New Emmerdale titles

2016 was Emmerdale's 45th year. Production was overseen by Kate Oates until Episode 7504 (17th May 2016), when Iain MacLeod took over the role.

308 episodes were broadcast during the year. Major storylines included Aaron Livesy's child abuse trial against his father Gordon Livesy, Ashley Thomas's battle with dementia, David Metcalfe's battle with testicular cancer, Rakesh Kotecha setting fire to Mill Cottage in an insurance scam, Andy Sugden going on the run after being framed for the shooting of Lawrence White, Holly Barton's overdose and death and Emma Barton causing the Hotten Bypass crash which claimed the life of her partner James.

Emmerdale won 'Best Soap' at The British Soap Awards for first time in the award ceremony's eighteen-year history and at TV Choice Awards for the first time in its twenty-year history.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
17388Friday 1st JanuaryPeter KerryPaul Copeland5,670,00028
27389Monday 4th JanuaryJulie ParsonsPaul Copeland6,130,00021
37390Tuesday 5th JanuaryJo SummerscalesPaul Copeland5,820,00027
47391Wednesday 6th JanuaryLinton ChiswickPaul Copeland5,910,00025
57392Thursday 7th January1Dawn HarrisonAlan Wareing5,820,00026
67393Thursday 7th January2Dawn HarrisonAlan Wareing5,830,00027
77394Friday 8th JanuarySarah BagshawAlan Wareing5,950,00022
87395Monday 11th JanuaryAndrew KirkAlan Wareing5,750,00026
97396Tuesday 12th JanuaryHelen ChildsIan Bevitt5,790,00023
107397Wednesday 13th JanuaryBill LyonsIan Bevitt5,510,00029
117398Thursday 14th January1Jane PearsonIan Bevitt5,870,00021
127399Thursday 14th January2Jane PearsonIan Bevitt5,780,00024
137400Friday 15th JanuaryPaul CoatesIan Bevitt5,720,00027
147401Monday 18th JanuaryTim DynevorSasha Ransome5,980,00018
Tuesday 19th JanuaryOwen Lloyd-FoxSasha Ransome5,480,00024
167404Thursday 21st January1Kirsty HaltonSasha Ransome5,740,00020
177405Thursday 21st January2Kirsty HaltonSasha Ransome5,530,00023
187406Friday 22nd JanuaryMartin FustesTim O'Mara5,610,00022
197407Monday 25th JanuaryMartin FustesTim O'Mara5,900,00020
207408Tuesday 26th JanuaryBill LyonsTim O'Mara5,610,00024
217409Wednesday 27th JanuaryDawn HarrisonTim O'Mara5,820,00021
227410Thursday 28th January1Jo SummerscalesSimon Ferguson5,620,00023
237411Thursday 28th January2Paul CoatesSimon Ferguson5,590,00025
247412Friday 29th JanuaryHelen ChildsSimon Ferguson5,610,00024
257413Monday 1st FebruaryJulie ParsonsSimon Ferguson5,580,00028
267414Tuesday 2nd FebruaryBill TaylorMichael Lacey5,630,00027
277415Wednesday 3rd FebruaryBill TaylorMichael Lacey5,790,00025
287416Thursday 4th February1Maxine AldertonMichael Lacey5,990,00022
297417Thursday 4th February2Maxine AldertonMichael Lacey5,820,00024
307418Friday 5th FebruaryPaul RoundellNickie Lister5,980,00023
317419Monday 8th FebruaryPaul RoundellNickie Lister6,080,00015
327420Tuesday 9th FebruarySharon MarshallNickie Lister5,660,00022
337421Wednesday 10th FebruarySarah BagshawNickie Lister5,600,00023
347422Thursday 11th February1Linton ChiswickDavid Moor5,880,00018
357423Thursday 11th February2Peter KerryDavid Moor5,750,00020
367424Friday 12th FebruaryOwen Lloyd-FoxDavid Moor5,550,00024
377425Monday 15th FebruaryOwen Lloyd-FoxDavid Moor5,870,00020
387426Tuesday 16th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillSean Healy5,800,00021
397427Wednesday 17th FebruaryAndrew KirkSean Healy5,640,00022
407428Thursday 18th February1Isobel CameronSean Healy5,510,00023
417429Thursday 18th February2Cameron McAllisterSean Healy5,430,00025
427430Friday 19th FebruaryJane PearsonSean Healy5,480,00024
437431Monday 22nd FebruaryIsobel CameronSasha Ransome5,820,00017
447432Tuesday 23rd FebruarySarah BagshawSasha Ransome5,610,00023
457433Wednesday 24th FebruaryLesley Clare O'NeillSasha Ransome5,690,00020
467434Thursday 25th February1Maxine AldertonSasha Ransome5,680,00021
477435Thursday 25th February2Maxine AldertonSasha Ransome5,620,00022
487436Friday 26th FebruarySharon MarshallPeter Rose5,410,00024
497437Monday 29th FebruaryKirsty HaltonPeter Rose5,750,00016
507438Tuesday 1st MarchBill LyonsPeter Rose5,570,00019
517439Wednesday 2nd MarchHelen ChildsPeter Rose5,490,00022
527440Thursday 3rd March1Linton ChiswickIan Bevitt5,410,00024
