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2015 was Emmerdale's 44th year. Production was overseen by Kate Oates.

291 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included the secret affair between Aaron Livesy and Robert Sugden leading to Katie Sugden's death, Debbie Dingle's affair with Ross Barton, Lachlan White's sexual assault on Alicia Metcalfe, Laurel Dingle's descent into alcohol addiction and a helicopter crash in the village that killed Val Pollard and Ruby Haswell.


Helicopter Crash 2015

One of Duncan Foster's iconic wideshots during the helicopter crash

Kate Oates continued her role as Series Producer for the third year running.

The year was heavy on cast exits as a number of long standing characters departed. Paula Tilbrook decided to retire as Betty Eagleton in an exit story which saw Betty leave for Australia in May. She would make a final fleeting appearance on Christmas Day. Sammy Winward also dropped out, having already announced her departure the previous year. Katie Sugden was killed off in a decision which left Sammy reportedly relieved to have her safety net of ever returning to the programme removed, fueling her motivation to make a success of future projects. Onscreen, her death would trigger the biggest storyline to involve the Sugden family in a number of years. Charlie Hardwick also shocked fans by announcing on Loose Women in June that she was quitting the show after appearing since 2004. Val Pollard's exit was screened less than two months later.

On 8th December, news broke that Shirley Stelfox had passed away following a short battle with cancer. Shirley had clocked up fifteen years at Emmerdale. Also on 16th August, actress Kitty McGeever, who last appeared as Lizzie Lakely in 2013 before the actress took a break due to ill health, passed away. Kitty had been waiting for a kidney transplant but sadly this had never happened.

Other departures for the year included Natalie Anderson as Alicia Metcalfe, Alicya Eyo as Ruby Haswell and Kelli Hollis as Ali Spencer. In August, viewers believed Michael Parr had bowed out as Ross Barton in a surprise exit after two years. A fight between Ross and his onscreen brother Pete saw Ross fall and crack his head. Pete, believing his brother to be dead, covered his death and buried him in a shallow grave in woodland. Michael Parr did his best to convince fans that he had left, jokingly requesting employment opportunities on Twitter and a petition was started online by devastated fans wanting writers to bring Ross back to the programme. The petition ran up 7,000 signatures and Ross returned to screen less than three weeks later. Though Ross's return had always been planned, some online news reports have falsely taken credit for bringing Michael back to the programme through the power of the petition.

Temporary exits came from Emma Atkins and Nicola Wheeler as both actresses went on maternity leave. Emma opted to take a longer break and remained missing for most of the year, returning infrequently to push certain storylines along. Trudie Goodwin also took a break from the programme allowing Georgia Sharma to depart the village on a cruise.

Cast additions for the year included the arrival of Gillian Kearney as Emma Barton and the return of Carly Hope, now portrayed by Gemma Atkinson. Denise Black as Joanie Wright also reprised her role along with Huey Quinn as Kyle Winchester. Two other former characters also returned to the programme for visits - Mathew Bose as Paul Lambert for six episodes between March and September and Rik Makarem as Nikhil Sharma. One of the biggest surprise returns of the year saw Gemma Oaten reprise her role as Rachel Breckle for Charity Dingle's trial in January. Here, the programme managed to succeed in keeping the secret where they had failed previously with Roxy Shahidi's return in 2013. Gemma would stay with the programme for eight months before departing again.

A dramatic helicopter stunt announcement was reported in the press in August. Initial reports indicated that the stunt would be of catastrophic proportions for the residents and would rival the plane crash of 1993, though in reality the helicopter crash failed to reach the impact of destruction or aftermath on the village that the plane crash had previously. Series Producer Kate Oates later revealed that the crash was originally planned for later in the year but bosses at ITV had requested the crash to be planned into storylines for August. Not unlike the plane crash twenty-two years previously, the stunt also attracted controversy for similarities to the real-life helicopter crash in Glasgow in 2013. The programme was cleared by Ofcom of being insensitive however.

