Joe is annoyed when Arthur refuses to sell to NY Estates, whilst Henry is amused to learn Donald stole Seth's bike.


Seth tells Alan that he is unable to work now his bike has been stolen. Alan tells him he will have to walk. Joe arrives to read over files revealing how much business NY Estates has done with Hotten Market over recent years. Later Alan and Caroline note how very interested Joe is in Hotten Market all of a sudden. Amos believes being godfather to Robert will compensate for the absence of the family he never had. Donald confesses he is the bike thief, after he finds it has made the papers, much to Henry’s amusement. Joe arrives for his meeting with Mr Golding at Hotten Market and puts it to him that NY want to buy the place. Mr Golding isn't impressed telling him that NY is more interested in the location then the market and explains to Joe he doesn’t like the idea that NY will sell themselves land that comes on the market before anyone else can get the chance to even bid, there's to be no sale. Joe, quite arrogantly tells him that they’ll talk again. After he leaves Sandie and Karen listen as Golding tells them of how Hotten Market is a family business and that's the way it will stay. Karen it tells him it's up to him whether he should sell or not. Sandie later tells Jack that NY wants to buy the market. Jack fumes that they may as well sell up if NY take over the market as they rely on the good prices they get, thanks to Hotten Market being an independent company, unlike NY who would drive prices up and get the best land for themselves making life impossible for small farms like Emmerdale. As Joe interrupts to answer back, Annie stands up from the table and tells them both to be quiet.


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