Harry, Jackie and Matt almost come to blows, whilst Terence leaves to run a ski slope. Also, Alan is thrilled when Caroline accepts his invite to Christmas at his.


Sandie is reluctant to talk to Derek when he asks her if she's seen Tom recently. Alan asks Caroline to join him for Christmas dinner inviting Kathy and Nick too, aware that he'll be spending it alone. She agrees to think about it. As Terence says goodbye to them both ahead of leaving Beckindale, she tells Alan that they will join him after all. Matt and Jackie hear a pig in distress on Mowlam's Farm and go to tend to it. Harry finds Jackie trespassing on his land, he grabs hold of him and orders them both off his land. Matt says a pig got caught up in some barbed wire and needs the vet. Harry tells them to go before they get hurt. Jack decides something needs to be done about him when he hears the news. The villagers gather at the Village Hall for the Christmas pantomime of The Wind In The Willows. Jackie's disappointed when he finds out Sita will be spending Christmas with her family and not coming to the farm and becomes moody with her. He asks her if they will spend separate Christmases together when they get married and she fails to see what he's fussing about. He pushes her to pick a date for their wedding and when she is reluctant he blames it on her father picking up on the fact that he's white. She admits that she's not as sure as she was on marrying him and wants to spend some time apart from him. She hands him back his engagement ring which he later throws away in the street. The village pantomime ends in a rendition of 'O Little Town of Bethlehem' led by Amos.


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