Jackie and Sita have a blazing row before deciding to split permanently. Meanwhile, Harry kicks up a fuss over the dead sheep in The Woolpack.


Jack is not happy at the way Jackie is not interested in having a baby brother on the way. Jack and Pat suspect that Jackie's relationship with Sita is going through a rough patch, hence why Jackie is so depressed and moody. Jackie's final attempt to get things together with Sita ends in disaster for both of them when things get a bit out of hand. Harry gets drunk again in The Woolpack and plans to make moves on Dolly to get back at his rival Matt. Harry says that Matt cost him £500. Harry reminds Henry that he is a partner in Emmerdale Farm, so he could pay him. Harry then shouts out loud in front of all the customers, saying he has a right to compensation. Everyone in the pub goes silent. Alan and Hinton have a dinner at Home Farm. Jackie drives to Sita's house in Hotten, and parks up outside her house that night, waiting for her to come home. She later does, but Jackie sees her with a man called Mark, and they kiss goodnight. As Mark leaves, Jackie gets out of his car, and gives him a withering look but does not say who he is. After Mark walks off in the opposite direction, Jackie knocks on Sita's door. He says he saw her with that man. She is angry at him spying on her. He calls her a "little tart" and she slaps him. They argue and decide their relationship is over. She asks him to leave. The next day, Annie asks Jackie not to make people as unhappy as he is. Outside, Sandie mentions a sale next month. Jackie talks to his mother Pat about his relationship break up.


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