537441Thursday 3rd March2Jo SummerscalesIan Bevitt5,410,00024
547442Friday 4th MarchJulie ParsonsIan Bevitt5,720,00017
557443Monday 7th MarchPeter KerryIan Bevitt5,690,00015
567444Tuesday 8th MarchPaul CoatesMichael Lacey5,500,00019
577445Wednesday 9th MarchAndrew KirkMichael Lacey5,460,00020
587446Thursday 10th March1Paul RoundellMichael Lacey5,530,00018
597447Thursday 10th March2Paul RoundellMichael Lacey5,420,00022
607448Friday 11th MarchMartin FustesTim O'Mara5,460,00021
617449Monday 14th MarchMartin FustesTim O'Mara5,570,00015
627450Tuesday 15th MarchJane PearsonTim O'Mara5,560,00016
637451Wednesday 16th MarchCameron McAllisterTim O'Mara5,470,00018
647452Thursday 17th March1Dawn HarrisonTony Prescott5,390,00019
657453Thursday 17th March2Dawn HarrisonTony Prescott5,300,00022
667454Friday 18th MarchBill TaylorTony Prescott5,370,00021
677455Monday 21st MarchOwen Lloyd-FoxTony Prescott5,530,00016
687456Tuesday 22nd MarchPeter KerryNeil Alderton5,580,00013
697457Wednesday 23rd MarchSharon MarshallNeil Alderton5,460,00019
707458Thursday 24th March1Bill TaylorNeil Alderton5,480,00018
717459Thursday 24th March2Bill TaylorNeil Alderton5,200,00023
727460Friday 25th MarchJane PearsonSean Healy5,060,00027
737461Monday 28th MarchDawn HarrisonSean Healy5,200,00026
747462Tuesday 29th MarchKirsty HaltonSean Healy5,560,00017
757463Wednesday 30th MarchAndrew KirkSean Healy5,370,00020
767464Thursday 31st March1Paul RoundellDavid Moor5,190,00027
777465Thursday 31st March2Cameron McAllisterDavid Moor5,410,00018
787466Friday 1st AprilMaxine AldertonDavid Moor5,330,00023
797467Monday 4th AprilMaxine AldertonDavid Moor5,450,00016
807468Tuesday 5th AprilBill LyonsDurno Johnston5,230,00024
817469Wednesday 6th AprilSarah BagshawDurno Johnston5,290,00021
827470Thursday 7th April1Owen Lloyd-FoxDurno Johnston5,290,00021
837471Thursday 7th April2Owen Lloyd-FoxDurno Johnston5,120,00026
847472Friday 8th AprilJo SummerscalesSimon Ferguson5,280,00023
857473Monday 11th AprilJulie ParsonsSimon Ferguson5,610,00015
867474Tuesday 12th AprilIsobel CameronSimon Ferguson5,380,00019
877475Wednesday 13th AprilIsobel CameronSimon Ferguson5,120,00026
887476Thursday 14th April1Martin FustesIan Bevitt5,440,00016
897477Thursday 14th April2Martin FustesIan Bevitt5,290,00021
907478Friday 15th AprilCaroline MitchellIan Bevitt5,440,00016
917479Monday 18th AprilLinton ChiswickIan Bevitt5,430,00016
927480Tuesday 19th AprilCameron McAllisterTracey Rooney5,150,00021
937481Wednesday 20th AprilJulie ParsonsTracey Rooney4,890,00031
947482Thursday 21st April1Jane PearsonTracey Rooney5,020,00026
957483Thursday 21st April2Jane PearsonTracey Rooney4,670,00035
967484Friday 22nd AprilMaxine AldertonJudith Dine4,990,00029
977485Monday 25th AprilMaxine AldertonJudith Dine5,450,00015
987486Tuesday 26th AprilMartin FustesJudith Dine5,020,00024
997487Wednesday 27th AprilMartin FustesJudith Dine5,020,00024
1007488Thursday 28th April1Helen ChildsNickie Lister5,360,00016
1017489Thursday 28th April2Jo SummerscalesNickie Lister5,020,00024
1027490Friday 29th AprilDawn HarrisonNickie Lister5,090,00021
1037491Monday 2nd MayAndrew KirkNickie Lister5,180,00016
1047492Tuesday 3rd MayPeter KerryDavid Moor5,090,00018
1057493Wednesday 4th MayBill LyonsDavid Moor4,810,00023
1067494Thursday 5th May1Linton ChiswickDavid Moor4,730,00027
1077495Thursday 5th May2Paul CoatesDavid Moor4,520,00031
1087496Friday 6th MaySarah BagshawSean Healy4,680,00028
1097497Monday 9th MayBill TaylorSean Healy5,050,00016
1107498Tuesday 10th MayOwen Lloyd-FoxSean Healy4,990,00018
1117499Wednesday 11th MaySharon MarshallSean Healy5,250,00013
1127500Thursday 12th May1Paul RoundellNeil Alderton4,890,00021
1137501Thursday 12th May2Paul RoundellNeil Alderton4,840,00022
1147502Friday 13th MayIsobel CameronNeil Alderton5,000,00017
1157503Monday 16th MayIsobel CameronNeil Alderton5,160,00019
1167504Tuesday 17th MayLinton ChiswickJeff Naylor5,000,00022
1177505Wednesday 18th MayLinton ChiswickJeff Naylor5,230,00017
1187506Thursday 19th May1Bill TaylorJeff Naylor5,200,00018
1197507Thursday 19th May2Bill TaylorJeff Naylor4,940,00024
1207508Friday 20th MayJo SummerscalesJeff Naylor5,030,00021
