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Donald returns Seth's bike without getting caught, but Seth decides to play a game with the villagers. Meanwhile, Joe pesters Arthur over the cattle market.


Christening plans are well under way at Emmerdale, while outside Jackie tries to pluck up the courage to ask Kathy out to a film in Hotten that night. She's not impressed with the idea of boring Hotten but tells him she hasn’t said no. That night they laugh at how awful the film was and seem to be getting on fine just as Joe arrives back home to Demdyke, Jackie yet again gets embarrassed that Joe thinks they’re at it under his roof. At The Woolpack, Henry and Donald plot how to get Seth’s bike back to him without getting caught. During the evening Henry sets out with the bike to Seth and Meg's house and leaves outside the back door. A shocked Seth finds the bike on his return from The Woolpack, but he's too delighted with the attention the stolen bike has brought him that he decides to hide the fact that its been returned from everyone. Sandie worries about her future at Hotten Market and tells Karen she’d prefer to work for Mr Golding then NY Estates. Joe arrives looking for Golding who's not in. When Joe finally gets to talk to him again, he is still not interested in selling and asks Joe to leave. Joe tells him he’ll be in touch much to Golding's disgust. Sandie makes it clear to her boss that she and Joe are of no relation.


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