Alan's sulking causes he and Joe to clash over numerous problems. Also, Jack asks Joe to be Robert's godfather.


Joe wonders if Alan was right over Emmerdale getting inside information from Hotten Market as he quizzes Jackie over breakfast at Demdyke on how Emmerdale obtained Harry's land when NY Estates should have stood a better chance. Jackie asks if NY Estates will be returning to Hotten Market now Joe's in charge. Sulking that he did not get the Regional Managers job, Alan tells Caroline he fears he's for the chop. She advises him to make a list of his achievements. Alan tries to be positive but asks what has he achieved in the past 4 years. Joe arrives and tells Alan that figures don't justify them taking NY stock to Skipdale Market and they will have to return to Hotten Market. Things get heated between them as Alan reminds Joe that if it wasn't for Karen, Home Farm would have got Harry's land, believing Joe's loyalties really lie with Emmerdale rather than NY Estates but soon apologises for his words after Joe tells him to calm down. Alan is forced to return to Hotten Market and tell Karen they will be including stock for sale much to Karen's delight. Karen tells Sandie she's not forgotten her part in the NY fall-out. Dolly tells Annie that she wants to go on holiday with Matt and Sam. Annie thinks she will have a job persuading him. Dolly mentions the idea to Matt but he tells her he will have to wait. Jack and Pat discuss who they should ask to be Robert's godparents. Jack tells Joe he thinks it was unfair of him to make Alan look a fool over the Hotten Market incident, but asks him to be godfather to Robert. Joe agrees and they shake hands.


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