Matt begins to get over Peggy, whilst Edward is informed that Hilda has been arrested.


Alison asks George if she can buy the freehold for the shop, but he says it's not for sale. Sam sets about making a kennel for Bess. George visits The Woolpack and expresses his disappointment at the refurbishment. He convinces Mark to tell Molesworth that he's actually leaving Blackfell Farm. Amos is concerned when he reads an article in the newspaper about Gowler International who own The Woolpack. Matt promises Reverend Ruskin he'll empty Hawthorn Cottage of Peggy's clothes and give them to him for a woman in the village. Frank and Janie visit Reverend Ruskin and Liz at the Vicarage. Liz is feeling better now her back is on the mend. Janie offers her help to the Church for the Harvest Festival. Reverend Ruskin is called down the police station when he gets a call saying Mrs. Latimer has attacked Mrs. Rogers. Annie tells Jack that Lodz has rang for him again. She asks him what he's going to do about him and accuses him of running his business dishonestly when Jack shows signs of keeping Lodz waiting.


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