Jack is insistent on getting Harry's land, despite Henry and Annie's objections. Meanwhile, Dolly finds a true friend in Liz.


Amos enjoys looking at the vintage wine and Henry is annoyed at how slow he is moving trying to move it. Dolly is saddened when two women ignore her when she says hello to them. Sandie prepares for her first auction as Karen is off with the flu. Alan is surprised to learn Sandie is the auctioneer. Dolly tells Liz that she knows about the gossip surrounding her standing by Matt despite that he may have killed Harry. The first auction gets underway at the cattle market. Liz assures Dolly that mums aren't taking their kids away because of her, and if Sally has upset her, she will have words with her. Dolly is pleased when Liz makes her feel welcome. Amos tries to sell wine to Donald and ends up guilting him into purchasing a glass. Henry is impressed. Dolly breaks down and Matt comforts her. Alan plans to check out Harry's land. Seth complains to Alan about his back ache and Alan tells him he didn't move the stove all the way to the dump. Jack tries to talk to Matt about Harry's land being put up for sale. Matt evades his questions but Jackie thinks Harry owes them the land. Seth is annoyed when Amos tries to convince him to buy a glass of vintage wine rather than a pint. Mr Barrett tells Matt that the psychiatrist thinks Matt has as much of a motive as anyone. He advises Matt not to bid for Harry's land. Jack tries to convince Henry to purchase Mowlam's Farm but Henry doesn't think they can afford all of it. He and Annie bring up the fact he's got a baby on the way.


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  • Mr Crosland is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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