In other news, The Emmerdale Club, the official fan club set up by Jenny Godfrey in 1990 celebrated its 25th anniversary in January. The club and it's members celebrated with a series of special reflective newsletters distributed to members throughout the year.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
Thursday 1st JanuaryBill Taylor
Tim Dynevor
Ian Barber5,520,00028
27070Friday 2nd JanuaryIsobel CameronAlan Wareing5,640,00024
37071Monday 5th JanuaryJane PearsonAlan Wareing6,040,00021
47072Tuesday 6th JanuaryBill LyonsAlan Wareing5,890,00023
57073Wednesday 7th JanuaryCameron McAllisterAlan Wareing5,720,00029
67074Thursday 8th January1Dawn HarrisonMickey Jones5,730,00028
77075Thursday 8th January2Sarah BagshawMickey Jones5,650,00032
87076Friday 9th JanuarySamantha Doland De VauxMickey Jones6,040,00022
97077Monday 12th JanuaryBill TaylorMickey Jones6,000,00022
107078Tuesday 13th JanuaryPaul RoundellTracey Rooney6,220,00019
117079Wednesday 14th JanuaryPaul RoundellTracey Rooney5,970,00023
127080Thursday 15th January1Martin FustesTracey Rooney5,960,00025
137081Thursday 15th January2Martin FustesTracey Rooney5,650,00029
147082Friday 16th JanuaryBill LyonsBrett Fallis5,870,00026
157083Monday 19th JanuaryJo SummerscalesBrett Fallis6,330,00019
Tuesday 20th JanuaryMaxine AldertonBrett Fallis5,840,00027
177086Thursday 22nd January1Peter KerryJeff Naylor6,170,00022
187087Thursday 22nd January2Cameron McAllisterJeff Naylor5,940,00023
197088Friday 23rd JanuaryPaul CoatesJeff Naylor6,190,00021
207089Monday 26th JanuaryCaroline MitchellJeff Naylor6,230,00019
217090Tuesday 27th JanuaryJulie ParsonsPeter Rose6,140,00020
227091Wednesday 28th JanuaryAndrew KirkPeter Rose6,110,00021
237092Thursday 29th January1Isobel CameronPeter Rose5,900,00022
247093Thursday 29th January2Isobel CameronPeter Rose5,750,00025
257094Friday 30th JanuaryJane PearsonNeil Alderton
Paul Copeland
267095Monday 2nd FebruaryLinton ChiswickNeil Alderton
Paul Copeland
277096Tuesday 3rd FebruaryKarin YoungNeil Alderton
Paul Copeland
287097Wednesday 4th FebruaryTim DynevorNeil Alderton
Paul Copeland
297098Thursday 5th February1Martin FustesTim Dowd6,250,00015
307099Thursday 5th February2Maxine AldertonTim Dowd6,120,00019
317100Friday 6th FebruaryKirsty HaltonTim Dowd5,770,00024
327101Monday 9th FebruaryKarin YoungTim Dowd6,340,00017
337102Tuesday 10th FebruarySamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing6,120,00020
347103Wednesday 11th FebruaryBill TaylorAlan Wareing6,150,00019
357104Thursday 12th February1Paul RoundellAlan Wareing5,950,00021
367105Thursday 12th February2Dawn HarrisonAlan Wareing5,780,00024
377106Friday 13th FebruaryJulie ParsonsIan Barber5,560,00025
387107Monday 16th FebruarySarah BagshawIan Barber6,190,00017
397108Tuesday 17th FebruaryPeter KerryIan Barber5,870,00022
407109Wednesday 18th FebruaryAndrew KirkIan Barber5,950,00021
Thursday 19th FebruaryOwen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester5,220,00029
427112Friday 20th FebruaryBill LyonsDavid Kester5,850,00023
437113Monday 23rd FebruaryJo SummerscalesIan Barber6,140,00017
447114Tuesday 24th FebruaryDavid McDermottMichael Lacey5,930,00020
457115Wednesday 25th FebruaryCameron McAllisterMichael Lacey5,980,00018
Thursday 26th FebruaryIsobel CameronMichael Lacey5,230,00026
477118Friday 27th FebruaryJane PearsonIan Bevitt5,950,00019
487119Monday 2nd MarchLinton ChiswickIan Bevitt6,420,00014
497120Tuesday 3rd MarchLesley Clare O'NeillIan Bevitt5,940,00016
507121Wednesday 4th MarchCaroline MitchellIan Bevitt5,760,00019
517122Thursday 5th March1Paul RoundellPeter Rose5,670,00020
527123Thursday 5th March2Paul RoundellPeter Rose5,250,00027
537124Friday 6th MarchLinton ChiswickPeter Rose5,460,00024
547125Monday 9th MarchDawn HarrisonPeter Rose5,960,00016
557126Tuesday 10th MarchBill TaylorPip Short5,870,00017
567127Wednesday 11th MarchBill TaylorPip Short5,830,00018
Thursday 12th MarchKirsty HaltonPip Short5,110,00030
587130Friday 13th MarchTim DynevorJeff Naylor5,460,00022
597131Monday 16th MarchAndrew KirkJeff Naylor5,980,00014
607132Tuesday 17th MarchJulie ParsonsJeff Naylor5,720,00017
617133Wednesday 18th MarchPaul CoatesJeff Naylor5,620,00020
627134Thursday 19th March1Owen Lloyd-FoxIan Barber5,250,00026
637135Thursday 19th March2Owen Lloyd-FoxIan Barber5,030,00031
647136Friday 20th MarchSamantha Doland De VauxIan Barber5,390,00022
657137Monday 23rd MarchBill LyonsIan Barber6,090,00010
667138Tuesday 24th MarchJo SummerscalesNickie Lister5,830,00015
677139Wednesday 25th MarchKarin YoungNickie Lister5,610,00019
687140Thursday 26th March1Martin FustesNickie Lister5,620,00018
697141Thursday 26th March2Jane PearsonNickie Lister5,250,00028
707142Friday 27th MarchSarah BagshawSasha Ransome4,620,00035
717143Monday 30th MarchPeter KerrySasha Ransome5,930,00012
727144Tuesday 31st MarchCameron McAllisterSasha Ransome5,750,00015
737145Wednesday 1st AprilLesley Clare O'NeillSasha Ransome5,560,000
Thursday 2nd AprilDawn HarrisonIan Bevitt5,340,000
757148Friday 3rd AprilKarin YoungIan Bevitt5,330,000
767149Monday 6th AprilKirsty HaltonIan Bevitt5,170,000
777150Tuesday 7th AprilJane PearsonMichael Lacey
Simon Ferguson
787151Wednesday 8th AprilMartin FustesMichael Lacey5,590,000
797152Thursday 9th April1Maxine AldertonMichael Lacey5,330,000
807153Thursday 9th April2Maxine AldertonMichael Lacey4,960,000
817154Friday 10th AprilPaul CoatesLee Salisbury5,170,000
827155Monday 13th AprilLinton ChiswickLee Salisbury5,810,000
837156Tuesday 14th AprilJo SummerscalesLee Salisbury4,990,000
847157Wednesday 15th AprilPeter KerryLee Salisbury5,230,000
857158Thursday 16th April1Paul RoundellPeter Rose5,190,000
867159Thursday 16th April2Paul RoundellPeter Rose5,070,000
877160Friday 17th AprilLesley Clare O'NeillPeter Rose5,060,000
887161Monday 20th AprilBill TaylorPeter Rose5,290,000
897162Tuesday 21st AprilTim DynevorPeter Rose5,210,000
907163Wednesday 22nd AprilCameron McAllisterPeter Rose5,100,000
917164Thursday 23rd April1Owen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster5,010,000
927165Thursday 23rd April2Owen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster4,780,000
937166Friday 24th AprilMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster5,250,000
947167Monday 27th AprilJulie ParsonsDuncan Foster5,470,000
