Jackie gives Sgt. MacArthur reason to be suspicious of Harry, whilst Alan meets Caroline's children. Also, Amos is nervous over meeting the Lovable Landlords of the Year judge.


Matt and Dolly discuss their recent disappointment and decide that they will try for a baby again. Jackie has bought a car from Archie, but it hardly impresses Jack or Pat. He wants to speak to Sandie about something he saw at the quarry, but she doesn't want to know. Amos is delighted to read that he and Henry have been nominated as Lovable Landlords of the Year, by Walter. At Home Farm Terence is monopolising the phone and interfering with Caroline's work. Both Jack and Pat have noticed that something seems off with Sandie, but Jackie claims he knows nothing about it. Annie asks him to bring Sita over for a visit. Amos annoys a man trying to order a tonic water, by listing all their drinks. Pat tries to talk to Sandie about her life but gets nowhere. Alan is irritated about Terence but he looks forward to having dinner with Caroline. When he gets there he's surprised when the door is opened by her two children, Kathy and Nick. Jackie tries to persuade Sita to set a date, but she says she's not ready yet to get married. When they drive home in Jackie's new car they're stopped by Sgt MacArthur, who finds multiple faults with the vehicle. A frustrated Jackie blurts out that he'd be better off checking out what goes on at Harry Mowlam's old quarry.


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