Matt's strong motive is established, and Matt is charged with Harry's murder. Meanwhile, Alan begins hankering after Harry's land...


Matt collapses under interrogation by the police over Harry's death. The Sugdens are in shock that Matt has been arrested. Sandie is depressed as she knows that her and Jackie withholding info about the robbery could be what lead to Harry's murder. Sandie says if she had told the police about what she saw, Mowlam would have got locked up and not murdered. Jackie suggests she keeps quiet about it anyway. Sandie thinks Harry's partner in crime Derek may have killed him, but Jackie says Matt has killed him. Alan hears of Harry Mowlam's death and is now hankering after his land. Caroline says that he could have relatives claim it. Turner is horrified at the possibility of more Mowlam's in the village. At the police station, Matt explains his version of events. When the DS arrives, he says that Mowlam died of severe blows to the head and had marks on the neck and throat. The DS asks Matt about how Harry scared Matt's pregnant wife Dolly a few months ago, he then asks what happened to the baby. Matt says they lost the baby. Due to this, the police feel that is enough to charge Matt with murder. They think that due to the marks on Harry's neck, that after the fight, Matt then went down the riverbank and held Harry underwater in the river and finished him off. The DS says to Matt that the fight was for what Mowlam did to his wife, and what Matt did next is for what Mowlam did to his baby. Matt breaks down crying, as he thinks he has killed someone. When Dolly goes to see Matt at the station, she is met by Sgt. MacArthur who says that Matt has been charged with murder.


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