin JamesonHenry Foster
1865993Tuesday 9th AugustBill LyonsHenry Foster
1875994Wednesday 10th AugustLesley Clare O'NeilHenry Foster
1885995Thursday 11th August1Cameron McAllisterTim Dowd
1895996Thursday 11th August2Cameron McAllisterTim Dowd
1905997Friday 12th AugustLinton ChiswickTim Dowd
1915998Monday 15th AugustTim DynevorTim Dowd
1925999Tuesday 16th AugustPaul RoundellTim Dowd
1936000Wednesday 17th AugustPaul RoundellTim Dowd
1946001Thursday 18th August1Kirsty HaltonNeil Alderton
1956002Thursday 18th August2Kirsty HaltonNeil Alderton
1966003Friday 19th AugustJulie ParsonsNeil Alderton
1976004Monday 22nd AugustStephen BennettNeil Alderton
1986005Tuesday 23rd AugustStephen BennettNeil Alderton
1996006Wednesday 24th AugustPeter KerryNeil Alderton
2006007Thursday 25th August1Sarah BagshawPiotr Szkopiak
2016008Thursday 25th August2Sarah BagshawPiotr Szkopiak
2026009Friday 26th AugustDavid McDermottPiotr Szkopiak
2036010Monday 29th AugustAndrew KirkPiotr Szkopiak
2046011Tuesday 30th AugustMark IllisPip Short
2056012Wednesday 31st AugustCaroline MitchellPip Short
2066013Thursday 1st September1Jane PearsonPip Short
2076014Thursday 1st September2Jane PearsonPip Short
2086015Friday 2nd SeptemberDawn HarrisonTim O'Mara
Monday 5th SeptemberChris Thompson & Karin YoungTim O'Mara
Wednesday 7th SeptemberSue MooneyTim O'Mara
2116020Thursday 8th SeptemberSarah BagshawTracey Rooney
2126021Friday 9th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxTracey Rooney
2136022Monday 12th SeptemberChris ThompsonTracey Rooney
2146023Tuesday 13th SeptemberBill LyonsPeter Rose
2156024Wednesday 14th SeptemberMark IllisPeter Rose
2166025Thursday 15th September1Julie ParsonsPeter Rose
2176026Thursday 15th September2Cameron McAllisterPeter Rose
2186027Friday 16th SeptemberBill TaylorTony Prescott
2196028Monday 19th SeptemberPeter KerryTony Prescott
2206029Tuesday 20th SeptemberStephen BennettTony Prescott
2216030Wednesday 21st SeptemberDavid McDermottTony Prescott
2226031Thursday 22nd September1Kirsty HaltonHenry Foster
2236032Thursday 22nd September2Karin YoungHenry Foster
2246033Friday 23rd SeptemberDawn HarrisonHenry Foster
2256034Monday 26th SeptemberPaul RoundellHenry Foster
2266035Tuesday 27th SeptemberMartin JamesonNeil Alderton
2276036Wednesday 28th SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeilNeil Alderton
2286037Thursday 29th September1Jane PearsonNeil Alderton
2296038Thursday 29th September2Jane PearsonNeil Alderton
2306039Friday 30th SeptemberSue MooneyTim Dowd
2316040Monday 3rd OctoberLinton ChiswickTim Dowd
2326041Tuesday 4th OctoberTim DynevorTim Dowd
Wednesday 5th OctoberAndrew KirkTim Dowd
2346044Thursday 6th October1Kirsty HaltonAlan Wareing
2356045Thursday 6th October2Sue MooneyAlan Wareing
2366046Friday 7th OctoberLinton ChiswickAlan Wareing
2376047Monday 10th OctoberMartin JamesonAlan Wareing
2386048Tuesday 11th OctoberBill LyonsAdrian Bean
Wednesday 12th OctoberSarah BagshawAdrian Bean
2406051Thursday 13th October1Lesley Clare O'NeilAdrian Bean
2416052Thursday 13th October2Karin YoungDavid Richardson
2426053Friday 14th OctoberStephen BennettDavid Richardson
2436054Monday 17th OctoberStephen BennettDavid Richardson
2446055Tuesday 18th OctoberDawn HarrisonDavid Richardson
2456056Wednesday 19th OctoberPeter KerryIan White
2466057Thursday 20th October1Caroline MitchellIan White
2476058Thursday 20th October2Caroline MitchellIan White
2486059Friday 21st OctoberTim DynevorIan White
2496060Monday 24th OctoberBill TaylorPeter Rose
2506061Tuesday 25th OctoberBill TaylorPeter Rose
2516062Wednesday 26th OctoberAndrew KirkPeter Rose
2526063Thursday 27th October1Samantha Doland De VauxPeter Rose
2536064Thursday 27th October2Jane PearsonPiotr Szkopiak
2546065Friday 28th OctoberCameron McAllisterPiotr Szkopiak