1217509Monday 23rd MayBill LyonsJeff Naylor6,010,00020
1227510Tuesday 24th MayCameron McAllisterTony Prescott5,880,00021
1237511Wednesday 25th MayJane PearsonTony Prescott6,070,00019
1247512Thursday 26th MayPaul RoundellTony Prescott6,570,00016
1257513Friday 27th MayPaul RoundellTony Prescott5,680,00022
1267514Monday 30th MayPaul CoatesTony Prescott5,840,00012
Tuesday 31st MayCaroline Mitchell
Dawn Harrison
Tony Prescott
Tim O'Mara
1287517Wednesday 1st JuneSarah BagshawTim O'Mara6,190,0008
1297518Thursday 2nd JuneMartin FustesTim O'Mara5,930,00011
1307519Friday 3rd June1Martin FustesTim O'Mara5,580,00016
1317520Friday 3rd June2Kirsty HaltonTim O'Mara5,620,00015
1327521Monday 6th JuneKirsty HaltonTim O'Mara6,100,00012
1337522Tuesday 7th JuneOwen Lloyd-FoxJudith Dine6,060,00013
1347523Wednesday 8th JuneOwen Lloyd-FoxJudith Dine6,060,00013
Thursday 9th JuneIsobel Cameron
Karin Young
Judith Dine5,980,00015
1367526Friday 10th JuneJulie ParsonsTim Dowd5,580,00020
1377527Sunday 12th JuneHelen ChildsTim Dowd5,210,00022
1387528Monday 13th JuneAndrew KirkTim Dowd6,310,00013
1397529Friday 17th JuneLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing6,030,00018
1407530Sunday 19th JunePeter KerryAlan Wareing5,260,00026
1417531Monday 20th JuneSharon MarshallAlan Wareing6,080,00013
1427532Tuesday 21st JuneBill LyonsBrett Fallis6,240,00012
1437533Wednesday 22nd JuneCameron McAllisterBrett Fallis5,530,00020
1447534Thursday 23rd June1Helen ChildsBrett Fallis5,950,00015
1457535Thursday 23rd June2Andrew KirkBrett Fallis5,570,00018
1467536Friday 24th June1Julie ParsonsBrett Fallis5,680,00017
1477537Friday 24th June2Linton ChiswickNeil Alderton5,040,00021
Tuesday 28th JuneIsobel CameronNeil Alderton6,510,00012
1497540Wednesday 29th JuneSarah BagshawNeil Alderton6,310,00014
1507541Thursday 30th JunePeter KerryDiana Patrick5,290,00023
1517542Friday 1st July1Kirsty HaltonDiana Patrick5,900,00019
1527543Friday 1st July2Dawn HarrisonDiana Patrick5,180,00024
1537544Monday 4th JulyKarin YoungDiana Patrick6,240,00016
1547545Tuesday 5th July1Martin FustesPaul Copeland5,980,00018
1557546Tuesday 5th July2Martin FustesPaul Copeland5,160,00027
1567547Wednesday 6th JulyLesley Clare O'NeillPaul Copeland5,280,00026
1577548Thursday 7th July1Jo SummerscalesPaul Copeland6,020,00017
1587549Thursday 7th July2Sharon MarshallPaul Copeland5,570,00021
1597550Friday 8th JulyPaul CoatesDuncan Foster5,760,00021
1607551Monday 11th JulyOwen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster6,500,0009
Tuesday 12th JulyPaul RoundellDuncan Foster6,030,00011
1627554Wednesday 13th JulyMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster5,880,00013
1637555Thursday 14th July1Jane PearsonTim Finn5,630,00017
1647556Thursday 14th July2Jane PearsonTim Finn5,650,00016
1657557Friday 15th JulyBill TaylorTim Finn5,960,00012
1667558Monday 18th JulyBill TaylorTim Finn5,950,00013
Tuesday 19th JulyIsobel CameronJudith Dine5,510,00018
1687561Wednesday 20th JulyJo SummerscalesJudith Dine5,900,00014
1697562Thursday 21st July1Sarah BagshawJudith Dine6,160,00011
1707563Thursday 21st July2Bill LyonsJudith Dine6,000,00012
1717564Friday 22nd JulyPeter KerryTim Dowd5,880,00015
1727565Monday 25th JulyPaul RoundellTim Dowd6,330,0009
Tuesday 26th JulyMartin FustesTim Dowd6,140,00010
1747568Wednesday 27th JulyJane PearsonTim Dowd5,890,00013
1757569Thursday 28th July1Kirsty HaltonVicky Thomas6,080,00011
1767570Thursday 28th July2Kirsty HaltonVicky Thomas6,020,00012
1777571Friday 29th JulyDawn HarrisonVicky Thomas5,750,00015
1787572Monday 1st AugustLesley Clare O'NeillVicky Thomas
Tuesday 2nd AugustBill TaylorBrett Fallis
1807575Wednesday 3rd AugustKarin YoungBrett Fallis
1817576Thursday 4th August1Paul CoatesBrett Fallis
1827577Thursday 4th August2Julie ParsonsBrett Fallis
1837578Friday 5th AugustHelen ChildsDiana Patrick
1847579Monday 8th AugustCameron McAllisterDiana Patrick
Tuesday 9th AugustAndrew KirkDiana Patrick
1867582Wednesday 10th AugustSharon MarshallDiana Patrick
1877583Thursday 11th August1Linton ChiswickDavid Kester
1887584Thursday 11th August2Linton ChiswickDavid Kester
1897585Friday 12th AugustOwen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester
1907586Monday 15th AugustOwen Lloyd-FoxDavid Kester
Tuesday 16th AugustPaul RoundellSimon Feguson
1927589Wednesday 17th AugustChris GillSimon Ferguson
1937590Thursday 18th August1Isobel CameronSimon Ferguson
1947591Thursday 18th August2Isobel CameronSimon Ferguson
1957592Friday 19th AugustBill LyonsJohn Anderson
1967593Monday 22nd AugustKarin YoungJohn Anderson
Tuesday 23rd AugustBill TaylorJohn Anderson
1987596Wednesday 24th AugustSarah BagshawAlan Wareing
Thursday 25th AugustJo Summerscales
Dawn Harrison
Alan Wareing
2007599Friday 26th AugustPeter KerryAlan Wareing
2017600Monday 29th AugustLesley Clare O'NeillPip Short
Tuesday 30th AugustOwen Lloyd-FoxPip Short
2037603Wednesday 31st AugustJane PearsonPip Short
2047604Thursday 1st September1Linton ChiswickTim Dowd
2057605Thursday 1st September2Linton ChiswickTim Dowd
2067606Friday 2nd SeptemberAndrew KirkTim Dowd
2077607Monday 5th SeptemberMartin FustesTim Dowd
2087608Tuesday 6th SeptemberMartin FustesTim Dowd
2097609Wednesday 7th SeptemberPaul CoatesVicky Thomas
2107610Thursday 8th September1Julie ParsonsVicky Thomas
2117611Thursday 8th September2Cameron McAllisterVicky Thomas
2127612Friday 9th SeptemberCaroline MitchellVicky Thomas
2137613Monday 12th SeptemberMaxine AldertonBrett Fallis
2147614Tuesday 13th SeptemberSharon MarshallBrett Fallis
2157615Wednesday 14th SeptemberCaroline MitchellBrett Fallis
2167616Thursday 15th September1Isobel CameronBrett Fallis
2177617Thursday 15th September2Isobel CameronBrett Fallis
2187618Friday 16th SeptemberSamantha Doland De VauxSarah Kendell
2197619Monday 19th SeptemberOwen Lloyd-FoxSarah Kendell
2207620Tuesday 20th SeptemberCameron McAllisterSarah Kendell
2217621Wednesday 21st SeptemberSarah BagshawSarah Kendell
2227622Thursday 22nd September1Martin FustesMickey Jones
2237623Thursday 22nd September2Martin FustesMickey Jones
2247624Friday 23rd SeptemberPaul RoundellMickey Jones
2257625Monday 26th SeptemberJo SummerscalesMickey Jones
2267626Tuesday 27th SeptemberChris GillJohn Anderson
2277627Wednesday 28th SeptemberJulie ParsonsJohn Anderson
2287628Thursday 29th September1Karin YoungJohn Anderson
2297629Thursday 29th September2Dawn HarrisonJohn Anderson
2307630Friday 30th SeptemberPaul CoatesIan Barber
2317631Monday 3rd OctoberKirsty HaltonIan Barber
2327632Tuesday 4th OctoberPeter KerryIan Barber
2337633Wednesday 5th OctoberBill LyonsIan Barber
2347634Thursday 6th October1Andrew KirkAlan Wareing
2357635Thursday 6th October2Andrew KirkAlan Wareing
2367636Friday 7th OctoberLinton ChiswickAlan Wareing
2377637Monday 10th OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillAlan Wareing
2387638Tuesday 11th OctoberCaroline MitchellPip Short
2397639Wednesday 12th OctoberLinton ChiswickPip Short
2407640Thursday 13th October1Martin FustesPip Short
2417641Thursday 13th October2Martin FustesPip Short
2427642Friday 14th OctoberCameron McAllisterPip Short
2437643Monday 17th OctoberMaxine AldertonMichael Lacey
2447644Tuesday 18th OctoberPaul RoundellMichael Lacey
2457645Wednesday 19th OctoberPaul RoundellMichael Lacey
2467646Thursday 20th October1Owen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster
2477647Thursday 20th October2Owen Lloyd-FoxDuncan Foster
2487648Friday 21st OctoberMaxine AldertonDuncan Foster
2497649Monday 24th OctoberMaxine AldertonPeter Rose
2507650Tuesday 25th OctoberDawn HarrisonPeter Rose
2517651Wednesday 26th OctoberJane PearsonPeter Rose
2527652Thursday 27th October1Bill TaylorPeter Rose
2537653Thursday 27th October2Bill TaylorPeter Rose
2547654Friday 28th OctoberAndrew KirkMickey Jones
2557655Monday 31st OctoberLesley Clare O'NeillMickey Jones
2567656Tuesday 1st NovemberBill LyonsMickey Jones
2577657Wednesday 2nd NovemberJulie ParsonsMickey Jones
2587658Thursday 3rd November1Kirsty HaltonMatt Hilton
2597659Thursday 3rd November2Peter KerryMatt Hilton
2607660Friday 4th NovemberChris GillMatt Hilton
2617661Monday 7th NovemberIsobel CameronTim O'Mara
2627662Tuesday 8th NovemberIsobel CameronTim O'Mara
2637663Wednesday 9th NovemberAndrew KirkTim O'Mara
2647664Thursday 10th November1Jane PearsonTim O'Mara
2657665Thursday 10th November2Jane PearsonTim O'Mara
2667666Friday 11th NovemberSarah BagshawTim O'Mara