957168Tuesday 28th AprilSamantha Doland De VauxDuncan Foster5,550,000
967169Wednesday 29th AprilDavid McDermottDuncan Foster5,200,000
977170Thursday 30th April1Isobel CameronPip Short4,840,000
987171Thursday 30th April2Isobel CameronPip Short4,830,000
997172Friday 1st MayAndrew KirkPip Short4,970,000
1007173Monday 4th MaySarah BagshawPip Short5,280,000
1017174Tuesday 5th MayCaroline MitchellPip Short5,330,000
1027175Wednesday 6th MayBill LyonsPip Short5,300,000
1037176Thursday 7th May1Isobel CameronSean Healy5,080,000
1047177Thursday 7th May2Bill TaylorSean Healy5,230,000
1057178Friday 8th MayBill LyonsSean Healy5,410,000
1067179Monday 11th MayDawn HarrisonSean Healy5,540,000
1077180Tuesday 12th MayKirsty HaltonTim Finn5,350,000
1087181Wednesday 13th MaySamantha Doland De VauxTim Finn5,050,000
1097182Thursday 14th May1Jane PearsonTim Finn5,330,000
1107183Thursday 14th May2Martin FustesTim Finn5,110,000
1117184Friday 15th MayLinton ChiswickNickie Lister4,990,000
1127185Monday 18th MayLesley Clare O'NeillNickie Lister5,440,000
1137186Tuesday 19th MayPeter KerryNickie Lister5,210,000
1147187Wednesday 20th MaySarah BagshawNickie Lister5,180,000
Thursday 21st MayMaxine AldertonMichael Lacey4,640,000
1167190Friday 22nd MayPaul RoundellMichael Lacey4,970,000
1177191Monday 25th MayOwen Lloyd-FoxMichael Lacey5,360,000
1187192Tuesday 26th MayAndrew KirkJudith Dine5,300,000
1197193Wednesday 27th MayKarin YoungJudith Dine5,200,000
1207194Thursday 28th MayCameron McAllisterJudith Dine5,010,000
1217195Friday 29th MayCameron McAllisterJudith Dine5,180,000
1227196Monday 1st JuneHelen ChildsLee Salisbury5,690,000
Tuesday 2nd JuneJo Summerscales
Caroline Mitchell
Lee Salisbury5,180,000
1247199Wednesday 3rd JuneJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury5,130,000
1257200Thursday 4th June1Peter KerryIan Bevitt4,990,000
1267201Thursday 4th June2Isobel CameronIan Bevitt4,950,000
1277202Friday 5th JuneJane PearsonIan Bevitt4,780,000
1287203Monday 8th JuneTim DynevorIan Bevitt5,420,000
1297204Tuesday 9th JuneMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster5,140,000
1307205Wednesday 10th JuneJo SummerscalesDuncan Foster4,870,000
1317206Thursday 11th June1Dawn HarrisonDuncan Foster
Simon Ferguson
1327207Thursday 11th June2Helen ChildsDuncan Foster
Simon Ferguson
1337208Friday 12th JuneSamantha Doland De VauxDiana Patrick4,860,000
1347209Monday 15th JuneBill LyonsDiana Patrick5,330,000
1357210Tuesday 16th JuneSara BagshawDiana Patrick4,970,000
1367211Wednesday 17th JuneLinton ChiswickDiana Patrick5,190,000
1377212Thursday 18th June1Paul RoundellSean Healy4,880,000
1387213Thursday 18th June2Kirsty HaltonSean Healy4,720,000
1397214Friday 19th JuneCameron McAllisterSean Healy4,440,000
1407215Monday 22nd JuneMartin FustesSean Healy5,340,000
1417216Tuesday 23rd JuneAndrew KirkNeil Alderton
Paul Copeland
1427217Wednesday 24th JunePaul CoatesNeil Alderton5,060,000
1437218Thursday 25th June1Owen Lloyd-FoxNeil Alderton5,120,000
1447219Thursday 25th June2Owen Lloyd-FoxNeil Alderton5,250,000
1457220Friday 26th JuneKarin YoungNickie Lister4,990,000
1467221Monday 29th JuneCaroline MitchellNickie Lister5,070,000
1477222Tuesday 30th JuneJulie ParsonsNickie Lister4,860,000
1487223Wednesday 1st JulyBill TaylorNickie Lister4,810,000
1497224Thursday 2nd July1Bill TaylorJudith Dine4,970,000
1507225Thursday 2nd July2Bill TaylorJudith Dine5,040,000
1517226Friday 3rd JulySamantha Doland De VauxJudith Dine4,040,000
1527227Monday 6th JulySarah BagshawJudith Dine5,110,000
1537228Tuesday 7th JulyBill LyonsLee Salisbury4,800,000
1547229Wednesday 8th JulyJulie ParsonsLee Salisbury5,120,000
Thursday 9th JulyPaul RoundellLee Salisbury4,860,000
1567232Friday 10th JulyPaul CoatesJohn Anderson
Sarah Kendell
1577233Monday 13th JulyLinton ChiswickJohn Anderson5,540,000
1587234Tuesday 14th JulyDawn HarrisonJohn Anderson5,130,000
1597235Wednesday 15th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillJohn Anderson4,930,000
1607236Thursday 16th July1Maxine AldertonDavid Moor5,130,000
1617237Thursday 16th July2Maxine AldertonDavid Moor4,980,000
1627238Friday 17th JulyHelen ChildsDavid Moor5,090,000
1637239Monday 20th JulyCaroline MitchellDavid Moor5,630,000
1647240Tuesday 21st JulyJo SummerscalesTim O'Mara5,240,000
1657241Wednesday 22nd JulyJane PearsonTim O'Mara5,060,000
1667242Thursday 23rd July1Owen Lloyd-FoxTim O'Mara5,300,000
1677243Thursday 23rd July2Peter KerryTim O'Mara5,410,000
1687244Friday 24th JulyAndrew KirkDiana Patrick5,360,000
1697245Monday 27th JulyIsobel CameronDiana Patrick5,600,000
1707246Tuesday 28th JulyCameron McAllisterDiana Patrick5,360,000
1717247Wednesday 29th JulyMartin FustesDiana Patrick5,200,000
1727248Thursday 30th July1Paul RoundellBrett Fallis5,130,000
1737249Thursday 30th July2Paul RoundellBrett Fallis5,230,000
1747250Friday 31st JulyJane PearsonBrett Fallis4,970,000
1757251Monday 3rd AugustDawn HarrisonBrett Fallis5,760,000
Tuesday 4th AugustMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster6,310,000
1777254Wednesday 5th AugustOwen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster6,530,000
1787255Thursday 6th August1Owen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster6,090,000
1797256Thursday 6th August2Linton ChiswickDuncan Foster6,350,000
1807257Friday 7th AugustMartin FustesNeil Alderton5,860,000
1817258Monday 10th AugustJulie ParsonsNeil Alderton6,220,000
1827259Tuesday 11th AugustBill LyonsNeil Alderton5,650,000
1837260Wednesday 12th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillJudith Dine5,230,000
1847261Thursday 13th August1Peter KerryJudith Dine5,780,000
1857262Thursday 13th August2Jo SummerscalesJudith Dine5,390,000
1867263Friday 14th AugustPaul RoundellJudith Dine5,590,000
1877264Monday 17th AugustKirsty HaltonJudith Dine5,660,000
1887265Tuesday 18th AugustPaul CoatesJeff Naylor5,310,000
1897266Wednesday 19th AugustSarah BagshawJeff Naylor5,590,000
Thursday 20th AugustBill Taylor
Helen Childs
Jeff Naylor5,470,000
1917269Friday 21st AugustAndrew KirkAlan Wareing5,230,000
1927270Monday 24th AugustTim DynevorAlan Wareing5,600,000
Tuesday 25th AugustIsobel CameronAlan Wareing5,130,000
1947273Wednesday 26th AugustCameron McAllisterAlan Wareing5,430,000
Thursday 27th AugustCameron McAllister
