Enoch Tolly was a fiery and outspoken farmer. Wife of Grace and father of Naomi and Hannah, Enoch did not get along well with many other of the villagers. The family had major financial issues which caused them to be frugal. Enoch was disapproving of his daughter Hannah's life as a trainee hairdresser, living in Hotten with her boyfriend, and was enraged when she decided not to visit the family one Sunday. In February 1981, Enoch had a row with neighbour Jack Sugden. The same month, Enoch was driving his tractor when it flipped and he fell out, with it toppling on top of him. Naomi was concerned when Enoch didn't return to the farmhouse for lunch and went out into the fields to investigate, finding Enoch's tractor toppled over, and his lifeless body. Dr Jacobs was called and was unable to save Enoch, who was pronounced dead.

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