Seth is caught in the middle of Alan and Harry's feud, meanwhile Sandie returns from Scotland.


It is New Year in Beckindale. Jack takes Pat breakfast in bed at Emmerdale. Matt calls in on Jackie who is late for work. Seth is testing out a new bird scarer on Home Farm land but gets a surprise from Harry who shoots a bullet into the air behind Seth. He tells Seth to get it off the land and to tell Alan to stay off as well. Annie tells Pat she hopes the baby is a boy. Sandie returns from her holiday to Aberdeen. Caroline has a nightcap with Alan at Home Farm where he cooks her turkey soup and risotto. As they are chatting the bird scarer goes off and one of the walls shakes, while some rubble falls down in the front hallway. Alan collapses in shock on the settee. He is not happy and wants Seth's blood.


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  • An uncredited taxi driver can be seen talking to Sandie Merrick, but not heard. However, Sandie can be heard perfectly fine.
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