Sarah Bagshaw
Diana Patrick5,360,000
1967276Friday 28th AugustTim DynevorDiana Patrick5,150,000
1977277Monday 31st AugustBill LyonsDiana Patrick5,180,000
Tuesday 1st SeptemberMartin FustesTracey Rooney5,350,000
1997280Wednesday 2nd SeptemberLesley Clare O'NeillTracey Rooney5,330,000
Thursday 3rd SeptemberLinton ChiswickTracey Rooney5,150,000
2017283Friday 4th SeptemberJo SummerscalesTim O'Mara4,910,000
2027284Monday 7th SeptemberHelen ChildsTim O'Mara5,330,000
2037285Tuesday 8th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxTim O'Mara4,410,000
2047286Wednesday 9th SeptemberKirsty HaltonTim O'Mara5,420,000
Thursday 10th SeptemberIsobel CameronTim Dowd4,970,000
2067289Friday 11th SeptemberDawn HarrisonTim Dowd5,180,000
2077290Monday 14th SeptemberJulie ParsonsTim Dowd5,470,000
Tuesday 15th SeptemberPaul RoundellBrett Fallis5,150,000
2097293Wednesday 16th SeptemberAndrew KirkBrett Fallis5,120,000
Thursday 17th SeptemberBill TaylorBrett Fallis5,210,000
2117296Monday 21st SeptemberJane PearsonDavid Kester5,600,000
2127297Tuesday 22nd SeptemberPeter KerryDavid Kester5,160,000
2137298Wednesday 23rd September1Owen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester5,320,000
2147299Wednesday 23rd September2Owen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester5,240,000
2157300Thursday 24th SeptemberDawn HarrisonVicky Thomas
Neil Alderton
2167301Friday 25th September1Maxine AldertonNeil Alderton5,100,000
2177302Friday 25th September2Cameron McAllisterNeil Alderton4,740,000
2187303Monday 28th SeptemberPeter KerryNeil Alderton5,540,000
Tuesday 29th SeptemberPaul RoundellJeff Naylor5,370,000
2207306Wednesday 30th SeptemberBill LyonsJeff Naylor5,400,000
Thursday 1st OctoberBill TaylorJeff Naylor5,160,000
2227309Friday 2nd OctoberLinton ChiswickAlan Wareing5,000,000
2237310Monday 5th OctoberJo SummerscalesAlan Wareing5,660,000
Tuesday 6th OctoberJane PearsonAlan Wareing5,170,000
2257313Wednesday 7th OctoberSamantha Doland De VauxAlan Wareing5,370,000
2267314Thursday 8th October1Isobel CameronTracey Rooney5,270,000
2277315Thursday 8th October2Isobel CameronTracey Rooney5,350,000
2287316Monday 12th OctoberAndrew KirkTracey Rooney4,880,000
2297317Tuesday 13th OctoberAndrew KirkTracey Rooney5,320,000
2307318Wednesday 14th OctoberSarah BagshawMickey Jones5,410,000
2317319Thursday 15th October1Martin FustesMickey Jones5,580,000
2327320Thursday 15th October2Martin FustesMickey Jones5,310,000
2337321Friday 16th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones5,110,000
2347322Monday 19th OctoberPaul CoatesTim O'Mara5,680,000
2357323Tuesday 20th OctoberHelen ChildsTim O'Mara5,450,000
2367324Wednesday 21st OctoberOwen Lloyd-FoxTim O'Mara5,590,000
2377325Thursday 22nd October1Julie ParsonsTim O'Mara5,730,000
Thursday 22nd October2Maxine AldertonNeil Alderton5,830,000
2397328Friday 23rd OctoberMaxine AldertonDavid Kester5,600,000
2407329Monday 26th OctoberKirsty HaltonDavid Kester5,860,000|
2417330Tuesday 27th OctoberKirsty HaltonDavid Kester5,540,000
2427331Wednesday 28th OctoberOwen Lloyd-FoxBrett Fallis5,780,000
Thursday 29th OctoberBill TaylorBrett Fallis5,560,000
2447334Monday 2nd NovemberSarah BagshawBrett Fallis5,790,000
2457335Tuesday 3rd NovemberTim DynevorTim Dowd5,580,000
2467336Wednesday 4th NovemberPaul CoatesTim Dowd5,360,000
Thursday 5th NovemberMartin FustesTim Dowd5,240,000
2487339Friday 6th NovemberJane PearsonPaul Copeland5,200,000
2497340Monday 9th NovemberJulie ParsonsPaul Copeland5,750,000
2507341Tuesday 10th NovemberBill LyonsPaul Copeland5,580,000
2517342Wednesday 11th NovemberOwen Lloyd-FoxAlan Wareing5,520,000
2527343Thursday 12th November1Owen Lloyd-FoxAlan Wareing5,410,000
2537344Thursday 12th November2Lesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing5,170,000
2547345Monday 16th NovemberHelen ChildsAlan Wareing5,550,000
2557346Tuesday 17th NovemberIsobel CameronAlan Wareing5,550,000
2567347Wednesday 18th NovemberDawn HarrisonIan Barber5,500,000
2577348Thursday 19th November1Peter KerryIan Barber5,310,000
2587349Thursday 19th November2Cameron McAllisterIan Barber5,000,000
2597350Friday 20th NovemberLinton ChiswickIan Barber5,400,000
2607351Monday 23rd NovemberMaxine AldertonMichael Lacey5,690,000
Tuesday 24th NovemberMaxine AldertonMichael Lacey5,370,000
2627354Wednesday 25th NovemberSarah BagshawMichael Lacey5,520,000
Thursday 26th NovemberMartin FustesMichael Lacey5,470,000
2647357Friday 27th NovemberMartin FustesPeter Rose5,240,000
2657358Monday 30th NovemberIsobel CameronPeter Rose5,790,000
2667359Tuesday 1st DecemberIsobel CameronPeter Rose5,680,000
2677360Wednesday 2nd DecemberBill LyonsPeter Rose5,330,000
2687361Thursday 3rd December1Kirsty HaltonPeter Rose5,280,000
2697362Thursday 3rd December2Kirsty HaltonPeter Rose5,290,000
2707363Friday 4th DecemberJane PearsonMickey Jones5,320,000
2717364Monday 7th DecemberJane PearsonMickey Jones5,320,000
2727365Tuesday 8th DecemberTim DynevorMickey Jones5,300,000
2737366Wednesday 9th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones5,070,000
2747367Thursday 10th December1Bill TaylorMickey Jones5,460,000
2757368Thursday 10th December2Bill TaylorMickey Jones5,270,000
2767369Friday 11th DecemberDawn HarrisonSimon Ferguson5,150,000
2777370Monday 14th DecemberJo SummerscalesSimon Ferguson5,460,000
2787371Tuesday 15th DecemberPeter KerrySimon Ferguson5,530,000
2797372Wednesday 16th DecemberHelen ChildsDavid Kester5,150,000
2807373Thursday 17th December1Owen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester5,280,000
2817374Thursday 17th December2Owen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester5,280,000
2827375Friday 18th DecemberCameron McAllisterTim O'Mara5,080,000
2837376Monday 21st DecemberLinton ChiswickTim O'Mara5,160,000
2847377Tuesday 22nd DecemberAndrew KirkTim O'Mara5,190,000
2857378Wednesday 23rd DecemberAndrew KirkTim O'Mara4,970,000
Thursday 24th DecemberMartin FustesSarah Kendell
Tony Prescott
Friday 25th DecemberPaul RoundellTony Prescott4,210,000
2887383Monday 28th DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillIan Barber5,300,000
2897384Tuesday 29th DecemberCameron McAllisterIan Barber5,430,000
2907385Wednesday 30th DecemberBill TaylorIan Barber5,370,000
Thursday 31st DecemberIsobel CameronIan Barber5,140,000