2677667Monday 14th NovemberKirsty HaltonJohn Anderson
2687668Tuesday 15th NovemberStuart BlackburnJohn Anderson
2697669Wednesday 16th NovemberHelen ChildsJohn Anderson
2707670Thursday 17th November1Bill TaylorJohn Anderson
2717671Thursday 17th November2Bill TaylorJohn Anderson
2727672Friday 18th NovemberBill LyonsJohn Anderson
2737673Monday 21st NovemberPete KerryIan Barber
2747674Tuesday 22nd NovemberSamantha Doland De VauxIan Barber
2757675Wednesday 23rd NovemberDawn HarrisonIan Barber
2767676Thursday 24th November1Paul RoundellIan Barber
2777677Thursday 24th November2Paul RoundellIan Barber
2787678Friday 25th NovemberSharon MarshallIan Barber
2797679Monday 28th NovemberPaul CoatesIan Bevitt
Tuesday 29th NovemberMaxine AldertonIan Bevitt
2817682Wednesday 30th NovemberCameron McAllisterIan Bevitt
2827683Thursday 1st December1Julie ParsonsDavid Kester
2837684Thursday 1st December2Julie ParsonsDavid Kester
2847685Friday 2nd DecemberLesley Clare O'NeillDavid Kester
2857686Monday 5th DecemberCaroline MitchellDavid Kester
2867687Tuesday 6th DecemberMartin FustesPip Short
2877688Wednesday 7th DecemberChris GillPip Short
2887689Thursday 8th December1Linton ChiswickPip Short
2897690Thursday 8th December2Linton ChiswickPip Short
2907691Friday 9th DecemberIsobel CameronSarah Kendell
2917692Monday 12th DecemberJulie ParsonsSarah Kendell
2927693Tuesday 13th DecemberBill LyonsSarah Kendell
2937694Wednesday 14th DecemberSarah BagshawSarah Kendell
2947695Thursday 15th December1Paul RoundellSean Healy
2957696Thursday 15th December2Paul RoundellSean Healy
2967697Friday 16th DecemberPeter KerrySean Healy
2977698Monday 19th DecemberPaul CoatesSean Healy
2987699Tuesday 20th DecemberMaxine AldertonPeter Rose
2997700Wednesday 21st DecemberSharon MarshallPeter Rose
3007701Thursday 22nd December1Kirsty HaltonPeter Rose
3017702Thursday 22nd December2Helen ChildsPeter Rose
3027703Friday 23rd DecemberChris GillPeter Rose
Sunday 25th DecemberOwen Lloyd-FoxTim O'Mara
3047706Monday 26th DecemberCaroline MitchellTim O'Mara
3057707Tuesday 27th DecemberBill TaylorTim O'Mara
3067708Wednesday 28th DecemberAndrew KirkIan Barber
3077709Thursday 29th DecemberCameron McAllisterIan Barber
3087710Friday 30th DecemberLinton ChiswickIan Barber

Main Cast

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter Full year 175 2083 1
2 Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley Full year 161 1907 12
3 Moira Dingle Natalie J Robb Full year 153 1043 16
4 Charity Dingle Emma Atkins Full year 147 1706 73
5 Lisa Dingle Jane Cox Full year 139 2431 31
6 Robert Sugden Ryan Hawley Full year 138 1512 2
7 Aaron Livesy/Dingle Danny Miller Full year 137 912 4
8 Chrissie Sugden/White Louise Marwood Full year 134 330 4
9 Belle Dingle Eden Taylor-Draper Full year, except October 133 1007 40
10 Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock Full year 131 2670 30
10 Rhona Goskirk Zoe Henry Full year 131 744 38
12 Ashley Thomas John Middleton Full year 130 2109 25
12 David Metcalfe Matthew Wolfenden Full year 130 1243 11
14 Laurel Dingle/Thomas Charlotte Bellamy Full year 126 1677 16
14 Leyla Harding Roxy Shahidi Full year 126 761 22
16 Kerry Wyatt Laura Norton Full year 122 555 19
16 Vanessa Woodfield Michelle Hardwick Full year 122 441 37
16 Zak Dingle Steve Halliwell Full year 122 2483 24
19 Ross Barton Michael Parr Full year 121 448 7
20 Bernice White Samantha Giles Full year 118 990 26
21 Emma Barton Gillian Kearney Full year 115 249 10
22 Priya Sharma/Kotceha Fiona Wade Until November  114 626 33
23 Tracy Shankley/Metcalfe Amy Walsh Full year 113 215 45
24 Lawrence White John Bowe Full year 112 268 15
25 Victoria Barton Isabel Hodgins Full year 111 1459 13
26 Nicola King Nicola Wheeler Full year 108 1854 53
27 Finn Barton Joe Gill Full year 106 367 8
27 Joanie Wright/Dingle Denise Black Full year, except May 106 187 52
27 Rakesh Kotecha Pasha Bocarie Full year 106 239 44
30 Jimmy King Nick Miles Full year 103 1614 46
31 Adam Barton Adam Thomas Full year 102 852 29
31 Paddy Kirk Dominic Brunt Until April, June, from August 102 2193 16
33 Brenda Walker Lesley Dunlop Full year 101 848 31
34 Carly Hope Gemma Atkinson Full year 97 189 41
34 Doug Potts Duncan Preston Full year 97 641 33
