The Sugdens take care of a horrified Hilda, whilst Joe receives a postcard from Carol and decides to write her a letter.


Matt drives Hilda back to the farm. Annie is just on her way out, but stays to look after her. Hilda's new pink outfit that she has bought for the trial is covered in mud; she was on her way to see Jim. Hilda starts to cry; she thinks that Jim is innocent. Joe receives a postcard from Carol. Henry and Annie argue about the Latimers. Annie thinks that Henry is two faced. Janie is trying to smarten Frank up to see Dan Middleton but Frank is in no hurry. Janie encourages him to see that he should be more ambitious. A police car is in the village and causes some interest. Reverend Ruskin justifies his interference in Charlie's life to Liz. Henry calls to tell the Ruskins that Hilda feels persecuted by the villagers. Mark tells George that he wants to go to agricultural college. Johnny Rogers explains to Reverend Ruskin, Annie and Henry that he threw mud at Mrs Latimer's bright pink coat, not at her personally. He has to apologise. Joe writes to Carol. Annie has made her own bread and all the lads tuck in.


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