Main CastEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 191 1908 5
2 Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley Full year 173 1374 57
3 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year 158 2426 10
4 Aaron Livesy Danny Miller Full year 157 775 47
4 Chrissie White/Sugden Louise Marwood Full year 157 196 61
6 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Full year 156 1828 2
7 Ross Barton Michael Parr Full year 154 324 5
8 Finn Barton Joe Gill Full year 142 261 26
9 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 136 2037 11
10 Emma Barton Gillian Kearney From January 134 134 N/A
11 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 130 1113 20
12 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year 128 1746 3
13 Victoria Sugden/Barton Isabel Hodgins Full year 126 1347 26
14 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Full year 125 2058 33
15 Lawrence White John Bowe Full year 123 156 64
16 Laurel Dingle Charlotte Bellamy Full year 122 1551 23
16 Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb Full year 122 890 9
18 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Full year 121 2091 46
19 Kerry Wyatt Laura Norton Full year 118 433 16
20 James Barton Bill Ward Full year 117 262 12
20 Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan Full year 117 252 16
22 Leyla Harding Roxy Shahidi Full year 113 635 12
23 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson Full year 112 864 4
24 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 109 2361 5
25 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 108 1979 40
26 Bernice Blackstock/White Samantha Giles Full year 107 872 21
26 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell Full year 107 2623 39
28 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year 106 1668 25
29 Adam Barton Adam Thomas Full year 105 750 29
30 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 101 2539 14
31 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop Full year 100 747 41
31 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 100 2291 19
33 Doug Potts Duncan Preston Full year 99 544 62
33 Priya Sharma Fiona Wade Full year 99 512 21
35 Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson Full year, except June 97 117 71
36 Dan Spencer Liam Fox Full year 93 473 14
37 Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick Full year 90 319 37
38 Alicia Metcalfe Natalie Anderson Until June, August and September 89 587 25
38 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry Full year 89 613 44
40 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Full year 88 872 35
41 Carly Hope Gemma Atkinson March to July, from September 87 92 N/A
41 Val Pollard Charlie Hardwick Until August 87 1493 37
43 Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton Full year 83 206 32
44 Rakesh Kotecha Pasha Bocarie Full year 82 133 54
45 Tracy Shankley Amy Walsh From January 81 102 69
46 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 80 1511 29
47 Megan Macey/Sharma Gaynor Faye Full year, except May 77 509 8
48 Kirin Kotecha Adam Fielding Full year 75 111 62
49 Rachel Breckle Gemma Oaten January to August 74 354 74
50 Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel Full year 72 354 42
51 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Until February and from July 57 1534 51
52 Joanie Wright Denise Black From June 53 81 N/A
53 Nicola King Nicola Wheeler Until March, May and from November 52 1746 16
54 Moses Dingle Arthur Cockroft From June 51 51 N/A
54 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones Full year, except April 51 666 59
56 April Windsor Amelia Flanagan Full year, except February 50 124 43
56 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year, except July 50 933 68
58 Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox March to October 45 1503 51
59 Ruby Haswell Alicya Eyo Until August 44 432 29
59 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Full year 44 588 60
61 Gabby Thomas Annelise Manojlovic Full year, except July and August 38 489 66
62 Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell Full year, except March and July 37 214 53
63 Ali Spencer Kelli Hollis January to February and April to August 35 385 36
64 Archie Breckle Aadam Wahab Shahzad Until August 32 95 83
64 Nikhil Sharma Rik Makarem From October 32 613 N/A
66 Kyle Winchester Huey Quinn From June 30 59 N/A
67 Jack Sugden Seth Ball Full year, except April 27 108 72
68 Georgia Sharma Trudie Goodwin Until April 26 191 57
68 Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant Until June and September 26 281 54
70 Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke March to June and from September 24 239 65
71 Katie Sugden Sammy Winward Until February 23 1408 33
72 Noah Dingle Jack Downham January to February, May to July and from October 19 315 56
73 Amba Metcalfe Ava Jayasinghe Until February, April to June, August to October and from December 18 41 69
73 Charity Dingle Emma Atkins Until February, June to July and December 18 1559 1
75 Samson Dingle Sam Hall Until June, August and from November 17 294 66
76 Angelica King Rebecca Bakes January, March to April, July to November 16 192 74
77 Johnny Woodfield Luca Hepworth From September 12 12 N/A
78 Leo Goskirk Harvey Rogerson January, April, June to July and from November 11 124 76
79 Jermaine Bailey Micah Balfour June to July and September to October 9 9 N/A
80 Liam Cavanagh Jonny McPherson January, March, May, November to December 7 14 81
81 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling March, July to August and from November 6 126 79
81 Molly Sharma Unknown From October 6 83 84
81 Paul Lambert Mathew Bose March and September only 6 560 N/A
83 Betty Eagleton Paula Tilbrook May and December only 5 1684 77
83 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling March, July to August and from November 5 126 79
83 Gemma Andrews
(voice only)
Tendai Rinomhota January only 1 70 71



