Henry convinces Matt to sack his lawyer and hire Mr Barrett instead. Meanwhile, Alan takes his weight loss too seriously and ends up neglecting his duties.


Henry still has doubts over Matt's innocence so Jack thinks it is time he spoke his mind. Dolly overhears the argument where Jack knows that Henry thinks that Matt's a murderer. She almost breaks down in tears as she watches Matt working on the fields. Alan is more concerned over his own health than important NY Estates business, and this seems to unnerve Caroline. He goes into Hotten and buys himself an exercise bike of which he puts in the study. Derek Lattimore phones up, and Caroline lies for Alan, saying he has had to go to the pig unit due to a case of mastitis. Alan returns with an exercise bike. He is grateful to Caroline for lying for him. Henry suggests that Matt gets another lawyer as they feel Mr Hall is trying to get Matt to plead guilty to manslaughter. Henry suggests his own solicitor, Mr Barrett.


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