Matt receives a pleasant visit from his aunt and uncle, whilst Jack receives an unpleasant visit from Josh.


Sam has finished building the kennel for Bess. Joe questions Henry's ability to run the farm, stating that every idea he's had he's given up on and now he's gone off to run The Woolpack. Matt agrees to think about it when Joe asks him to join the board so they can start to make a proper go of the farm between them. Matt's aunt and uncle, Beattie and Ben Dowton, arrive in Beckindale. Beattie's concerned with the speed a car passes them as they fill up the car at the Forge. Josh Durrock arrives at the farm to see Jack. Henry has moved his stuff from The Feathers into The Woolpack. Ben and Beattie arrive at the farm and see the car that sped past them earlier parked there. Reverend Ruskin struggles to write the Harvest Festival sermon, feeling his words aren't useful to the village residents in light of recent events. Joe tells Jack that Josh is at the farm; he refuses to see him. Josh visits The Woolpack and asks Henry if he can rent a room for the night. Jack bumps into Josh when he arrives at The Woolpack. He introduces himself as an employee of Lodz Films.


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