Pat is thrilled to learn she is pregnant, whilst Harry tries to make "amends" with Matt. Also, Terence tries to flirt with Kathy but she is unimpressed.


Harry shows Matt his shelter. He apologises to Matt about Dolly's miscarriage, believing he caused it because of the show he had with her. Alan tries to warn Terence off Kathy. Sandie watches Derek walk into the village shop. Jackie thinks the van will come in handy, and Matt agrees, however Jack thinks Pat doesn't like Jackie driving anything following the accident. Archie claims to have repaired the van but it breaks down again. Amos is in a mood, he gets angry at Seth for no reason. Amos tells people off for not slamming The Woolpack front door to keep the lights outside working. Karen tells Sandie she's going to Richmond for Christmas. Archie and Jackie take metal from Mowlam's Farm. Derek is surprised to learn that Harry has sold the quarry and tells the pair to leave. Amos has learnt all the lines (apart from Seth's) in the play. Pat is very chirpy, she tells Jack she went to see the doctor and she's discovered she's four months pregnant.


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