2556066Monday 31st OctoberDavid McDermottPiotr Szkopiak
2566067Tuesday 1st NovemberMark IllisPiotr Szkopiak
2576068Wednesday 2nd NovemberCameron McAllisterPip Short
2586069Thursday 3rd November1Sarah BagshawPip Short
2596070Thursday 3rd November2Sarah BagshawPip Short
2606071Friday 4th NovemberLinton ChiswickPip Short
2616072Monday 7th NovemberBill LyonsPip Short
2626073Tuesday 8th NovemberMartin JamesonPip Short
2636074Wednesday 9th NovemberLesley Clare O'NeillTim Dowd
2646075Thursday 10th November1Karin YoungTim Dowd
2656076Thursday 10th November2Karin YoungTim Dowd
2666077Friday 11th NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxTim Dowd
2676078Monday 14th NovemberTim DynevorTim Dowd
2686079Tuesday 15th NovemberTim DynevorTim Dowd
Wednesday 16th NovemberCaroline MitchellHenry Foster
2706082Thursday 17th November1Dawn HarrisonHenry Foster
2716083Thursday 17th November2Kirsty HaltonHenry Foster
2726084Friday 18th NovemberBill TaylorHenry Foster
2736085Monday 21st NovemberBill TaylorHenry Foster
2746086Tuesday 22nd NovemberDavid McDermottJudith Dine
2756087Wednesday 23rd NovemberDavid McDermottJudith Dine
Thursday 24th NovemberJane PearsonJudith Dine
2776090Friday 25th NovemberStephen BennettAdrian Bean
2786091Monday 28th NovemberStephen BennettAdrian Bean
2796092Tuesday 29th NovemberPeter KerryAdrian Bean
2806093Wednesday 30th NovemberSue MooneyAdrian Bean
Thursday 1st DecemberPaul RoundellAlan Wareing
2826096Friday 2nd DecemberJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing
2836097Monday 5th DecemberAndrew KirkAlan Wareing
2846098Tuesday 6th DecemberStephen BennettDuncan Foster
2856099Wednesday 7th DecemberStephen BennettDuncan Foster
2866100Thursday 8th December1Paul RoundellDuncan Foster
2876101Thursday 8th December2Paul RoundellDuncan Foster
2886102Friday 9th DecemberCameron McAllisterDuncan Foster
2896103Monday 12th DecemberPeter KerryIan White
2906104Tuesday 13th DecemberKirsty HaltonIan White
2916105Wednesday 14th DecemberSamantha Doland De VauxIan White
2926106Thursday 15th December1Julie ParsonsTim O'Mara
2936107Thursday 15th December2Julie ParsonsTim O'Mara
2946108Friday 16th DecemberBill LyonsTim O'Mara
2956109Monday 19th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillTim O'Mara
2966110Tuesday 20th DecemberJane PearsonTim O'Mara
2976111Wednesday 21st DecemberAndrew KirkNeil Alderton
2986112Thursday 22nd December1Sarah BagshawNeil Alderton
2996113Thursday 22nd December2Sarah BagshawNeil Alderton
3006114Friday 23rd DecemberDawn HarisonTim Dowd
Sunday 25th DecemberCaroline MitchellTim Dowd
3026117Monday 26th DecemberDavid McDermottTim Dowd
3036118Tuesday 27th DecemberLinton ChiswickPip Short
3046119Wednesday 28th DecemberTim DynevorPip Short
3056120Thursday 29th December1Bill TaylorPip Short
3066121Thursday 29th December2Bill TaylorPip Short
3076122Friday 30th DecemberJulie ParsonsAlan Wareing

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 211 1199 2
2 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson Full year 189 347 30
3 Nikhil Sharma Rik Makarem Full year 182 340 34
4 Charity Tate Emma Atkins Full year 179 1039 18
5 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year 172 1178 15
6 Aaron Livesy Danny Miller Full year 166 498 8
7 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Full year 163 1159 53
8 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year 158 1913 1
9 Gennie Walker Sian Reese-Williams Full year 148 475 34
10 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 144 1594 21
11 Laurel Thomas Charlotte Bellamy Full year 142 1033 38
12 Hazel Rhodes Pauline Quirke Full year 141 222 43
13 Adam Barton Adam Thomas Full year 140 332 16
14 Amy Wyatt Chelsea Halfpenny Full year 138 169 66
14 Declan Macey Jason Merrells Full year 138 255 22
