Pat and Jack learn the sex of their baby, however Jackie, still upset over his break-up with Sita, is not happy at the news of a new addition to the family. Meanwhile, Matt and Harry's feud continues when some of Harry's sheep die in Matt's care.


Pat says that Jack bringing her breakfast in bed is becoming a habit. She is worried there may be something wrong with the baby and is also worried about her upcoming hospital appointment. Annie is thinking of names for the baby. Matt and Jack discover that some of Harry's sheep have died. Harry is told by Matt. Pat goes for her ultrasound and is told everything is fine. Jackie calls in on Sita's parents and asks after her. Dr. Sharma claims she has left and is insistent to get rid of Jackie. Jackie is depressed at his relationship break up, and listens to sad music in his truck in a field. Jackie comes back to Emmerdale Farm and Jack tells him he will have a baby brother. Jackie is more concerned about his failing relationship with Sita, and walks out and when Jack calls after him, Jackie says having a baby brother is nothing to him and gets in his van and drives off.


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