Sandie comes forward as a witness to the armed robbery in October 1985, although DS Webb is furious at how long she's taken. Meanwhile, Matt confesses to Dolly that he wanted Harry dead.


Matt must appear in the Magistrates Court, but his chances of getting bail look slim. Henry is still reeling from the shock of seeing Harry dead a couple of days ago. Amos says that there are rumours spreading that Harry Mowlam was impaled on a fence post, stabbed or shot. Sandie has had enough of withholding info about what she saw regarding the robbery that Harry was involved in last year. Pat tells Sandie that the police will not take kindly to her withholding info, and that Sandie should be prepared for some harsh words. Jackie goes with Sandie for support. The Detective Sgt is not happy and says he could have Sandie for wasting police time and accomplices after the fact. He takes into account the fact that Sandie was worried about what Harry or Derek would do to her if she gave evidence against them. So the DS gives her some leniency and asks if she will testify in a court of law, saying she saw Derek at the robbery site just before it happened. Matt has been given bail, after Henry paid his bail. Matt says to Dolly that he had wanted to kill Harry. He also says there are reasons why he hated Harry Mowlam, reasons he cannot tell Dolly about. He says that when Mowlam fell down the riverbank, Matt was not sure what he did next as he cannot remember, but he thinks he must have been very angry and enraged to do such a thing to another human being. Later that day, Sandie and Jackie are pleased when they see Derek being driven into custody by Sgt MacArthur.


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