Harry almost faces the consequences after getting on the wrong side of Derek, whilst Pat is pleased that Dolly is happy that she's pregnant.


Sandie feels uncomfortable when Jackie mentions Harry. Derek arrives at Mowlam's Farm and suddenly turns on Harry and tries to run him over, but stops when he trips and falls. Derek has heard that Harry is thinking of buying a house. Derek is not happy as he worries the police will link them to the robbery. Harry says he is not short of a few bob, and the robbery money is just beer money. Derek pulls a knife on Harry and threatens him when Harry refuses to tell Derek where the money has been moved to. He shows Derek the remote pig shelter where the money is stashed, Derek is fine as it's unlikely to be found. However, he makes Harry prove it by digging up the money, and tells Harry if he helps himself to it again, he and Keith will feed him to the pigs. Jack tells Jackie that Pat is pregnant. Pat gently tells Dolly that she's pregnant, but Dolly is pleased for her. Amos tells Derek that he won't serve him until his Christmas lights are fixed. Sgt. MacArthur pops into the Hotten Cattle Market and Sandie is uncomfortable when Karen and MacArthur discuss the robbery - forensic teams and special officers have been brought in to help with the investigation, and that a witness has been spotted. Jackie invites Sita out for a drink but she's busy. Matt is concerned for Dolly after Pat and Jack's news but Dolly reassures him. The lights at The Woolpack turn off again when someone closes the door, Amos is very irritated. Kathy complains about Malcolm wanting to see her and Nick - she really does not like him and his new woman. The Sugdens, Merricks and Skilbecks celebrate Pat's pregnancy.


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