On the day of the Beckindale Harvest Festival, the Sugdens remember Sam, whilst Amos is determined to win. Meanwhile, Derek threatens Harry with Sgt. MacArthur sniffing around...


Donald receives a strange phone call from Amos about delaying the harvest festival. Pat, Annie and Sandie prepare for the harvest festival. Sandie admits to Jackie she saw the robbery in October when she was walking to Connelton Road. She says she didn't see their faces but she thinks she recognises hearing Derek. Jackie tells her to tell the police but Sandie says even Tom was scared of Derek. Jackie says Keith is even worse. Sandie worries Tom might have been in on it too. Alan wants Terence to go to harvest festival but he doesn't. Annie can't stop thinking about how important the harvest festivals were to Sam. The harvest festival gets underway in St. Mary's Church. The Sugdens are unimpressed to bump into Harry at the front door. Derek goes to see Harry but he's not in. He finds Harry at the church and warns him that Sgt. MacArthur is questioning everyone looking suspicious. He threatens to kill Harry if he catches him digging up the money. Annie lays flowers at Sam's grave.


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