  • Belle attempts to silence Gemma's torment by taking legal highs dealt to her by Lachlan. When he decides to try the high himself, he has a seizure and slips into unconsciousness. He is rushed to hospital and soon makes a full recovery. In order to keep him out of trouble, Chrissie agrees to let him join David and Alicia's kids football team. Lachlan soon takes a shine to hanging around the pair and becomes inspired by David's tattoos, getting one of his own. David steadily starts to feel uneasy as he believes Lachlan to have a man-crush on him, but Lachlan seems to have his sights on Alicia.
  • Aaron and Robert continue their affair but Robert warns Aaron that it will end when he marries Chrissie. Katie begins to believe that Robert is having an affair and intends to expose him.
January 2015

The Barton boys come face to face with their mum.

  • Finn tracks down his mum, Emma, in Hotten and introduces himself to her. The pair initially agree to meet in private but Finn later breaks the news to the rest of the family that he's tracked her down. Pete especially doesn't take the news well and unsuccessfully tries to manipulate Finn into giving up seeing his mother. Emma soon comes face to face with Ross and Pete following a bar fight and introduces herself to them. Pete is adamant he wants nothing to do with her but Ross is curious and agrees to keep seeing her. Ross breaks the news to Emma that her suspicions of James having an affair with Moira all those years ago came out to be true last summer and that they had a child together - Adam. Emma storms across to The Woolpack and slaps James, before subtly threatening Moira - her first contact with both of them in twenty two years. Pete confides in James that he remembers seeing Emma attempting to smother Ross when they were younger. Meanwhile, Ross and Finn become attached to Emma and stage a break-in at her house in order to unnerve her into needing to move in with them. As Pete continues to resent her, Emma begs James to try to win him around. When he refuses to help, the two become involved in an argument on the farm and Emma swings out in frustration at a hoist causing a pallet to fall down on James. Emma initially leaves him for dead but is forced to turn back and help when she witnesses Pete approaching. James remembers nothing of the incident and thanks her for saving his life while Pete agrees to give her a chance in order to show his gratitude.
  • Cain collapses in the garage and soon reveals to Charity that he's been having dizzy spells and blacking out. She forces him to go to the hospital where he's told he has a brain aneurism, brought on by his head injury a few years ago. Initially keeping the news quiet from everyone bar Charity, the news comes out when he collapses in the brook and is taken off to hospital. Moira persuades him to overcome his fears of having the operation. He does, the following day, and the operation is deemed a success.
  • Jai and Megan tie the knot but find their family threatened when Rachel Breckle returns to the village with Archie and Jai discovers the son he bought believing was his is actually somebody elses. The news hits Megan hard and she attempts to abduct the boy before handing him over to Social Services.
  • Tracy Shankley returns to the village much to Sam's surprise and begins paying back what she owes to the Dingles. Val takes pity on her when she hears of Tracy's abusive former boyfriend and agrees to put her up in the spare room at The Grange. Tracy soon becomes involved in a relationship with Sam as Kerry tries to break them up in order to reunite Sam with Rachel.
  • Katie finds Belle talking to Gemma and alerts Zak and Lisa that Belle isn't well. Belle locks herself in Katie's car as Gemma instructs Belle to run Zak down. Belle overcomes her torment to prevent causing anymore harm and finally admits she needs help. She attends a doctor's appointment where she is prescribed pills that help to stop the voices, but leave her feeling emotionless.
  • Charity is sentenced to two years in prison for perverting the course of justice as Rachel returns to the village in order to give evidence against her. As Charity is led away, she confesses to Cain that she loves him and wants to be with him when she is released.
  • Nicola is told that she's experiencing early menopause.
  • Adam and Aaron launch a scrap business together in the village with Adam selling his share in the farm in order to fund it. They encounter a problem when Eric threatens to complain about the location of their business - next to his Barn Conversion, but is won round when Adam offers him a 5% share in the business on the condition it's kept quiet from Val.
  • Victoria and Adam begin seeing each other again.
  • Marlon and Laurel agree to an alcohol-free January.