36 Pete Barton Anthony Quinlan Until January, from May 95 347 20
37 Dan Spencer Liam Fox Full year 91 564 36
38 Rishi Sharma Bhasker Patel Full year 89 443 50
39 Jai Sharma Christopher Bisson Full year, except August 87 951 23
39 Jermaine Bailey Micah Balfour March to December 87 96 79
41 Diane Sugden Elizabeth Estensen Full year 83 2509 3
41 Eric Pollard Christopher Chittell January to July, September, from November 83 2706 26
41 Holly Barton Sophie Powles March to September 83 404 N/A
41 Lachlan White Thomas Atkinson Full year, except January and December 83 200 35
45 Olivia Flaherty Isobel Steele From February 82 82 N/A
45 Pierce Harris Jonathan Wrather From February 82 82 N/A
47 Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw Full year 81 2118 9
47 Megan Macey Gaynor Faye Full year, except June 81 590 47
49 Sam Dingle James Hooton Full year 75 1743 28
50 Andy Sugden Kelvin Fletcher Until August 74 2133 14
50 James Barton Bill Ward Until October 74 336 20
52 Jacob Gallagher Joe-Warren Plant January to July, September, from November 69 350 67
53 Gabby Thomas Rosie Bentham Full year, except October 67 556 61
54 Harriet Finch Katherine Dow Blyton Full year 66 272 43
55 Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson Full year, except November 58 991 56
56 Ronnie Hale John McArdle From April 57 57 N/A
57 Johnny Woodfield Luca Hepworth Full year 51 63 77
57 Sandy Thomas Freddie Jones Full year, except September 51 717 54
59 Arthur Thomas Alfie Clarke Full year 47 286 70
60 Rodney Blackstock Patrick Mower Until January, May to September, from November 44 1578 51
61 Frank Clayton Michael Praed From August 43 43 N/A
62 Carl Holliday Charlie Munro Joyce From January 39 45 N/A
63 April Windsor Amelia Flanagan January to August, from November 38 162 56
64 Angelica King Rebecca Bakes January to February, from May 37 229 76
65 Elliot Windsor Luca Hoyle January to February, from May 36 75 N/A
65 Rebecca White Emily Head From October 36 36 N/A
67 Leo Goskirk Harvey Rogerson January to May, July to October 34 158 78
68 Eliza Macey Kyrena Robinson March to May, from July 33 33 N/A
69 Moses Dingle Arthur Cockroft Full year, except July 31 82 54
70 Noah Dingle Jack Downham January to June, September and October, December 28 343 72
71 Amelia Spencer Daisy Campbell February to March, May to June, from August 27 241 62
72 Kyle Winchester Huey Quinn February to March, from June 26 85 66
73 Kirin Kotecha Adam Fielding Until February 23 134 48
74 Nikhil Sharma Rik Makarem Until February 22 635 64
75 Amba Metcalfe Ava Jayasinghe February to April, June and July, September, November 17 58 73
76 Dotty Thomas Tilly-Rue Foster
Ellerie Carroll
From September 16 16 N/A
77 Samson Dingle Sam Hall January, May, July and August, from October 10 304 75
78 Lydia Hart Karen Blick September and December only 7 7 N/A
79 Molly Sharma Unknown Until February 5 87 81
80 Liam Cavanagh Jonny McPherson February, June to July and November 4 18 80
81 Debbie Dingle Charley Webb Until January 2 1830 6
82 Cathy Hope Gabrielle Dowling December only 1 127 83
82 Heath Hope Sebastian Dowling December only 1 127 81
82 Jack Sugden Seth Ball Until January 1 109 67
82 Sarah Sugden Sophia Amber Moore Until January 1 589 59



  • Debbie Dingle leaves the village with her children Sarah and Jack after finding out about Ross Barton and Andy Sugden's involvement in Robert Sugden's shooting. She leaves Ross' son, and her half-brother, Moses Dingle with her father Cain Dingle and his wife Moira Dingle, although Moira hands Moses over to Ross. Ross' mum Emma encourages Ross to get his name of Moses' birth certificate
  • A second DNA test proves Kirin Kotecha is the father of ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield's son Johnny and not Adam Barton as previously believed. Adam is devastated and runs off with Johnny although soon returns. Kirin is furious to discover his father Rakesh Kotecha manipulated the first set of results and Adam punches Rakesh when he finds out. Kirin struggles to be Johnny's father, especially after seeing how good Adam is with Johnny. Priya Sharma and Rakesh split up in the aftermath although they soon reunite.