14 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 138 2046 13
17 Nicola King Nicola Wheeler Full year 137 1261 5
18 Moira Barton Natalie J Robb Full year 135 355 11
19 Alicia Gallagher Natalie Anderson Full year 134 184 56
20 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 129 602 32
21 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 127 1090 13
22 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 124 1856 27
23 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 121 1811 36
24 John Barton James Thornton Full year 120 304 20
25 Carl King Tom Lister Full year, except November 119 1040 6
26 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 116 1637 4
26 Victoria Sugden Isabel Hodgins Full year 116 880 45
28 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 114 1477 10
29 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 109 1556 39
29 Val Pollard Charlie Hardwick Full year 109 1089 30
31 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward Full year 108 1055 25
32 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 104 2176 42
33 Cameron Murray Dominic Power From March 103 103 N/A
34 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop Full year 93 362 46
35 Holly Barton Sophie Powles Full year 92 262 29
35 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Full year 92 1238 37
37 Mia Macey Sapphire Elia Until August 90 105 76
38 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry Full year 88 231 33
39 Leyla Harding Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi Until August 84 387 16
40 Ella Hart Corrinne Wicks Until August 82 102 72
41 Jackson Walsh Marc Silcock Until July 81 168 41
42 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Full year 79 541 59
43 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year 78 760 49
44 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox Full year 77 1210 39
45 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones Full year 76 392 52
46 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Full year 75 356 73
47 Alex Moss Kurtis Stacey From April 74 74 N/A
48 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year, except April 72 1247 44
49 Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant Full year, except May 69 97 68
50 Hannah Barton Grace Cassidy Full year 68 183 48
51 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook Until December 51 1615 61
52 Alan Turner Richard Thorp Until April, from July 50 2618 63
52 Rachel Breckle Gemma Oaten From July 50 50 N/A
54 Scarlett Nicholls Kelsey-Beth Crossley Until July 45 386 27
55 Lizzie Lakely Kitty McGeever Until August, from December 44 165 51
56 Eve Jenson Suzanne Shaw Until May, July and August 43 204 23
57 Dermot Macey Frank Kelly Until August 42 49 81
58 Ryan Lamb James Sutton Until April 38 282 11
58 Kelly Windsor Adele Silva February to May 38 862 N/A
60 Samson Dingle Sam Hall Until August 37 200 70
61 Noah Tate Jack Downham Full year, except July 34 168 62
61 Roz Fielding Kirsty-Leigh Porter Until August 34 57 69
63 Leo Goskirk Harry Whittaker
Theo Tasker
From June 33 33 N/A
64 Gabrielle Thomas Annelise Manojlovic From June 31 313 64
64 Sean Spencer Luke Roskell From August 31 31 N/A
66 Angelica King Rebecca Bakes February to July, and from November 29 110 60
67 Ali Spencer Kelli Hollis From October 28 28 N/A
68 Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke April, June and from August 27 110 73
69 Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell From July 26 26 N/A
70 Nick Henshall Michael McKell Until February 25 70 66
71 Faye Lamb Kim Thomson Until March 23 237 25
72 Ruby Haswell Alicya Eyo From October 21 21 N/A
73 Elliot Windsor Oliver Brooke March to May 18 18 N/A