February 2015

Katie Sugden plans to expose Robert Sugden's affair with Aaron Livesy.

  • Katie and Andy begin moving their stuff over to a caravan on Wylie's Farm. Robert secretly sets fire to it when Katie refuses to drop her accusations of an affair and she soon works out that he was responsible for the fire. Andy grows irritated by her attempts to pin everything on Robert and begins to wonder if he wants to be with her at all. Fed up with everything being on Robert's terms, Aaron decides to get his own back and confesses to Katie that Robert has been having an affair - with him. He lures Robert to Wylie's Farm as Katie lurks in the background and takes a picture as he and Aaron kiss. Confronting Robert about the affair, they become involved in a tussle and Robert pushes Katie. She falls to the floor and straight through the rotten floorboards to her death. Robert recruits Aaron to help cover up any clues that may incriminate them, lying that Katie had deleted the photo of their kiss from her phone and was going to remain quiet about the affair. He manipulates Aaron into believing he is responsible for Katie's death by calling her up to Wylie's Farm to expose the affair and they leave Katie lying dead on the floor for somebody to find. Andy eventually finds Katie and her death is deemed accidental as Aaron struggles with his guilt. He admits to Paddy and Chas that Katie was right about Robert's affair and confesses it was him who Robert was seeing, before warning them that it must never be revealed. Andy sinks into depression and soon decides to take his own life. Robert and Aaron find him and stop him just in time and the Sugdens realise they need to keep a closer eye on him.
  • Laurel is irritable as Paddy makes a bet with her and Marlon to another month without alcohol, the loser buying the other couple a meal. Doug soon manages to talk her out of it and she secretly shares drinks with him. Marlon foils her however and the pair soon agree to drop the bet. Her drinking takes a turn for the worse however, when she turns up drunk and late for work and then goes on to insult Jai, not realising he's in the room. Jai sacks her and refuses to reconsider when she returns the next day to beg for her job. She manages to arrange an interview for a job in Hotten but soon finds herself seeking comfort from the bottle again when she misses her bus and the company refuse to rearrange her interview.
  • Tracy continues to rub her relationship with Sam in Rachel's face. Realising she has little chance of ever repairing her relationship with Sam, Rachel applies for a job in Luton and soon finds out she has been successful. Megan overhears the news but decides to keep it quiet from Jai. As Rachel prepares to leave, Ali tries to make Sam see sense while Leyla pushes Megan to tell Jai the truth. Sam and Jai unite in order to stop Rachel from leaving as Jai tells Rachel that he wants to be a part of Archie's life and Sam confesses he's still in love with her and has ends things with Tracy. Rachel decides to stay in the village. Quietly sickened by his wife's betrayal, Jai makes a call to his solicitor.
  • Rodney is horrified when Georgia shows interest in moving in to Tug Ghyll with him. He pays Leyla to put Georgia off the idea but when that fails to work, he admits he doesn't want to move in with her and thinks they should end their relationship before leaving for a break in Europe. When he returns, Georgia tries to pick up their relationship but he insists he's only interested in sleeping with her rather than a relationship. She slaps him before telling him there's no chance.
  • Emma's relationship with Ross and Finn is tested as she finds out Ross was responsible for the break-in as a way of getting her to move in with them. Pete is angry when he finds the pair feeling guilty and blurts out how Emma tried to kill Ross when he was younger, leaving him devastated. Emma tries to explain to them about her post-natal depression but the Barton boys begin to wonder if they've done the right thing letting their mother back into their lives. Ross confides in Debbie who encourages him to give his mother a chance.
  • Alicia and David's relationship with Chrissie and Lachlan continues to grow as Chrissie asks Alicia to be her back-up bridesmaid when her sister is unable to attend her wedding. Lachlan's obsession with Alicia also continues to grow as he begins to bunk off school, lying to Chrissie, in order to offer his assistance in the shop. David is confused when Alicia receives a Valentine's gift that wasn't sent by him and soon discovers Lachlan is responsible when she also receives a handbag she had commented on in front of him. David warns Lachlan off but he refuses to listen and turns up at the shop the next day offering his assistance. When David has to rush off to the hospital with Amba, a tipsy Alicia returns home after celebrating her birthday. Lachlan waits for Alicia to fall asleep before unbuttoning her shorts and sexually assaulting her. Alicia wakes to discover what Lachlan is doing and, petrified, calls the police on him and confides in Leyla and David. Lachlan is arrested, to Chrissie's horror, but spins the story saying he was involved in a relationship with Alicia. Disgusted, Chrissie pushes for Alicia to be punished for grooming Lachlan.
  • Priya recruits Kirin to help Jai realise she's a necessity at the factory and Jai's soon offering her a full-time position.
  • Belle feels guilty when she feels numb over Katie's death and stops taking her medication. In doing so, Gemma's voice returns to taunt her and she goes up to Wylie's Farm to commit suicide. Cain grabs her before she has the chance to jump from the rafters and she is sectioned to the adolescent mental health unit.
  • Emma is upset when James asks her for a divorce but later agrees. Harboring deep dislike for both Moira and Adam, Emma secretly causes friction at the scrapyard by switching signs on a car for scrap, forcing the wrong one to be scrapped. She's later delighted to see an argument between Adam and Aaron lead to one between James and Chas too. Moira soon works out that Emma's meddling is responsible and warns her not to interfere with their lives again as she has far more to lose now she's just beginning to build bridges with her sons.
  • Pearl is shocked to discover that she's been underpaying her gas bill and is now heavily in debt. She returns to gambling as a way of trying to pay off her bills.
  • Nicola is down as she begins to believe she is past it. She is disappointed in Jimmy when he calls the police on her, believing her to have snatched Amba after taking her for a walk, when she had been locked in a barn after sheltering from rain.
  • Harriet decides to start a career as a Private Investigator.
  • Cain takes Noah to see Charity in prison. Charity assures Cain that she meant everything she said about wanting to be with him when she gets out.


