Harry is almost caught by Sgt. MacArthur and Sgt. MacArthur is thrown out of Emmerdale Farm when he accuses Jackie of wasting police time. Meanwhile, Amos is furious when Henry mistakes the Lovable Landlords of the Year judge for noisy shoot-goers.


Terence brings a group of men to Home Farm for the shoot. Alan is annoyed to get another call for Terence and angrily tells them they have the wrong number. Matt is concerned about Jackie. Harry is pulled over by Sgt. MacArthur and wants to search his property. Harry refuses as MacArthur has no search warrant, but Sgt. MacArthur talks him into letting him in. Alan is annoyed with Terence taking over. Harry only just manages to stop MacArthur from finding something incriminating. He puts a sheet of corrugated iron over the stolen loot and sits down on it. MacArthur finds nothing at the quarry and leaves. MacArthur arrives at Emmerdale Farm to have a word with Jackie about Harry. The Sugdens are shocked with how rude MacArthur is and Pat tells him that they can't tell him anything as they get accused of lying. Sandie is furious Jackie told MacArthur about Mowlam. The men at the shoot anger Henry and the other customers with their noise. Henry mistakes a man for one of the shoot-attenders and tries to throw him out and apologises when he realises his mistake. The man leaves anyway and by what he says, they realise he is the judge of the most lovable landlord competition. Amos scolds Mr Wilks for what he just did. Jackie puts his foot in it with Sita and she says that she wishes she hadn't said yes yet.


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