  • Ashley Thomas tells his father Sandy Thomas, former girlfriend Harriet Finch and his children Gabby and Arthur Thomas about his dementia. The news soon spreads around the village. After Ashley accidentally goes to their old house Mulberry Cottage, instead of their current one Brook Cottage, Laurel Dingle decides the family should rent Mulberry again as it could help with Ashley's illness. A couple of weeks later Laurel tells Ashley that she is pregnant, but decides she cannot keep it, which devastates Ashley. She makes an appointment for an abortion but can't go through with it. After deciding to keep the baby, Laurel beings bleeding, but a miscarriage cannot be confirmed for another few weeks.
  • Pete Barton kisses his aunt Moira Dingle. Cain Dingle is furious and Moira sacks Pete. Pete later deliberately gets himself arrested, breaking his bail conditions.
  • Bob Hope brings Elliot Windsor to the village and asks Elliot's father Jimmy King to look after him. Jimmy also gets in contact with Juliette, the mother of his young son Carl, who drops Carl of with him until she sorts her life out. Jimmy's wife Nicola King isn't happy with the situation but soon comes round.
  • Lisa Dingle suffers an angina attack while out to lunch with Chas Dingle and Rhona Goskirk. Later Belle Dingle pretends to her parents Lisa and Zak Dingle that she is hearing voices again in a bid to repair her parents' marriage.
  • Aaron Livesy finds out about Paddy Kirk's affair with Tess Harris after giving Paddy and wife Rhona Goskirk a glowing reference about their desire to adopt. Aaron tells the Social Worker he is not sure Paddy and Rhona will stay together. Paddy and Rhona cannot believe one of their friends could scupper their adoption plans and Paddy blames Tess. Pearl Ladderbanks thinks she is to blame for mentioning Rhona's lesbian stage. Despite Aaron's statement, Paddy and Rhona get through to the next round of the adoption process.
  • Chrissie Sugden helps Diane Sugden to choose some wigs after her hair begins to fall out due to her chemotherapy.
  • Episode 7405
    Aaron Livesy discovers his parents Gordon Livesy and Chas Dingle have got back together. He collapses at the scrapyard and Robert Sugden took him to hospital, where he is diagnosed with sepsis due to his self-harming cuts becoming infected. After running away from the hospital, Aaron confesses to Robert that his father raped him numerous times during his childhood. Robert confronts Gordon after he discovers Gordon is to buy into The Woolpack, although Gordon suggests Aaron is creating false memories and Robert slightly doubts Aaron.
  • Twelve-year-old Jacob Gallagher manages to return from Portugal alone. He tells his step-father David Metcalfe, he doesn't like living in Portugal and wants to return to the village.
  • Wine rep Duncan accidentally leaves extra cases of wine at David's Shop. Employee Carly Hope decides to have a wine tasting night with the spare. Duncan discovers this and asks for Tracy Shankley to go on a date with him. Tracy realises that Duncan is only after one thing and Duncan tries his luck with Carly. Finn Barton discovers Duncan is married.
  • Leyla Harding and Nikhil Sharma decide to make a go of their relationship and Leyla moves into Farrers Barn.


  • Aaron Livesy accuses his mother Chas Dingle of seeing his father Gordon Livesy again behind his back after believe Gordon had bought the pub. Later, after spending the day together at the seaside, Aaron confesses to Chas that Gordon raped him numerous times as a child. Chas confronts her ex-husband, who eventually admits the accusations. Chas tells her half-brother Cain Dingle about Aaron's abuse, and Cain breaks into Gordon's house, and confronts him. Aaron and Chas stop Cain from killing Gordon, and Aaron reports Gordon to the police.
  • After learning his mother Charity Dingle sold him as a baby, Noah Dingle runs away. Emma Barton finds Noah and hides him in B&B before later bringing him back to Butlers Farm. Emma visits Charity in prison and blackmails Charity into allowing her son Ross to have his name on Moses' birth certificate.
  • Tracy Shankley blackmails wine rep Duncan into giving her more wine at half price so she can host another wine tasting event. However, at the wine tasting session at the B&B, Eric Pollard discovers the wine is dodgy. Two trading standards agents arrive after a tip off about the dodgy wine. and tests show the wine is only actually 40% wine. Tracy and Carly realise Duncan was behind the tip off to trading standards and they threaten him.
  • Pete Barton is sentenced to six months imprisonment.
