Alan tricks Amos, and gets on Henry's bad side. Meanwhile, Karen refuses to be friends with Jack whilst Annie is thrilled to learn Joe is coming home.


Alan makes a shrewd investment by buying some wine bottles that were damaged in the flood in The Woolpack cellar. He haggles with AmosHenry thinks Alan has conned Amos by buying the wine for £50 when they are worth £400. Henry thinks Alan is a devious, conniving cheat. Derek offers to do some electrical jobs for Hinton. But Hinton is not sure that the job is as big as Derek says it is. Matt comes to see Hinton, and Derek feels uncomfortable around him so says he is off for his dinner. Matt also has to catch some sheep that ran loose, and some who ended up in Hinton's garden. Annie tells Dolly that she's worried that Joe is being overworked, however with Joe coming back, there's a change coming. Henry warns Amos that if he's selling the wrong wine, it's illegal. Donald picks up on the fact Amos has gotten the label on the wine bottle Alan ordered mixed up, but keeps quiet. Karen refuses to be friends with Jack and snaps at him when he tries to make amends. Dolly tells Matt she'll be there for him regardless of whether he is found guilty or not guilty. Jack and Jackie look over the paddock of their new land, which was once Harry's. Jackie knocks down the "Sugdens, keep out!" sign with a rock. Derek prepares to go to the shelter and is almost caught by Jack and Jackie. Derek hides behind a wall.


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