Seth is horrified to discover his bike has been stolen, unaware it was by Donald. Meanwhile, Joe plans to obtain the Hotten Cattle Market.


Alan frantically awaits Joe's inspection at Home Farm as he struggles to get his staff and office in order. Joe tries to get as much information as he can about Mr Golding and the future of Hotten Market and discovers he has taken a backseat and left Karen in charge. Seth sets out to free all traps on Home Farm land, under Alan's orders. He leaves his bicycle propped against a wall. Donald rushes back to the village from Hotten to get to Michael Whiteley's wedding at the church but is held up when his car breaks down on a country road. With no other choice but to walk, he realises he won't make it as the wedding car drives by him. Spotting Seth's bike, he shouts to him over the wall but receives no response. Thinking quickly, he jumps on the bike and peddles off towards the church. Seth is later saddened to discover his bike has been stolen after having it for thirty years and informs Amos who decides to do a story for the Courier. Contacting his editor, he is pleased to discover it will make front page. Jackie is disappointed when he delivers a dead lamb. Matt warns him he'll have to get used to these things. Joe arranges a meeting with his boss and explains to Annie that his idea could mean a lot more money for NY Estates and a lot more money for him.


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