Terence is rejected by both Kathy and Sandie, whilst Harry offends Sita, and Jackie is desperate to have it out wit him.


Seth tries his ferret jokes on Donald for the show but Donald already knows most of them. Caroline is pessimistic about her first Christmas in Beckindale. Henry is annoyed when the lights only work when the door is slammed. Archie is annoyed when Harry refuses to refund Archie getting very little from the quarry. Sita gets worked up when Jackie assumes she doesn't celebrate Christmas. Jackie thinks Sita's father doesn't like him as he's a farmer. Sita reassures him. The villagers practice their lines for the play. Jack is still in shock after Pat's pregnancy revelation, although he is pleased. They decide to tell everyone that night but worry about how Matt and Dolly will take the news. Archie gets offended over how the weasels are treated in the play and Seth backs him. Terence tries to ask out Kathy but gets turned down, and same when he tries to ask out Sandie. Harry introduces himself to Sita but offends her, she stops Jackie from confronting Harry. Pat tells Annie that she's pregnant.


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