  • Carly Hope catches Kirin Kotecha shouting at his infant son Johnny Woodfield. She promises to not tell Johnny's mother Vanessa Woodfield but she is forced to reveal what happened after spotting an ambulance outside Tug Ghyll and fearing the worst. The ambulance was actually for housemate Leyla Harding who had collapsed due to the norovirus.
  • Gabby Thomas discovers a sex tape of Kerry Wyatt and Dan Spencer and shares it online. Gabby's mother Bernice White realises Gabby is responsible of posting the video online and she forces Gabby to clean the sinks and toilets in the salon as punishment.
  • Episode 7422
    Tess Harris confides in Rhona Goskirk she has been having an affair with a married man. Tess asks Rhona to meet her on Hotten Road, planning to tell Rhona it was her husband Paddy Kirk she was having an affair with, but before she can reveal it all, Tess is the victim of a hit and run by Kirin Kotecha. Tess is taken to the hospital but dies during surgery. Kirin leaves the village to avoid getting in trouble with the police. A week after Tess' death, Rhona discovers it was Paddy who Tess was having an affair with.
  • An ultrasound scan shows Laurel Dingle is still pregnant, so she and Ashley Thomas decide to get remarried.
  • Whilst celebrating her 60th birthday in The Woolpack, Lisa Dingle tells her estranged husband Zak Dingle she is divorcing him after eighteen years of marriage.
  • Leyla Harding and Nikhil Sharma announce their engagement. During the celebrations in the pub, Nikhil's brother Jai Sharma arrives and gives Leyla and Nikhil his blessing. Jai also announces to his family he had checked himself into rehab to ensure he stays clean. Later Jai offers Nikhil advice about Leyla which results in them fighting. Nikhil decides to call off the engagement and return to Canada with his daughter Molly.
  • Chas Dingle spraypaints "Paedo" on ex-husband Gordon Livesy's car. After Aaron returns from two weeks in Ireland, Chas publicly reveals that Aaron was abused by Gordon during his childhood. Robert Sugden manages to track down Aaron's former step-mother Sandra Flaherty to York. Aaron and Robert go to York, where Aaron comes face to face with Sandra, and his half-sister Olivia Flaherty for the first time in over seven years. Aaron pleads for Sandra's help his case against Gordon but she refuses although Aaron works out that Sandra knew about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Gordon. Later, a male victim comes forward and says Gordon also abused him but it is revealed that Robert Sugden paid Gordon's neighbour Ryan to lie to help get Gordon convicted. Gordon believes Chas is behind the false witness statement and threatens her.
  • Gabby Thomas goes on the date with Jacob Gallagher where she lets slip to Jacob that she and Lachlan White broke into Eric Pollard's house and stole his late wife Val's ring in the previous December. David Metcalfe threatens to report Lachlan and Gabby to the police but Jacob asks him not to. Lachlan and Gabby are forced to apologise to Eric.
  • Ashley Thomas asks Lawrence White to adopt his daughter Gabby Thomas when he is no longer capable of being her father.


  • Chrissie Sugden discovers her father Lawrence White had an open marriage with her late mother Ellen. She questions her true paternity and decides to have a DNA test to see if Lawrence is her biological father.
  • Chas Dingle and Aaron Livesy learn from the police, they believe there is enough evidence to charge Gordon after the second 'victim' interview but Chas wants to tells Aaron about Robert Sugden paying Ryan but Robert told Chas to think again about telling Aaron. However, Ryan turns up at the village and told Robert, he wanted out of the deal but Robert explained he is helping to put Gordon in the jail. Aaron catches Robert with Ryan outside of the pub, Robert attempts to lie about Ryan but forced to admits to Robert that Ryan is the second 'victim'. Ryan told his story how Gordon nearly abused him and Aaron feels really bad but later, Chas told Aaron, Robert pays Ryan to lie to the police which left Aaron furious at Robert. Aaron went to Ryan's house and to drop his statement. Aaron returns to the pub and found out the police charges Gordon with his statement only.
  • When in the wood with Sam Dingle, Megan Macey's water broke. Sam runs to get some help but he was accidentally shot by Joanie Wright who was out poaching with Sam's father Zak. Sam was taken to the hospital unconscious. When driving to the hospital, Megan's estranged husband Jai Sharma finds Megan in labour and took her to the hospital. When treated at the hospital, Megan discovers Sam was taking to the hospital with injury. Megan gives birth to baby girl and rushed off to neo-natal ICU. Megan and Jai are told that their daughter was starved of oxygen during her birth and could have brain damage. When recovering from his injury, Sam lied to the police that he didn't know who was responsible. Jai and Megan names their daughter Eliza.
  • Rakesh Kotecha and Priya Sharma got married at the registry office.
  • Charity Dingle release from prison after a year but she went missing before Cain and Chas Dingle can pick her up. A days later, Cain and his wife Moira track Charity in the farm with a stolen Ferrari. Moira drives the Ferrari away and Cain took Charity to the Butlers Farm. Moira calls Ross to get rid of the Ferrari. Later, Charity arrives at The Woolpack and announced she buying Diane Sugden's share of the pub.
  • Chrissie Sugden starts a fling with her brother-in-law Andy.

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