March 2015

David Metcalfe kidnaps Lachlan White in a bid to get him to confess to his assault on Alicia Metcalfe.

  • The aftermath of Lachlan's sexual assault on Alicia creates waves as battle lines are drawn between the Metcalfes and the Whites. The Whites find themselves in an awful situation as the villagers support Alicia but Chrissie fails to see through her son's lies and decides to counter battle Alicia for grooming. As the police drop both cases for lack of evidence, Alicia begins to worry whether she was responsible for her assault and begins to think she did lead Lachlan on. After another confrontation with Lachlan, David decides to make him pay and kidnaps him, scaring him witless in a barn in a bid to make him confess. Chrissie discovers Lachlan's camera, full of pictures of Alicia, and confronts him, realising that her son has been lying. Chrissie apologises to Alicia and reports Lachlan to the police and is left to await the outcome of his court hearing.
  • Jimmy gets a shock when Lawrence sends Nicola to Dubai on a business trip he can't make and she returns having being offered a job there on a six-month contract. Initially agreeing to go along with her, Jimmy changes his mind when at the airport and they return home with Nicola questioning whether she can forgive Jimmy for ruining a once in a lifetime chance for her. Jimmy eventually agrees to let Nicola go alone and she leaves Angelica behind with him.
  • Zak and Lisa are pleased to see Belle coping in the mental-health unit when they visit her on the eve of Gemma's death. She returns home mid-month, having felt ready to return home but causes rifts in the family when Rachel refuses to allow her near Archie.
  • Pearl finds herself in great debt when her gambling spirals out of control and she begins stealing from the vets. When she's nearly caught out, she begins to feign alzheimers for mislaying money but when Vanessa finds an IOU book she's been keeping, Paddy and Rhona confront Pearl who finds it hard to wriggle out of her lies. A furious Paddy sacks her and Pearl sells her house back to Eric in order to pay back the money she stole. She packs and leaves the village but Rhona and Paddy discover her plan and convince her to say, sure they will be able to rebuild their trust soon.
  • Val suffers a health scare and ends up in hospital with pneumonia. Paul Lambert returns to visit her as her family and friends are informed that she's unlikely to pull through. Val eventually regains consciousness and is informed that she needs to start taking HIV medication. She becomes severely depressed as she struggles to accept the fact that she'll be on medication for life and begins to question whether it's worth it. Finn begins dating Darren Thompson, a hospital nurse who tended to Val, but soon news reaches him and his friends that Darren is also HIV positive. Val becomes scared for Finn and attempts to scare Darren off by sending him abusive text messages and vandalising his car. Finn eventually finds out and is livid with her.
  • Rachel sets Tracy up to move in with Dan and Kerry but Kerry soon has enough of her and kicks her out. She winds up moving in with a grieving Andy who kicks Leyla and Vanessa out of Tug Ghyll and starts sleeping with her. Tracy returns to The Grange later in the month when Andy begins to scare her, leading Andy to realise that is behaviour has been spiraling out of control. He apologises to all that he's hurt and moves in with Victoria at Keepers Cottage.
  • Laurel begins working for Bernice and Kerry as an events hostess. She begins to turn to the bottle more and more and Doug begins to pick up on the amount she's drinking, even secretly hospitalising April at one point who picks up a mug of vodka. Doug threatens to expose her problem to Marlon but Laurel kicks him out and threatens to stop him seeing his grandchildren if he breathes a word.
  • Bob is astounded when his daughter Carly turns up in a wedding dress dragging Bob off to the ceremony about to start. As Bob speaks to her about her other half, Sunil Malla, he realises Carly does not love him and is only marrying for his money. He talks her out of the wedding and Carly returns to the village to temporarily live with him and Brenda. Bob is delighted at the chance of rebuilding his ropey relationship with his daughter. Carly begins dating Ross who is soon shocked to discover that Carly is Donna's step-sister.
  • Vanessa suffers a health scare when Kirin finds a lump in her breast. Their relationship falls apart as Kirin is unable to support her and Vanessa faces a worrying wait for her test results alone, with only the support of Rhona.
  • Robert confesses to Aaron that he had no part in Katie's death, explaining how they rowed and she fell. He tells Aaron he loves him and the pair restart their affair.
  • Adam publicly proposes to Victoria on her birthday, leaving her feeling pressured into saying yes. When she finally builds up the courage to tell him she's not yet ready to marry him, Adam is devastated and spends the night with a lonely Vanessa.

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  • Best Shock Twist: Robert and Aaron's relationship (Nominee)
  • Best Affair: Debbie and Ross (Winner) and Aaron and Robert (Nominee)
  • Best Partnership: Charlie Hardwick and Christopher Chittell (Winner)
  • Best Showstopper: Donna's death (Nominee)
  • Best Soap: Emmerdale (Winner)

Emmerdale in the 2010s
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