74 Georgia Sharma Trudie Goodwin From November 17 17 N/A
74 Priya Sharma Fiona Wade From November 17 63 77
76 Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel From November 14 14 N/A
77 Douglas Potts Duncan Preston Until February 10 410 19
78 Will Wylde Oscar Lloyd Until January 9 138 46
79 Kyle Wyatt Molly and Isaac Ainsworth December only 8 8 N/A
80 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling January, March, September and December 7 97 75
80 Dan Spencer Liam Fox November only 7 7 N/A
80 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling January, March, September and December 7 96 79
80 Maisie Wylde Alice Coulthard Until January 7 304 3
80 Terry Woods Billy Hartman Until January 7 1638 49
80 Viv Hope Deena Payne Until January 7 2044 23
86 Jude Watson Andy Wear July, from December 6 6 N/A
86 TJ Woods Connor Lee Until January 6 305 76
87 Michael Feldmann Matthew Vaughan Until January 1 332 82



  • Adam breaks up with Scarlett and starts to flirt with Mia.
  • Pollard tells Val what really happened the night that Elizabeth died. Val isn't sure if she can trust him, but he later convinces her and she moves back in with him. Pollard tells Michael the truth and he leaves.
  • Nikhil proposes to Maisie, she asks to think about it but later says yes. After seeing how upset Will is about her proposal, she tells Nikhil she can't lie to anybody anymore and tells him that she was only planning to marry him for security. She and WIll leave Emmerdale leaving Nikhil devastated.
  • Derek 's flirting with Lisa takes a horrific turn when he rapes her in the factory. She decides against telling Zak fearing what he would do if he found out. She confesses to Debbie, but telling her she doesn't know who it was, and asks her to keep it secret.
  • Alicia is worried about losing Jacob to Justin. Leyla manages to get the two of them to come to an agreement.
  • Pollard and Val look into fostering Amy. But when the social worker comes to interview them, Amy potentially screws things up by going lying and going missing.
  • Terry and Viv go dancing with each other, they kiss. Brenda starts to wonder if they are having an affair.
  • Henshall sets fire to the backs of Victoria Cottage, but doesn't count on the fire spreading to houses in the rest of the village and Terry and Viv die in the fire. Henshall tries to frame Andy for setting the fire.
  • Doug starts seeing Hilary again.
  • Charity starts to make Cain jealous by spending all of her time with Jai. Cain and Jai soon become enemies.
  • Jimmy gets a phone call from Kelly Windsor.
  • Jackson starts to feel guilty about Aaron spending so much time sitting inside with him.
  • Roz moves in with the Bartons.


  • Lisa attends court to give evidence against Derek. She tells Zak she doesn't want him there but he turns up anyway. Derek is found not guilty of raping Lisa, but is sent to prison.
  • David buys Amy a necklace, she tries to convince her friends that David fancies her. She makes a move on David but, shocked, he pushes her off. Mortified, she flees the village but not before telling Victoria that he has been having an affair with her and has now finished with her. Victoria then spreads the news around the village.
  • Katie knocks back Nikhil. He later takes Chas out.
  • Jackson, Hazel and Aaron go on holiday to Whitby. Aaron plans a surprise skydive for him and Jackson much to Hazel's horror. Jackson goes through it but Aaron chickens out. Despite being on a high following the sky dive, Jackson is still adamant he wants to die and begs Hazel and Aaron to agree to help him. After realising this must truly be what Jackson wants, they agree.
  • Alex kisses Victoria.
  • Ella continues to flirt with Adam.

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